Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Exchange

Gift exchanges are one of the perks of blogging!  I love the surprise element, waiting for that box to arrive in the mail from some lovely friend.  And I, of course, love gift giving myself.  I'm all about any excuse to make another person feel some extra love for the day.  So I jumped on the opportunity to participate in a little Mother's Day exchange with some of my favorites, who just so happened to be the same mamas who were all pregnant together at the same time.  Everyone's babies are turning 1 right now!

I received just the sweetest box of goodies from Jessi!  First her note had me all weepy, because she wrote such kind words.  The relationships built through blogging are incredible, and I just love Jessi for the quintessential southern belle that she is!  She put so much thought into all her gifts...  Adult coloring book: my current favorite activity!  Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks: didn't even know they existed, but I ripped open that bag long before I could even snap a picture!  Picture frame:  with spots for both of my boys!!!  We have family pictures coming up next month.  I can't wait to find some perfect prints for this.  Nail polish: Hello flip flop weather!  And the perfect little decorative tray to hold all my pretty little things.  Seriously nailed it!  

I'm actually embarrassed to say that I have no other pictures to show for this!  I have been in full birthday planning mode this last week, while dealing with a very uncomfortable, teething baby who doesn't like me to get much done.  I'm hoping to take a big sigh of relief soon, where I can paint my toes a pretty new shade, and get my coloring on!  I also need to get a new coloring book for Liam, so we can sneak in some calm coloring time while Finn naps.  Big plans ahead obviously.

So now for the awkward, funny part...  Many bloggers don't share their last names as a way of keeping some privacy (smart move), so sometimes we only know them by their first name and their blog.  Well unbeknownst to me, there are two bloggers who share the exact same name.  So when I got my match, I shipped off my gift with a little personalized note to the wrong Jessica!!!  And I seriously just realized this as I am putting this post together.  I am mortified.  So Jessica received a super weird note from me that probably made no sense.  Anyways, pop over to her blog to check it out!  (Note: she is private now, so many of you may not be able to see it).  And here is a list of all the lovely bloggers who participated in our exchange.  They are all worth a look!

Jessica @ The Newly
Jessi @ Jessi's Design
Courtney @ A+ Life
Amanda @ Tickled Pink
Jess @ Scott Family of Maine


  1. Oh my goodness...you received such amazing gifts! I always love getting happy mail and to get a fun box like that would have made my entire week. Ha ha! So did you think it was me? :) Jess and I were pairs for an exchange a year or so ago and were shocked to realize we share the same name. Ha ha! Now I want to know what the card said. :) Have a great day!

  2. What a perfect package! I could put all of those to use, like today!! :)

  3. I absolutely LOVED the gift (the Swell is at the beach with us this week!) and think it's too funny that Jess and I were confused, as it truly has happened before, lol!:) Thanks again, sweet friend!

  4. Such fun & thoughtful gifts you received!!! I just know Jessica adored her gifts too!!! Likely got a good giggle from the confusion ;)

  5. Ok, mind blown about these two Jessica's sharing the exact same name (and now I know because of Jessica's comment above)! You may have saved a few of us from the same future mistake, so thanks! ;)

  6. Such a fun and thoughtful gift! Those jelly belly fruit snacks are intriguing... I didn't know they had them either! Might need to add that to my next Target trip!
    So fun that you guys were able to get together for a Mother's Day/one year old birthday exchange like you did last year before they were born!

  7. Such a sweet package!
    The coloring books is spot on. Favorite thing to do at the end of the day!
    And Jelly Beans? I'll take a few bags of those.

  8. I'm a little embarrassed at how excited I am to know that you're having family pictures taken soon. They're going to be so gorgeous and I am already excited to see them!

    I think I love the fabulous tray the most!

  9. This blogging community is amazing and exchanges are so much fun! I love spoiling a mama friend! I participated in one this year too and will be sharing tomorrow. I love that your little group has made this a tradition. So sweet. Those are all lovely gifts that Jessi sent you. I can't wait to see Jessica's post.

  10. Haha that is too funny, love it! Also, great gift choices. I'll bet you will be enjoying each one!

  11. What a great gift!! And that's too funny about the Jessica story!

  12. What a fun little gift exchange! Love what you got! I've been wanting an adult coloring book for a while, but figured I didn't need yet another time suck! ;) And too funny about the 2 Jess thing! I realized that about a year ago on another exchange with them both!

  13. Eeek! You are seriously the sweetest and you were so fun to shop for! I totally forgot to send something to color with though hahaha oops! Anyway, sorry for the delay, we've been battling the stomach bug which is completely new for me and I hope to NEVER deal with that again! I'm so glad you enjoyed your gifts though and I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! xoxo


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