Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

It felt so good to be back home this weekend.  I still feel like I'm playing catch up, but I know we will quickly fall back into our normal routine.  This time of year always leaves me wanting to clean & organize all. the. things.  Yet, I'm a mom of two...  So that's not really happening all the much.  But the desire is there!  Our weather has really warmed up, so my bulbs are sprouting, and I'm quickly realizing how much yard work we have ahead of us.  I'm excited to get our gardens ready for planting, and pick out this season's crop.  And of course, oogling all the pretty flower options!  And oogle I may, but I'm sure we'll end up with purple and white flowers just like every year past.  I just can't quit those colors!

And daylight savings!  Can we talk about that?!  I love it!  Finn typically wants to go to bed early every single night, so he's always a hot mess during dinner.  Sometimes we even put him to bed beforehand just so that I may eat without shoveling in food as fast as possible while the baby screams.  So I was super uper hopeful that with the time change, Finn would be able to stay awake until at least 8pm...  Well, we had a victory Sunday night!  Finn made it to 8:20.  We had a nice family dinner, we played outside, & we put the boys to bed at the same time.  I can't wait for more calm nights like that one.  I always think it's easiest to let my kids stay on their internal clock, so instead of fighting with daylight savings, I just bump their bedtimes an hour later so that it feels like the same time to them.  We are typically outside until the sun goes down in the summer, so naturally our kids stay awake longer.  Win win for everyone!

Enough rambling, here's a little peek at our weekend:

 Evenings spent outside.  Both boys were happy, & I had two hands available for cocktails.  We currently have ginger beer on tap (new recipe), so Moscow Mules were the drink of choice.

One terrible night of sleep thanks to both boys, left me all sorts of grumpy.  We almost skipped the St. Patrick's Day parade, but then I knew I would suffer from some serious mom guilt all day...  We booked it downtown and arrived just in time.  It was worth it and the grumpies went away!

 Conor & Liam went to the Real vs. Sounders game.  I reluctantly gave up my ticket for a nap with Finn instead, because did I mention the terrible sleep?!  Someone is teething...

And Conor & Liam had another special afternoon of skiing!  Conor lost his Instagram Husband status by forgetting his phone in the car and snagging no pictures or videos.  Did it even happen?!

And Monday, I'm pretty happy to see you... this should be a good week!  My bracket is ready to go; hello March Madness!  And my mouth is already watering just thinking about the corned beef & cider I'll be tossing back on St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Haha, no photo or video, I'd be asking if it really happened too ;). And I'm with you on going with the flow of the time change. I prefer a later bedtime in the summer too, so I just go with it. I'm also not a huge fan of a 7pm bedtime (because of no nap) anyway... Chris doesn't get to see Noah at all when that happens.

  2. I was actually about to comment that Conor did a great job documenting his outing with Liam and then you said during skiing, he forgot his phone lol. Can't win them all haha! I actually called Seth my Instagram husband the other day when he took my Stitch Fix pictures for me. He wasn't too thrilled but he did oblige! :)
    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I actually liked daylight savings time this time too because Mason slept in yesterday and today. He played so hard yesterday that I even had to wake him up this morning at 7 so I wouldn't be late to work! (He usually wakes up on his own at 6!)

  3. What a fun time for Conor and Liam! I would have chosen a nap too with a teething baby. I laughed when I read he didn't document due to leaving his phone in the car. Does he not know he wife blogs? ;)

  4. Nope. The skiing did not happen. Zero pictures? The moment didn't exist. :) But, seriously, YAY for naps for you and Finn! We are teething, too. No fun at all. Pass me one of those delicious Moscow Mules, please and thank you.

  5. So glad DST is helping your boys sleep better, minus the teething, and everyone is enjoying the extra sunshine. Can we talk about HOW MUCH LIAM looks like you?!?! WOW!

  6. We've had success with DST and Mila also. Me on the other hand? Not so much. I am so off and exhausted, but Mila's handling it like a champ. Sounds like such a fun weekend! That Real game must've been so much fun for Liam and Conor. I've never been to a MLS game, but I'd love to go someday!

  7. My little one is sleeping at crazy hours.. he is up at 10 and still running a muck
    I'm always exhausted..
    what great pictures.. looks like wonderful family moments. I am loving the longer days though..

  8. What a great weekend, glad to see everyone feeling much better. We're also LOVING that extra daylight. :)

  9. Ha! I always question the no pictures, did it really happen conundrum! So thankful your house is healthy and happy again! Well minus the teething. Yay for cocktails!

  10. I adore that you shared a real mom moment of how you had a case of the grumpies. I am so not a happy camper sometimes in the morning but it seems once I push myself (read: drink all the coffee) I'm in better spirits! So glad ya'll got to experience the St Pat's parade! We too are definitely enjoying the extra time in the evenings! Although, Ben hasn't adjust quite as nicely to the time change. Hopefully soon!

  11. We are loving daylight savings time too! Nate doesn’t get home from work until 5:55ish every evening and now he finally has some daylight when he gets home. We soak up being outside as much as we possibly can. Liam looks so big in that last picture.


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