Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer at the Lake House

Wow wow wow, I'm so behind.  This summer has been a fun filled one, and I have had no time to attempt and document it here in this space.  Fortunately, I never forget to take photos.  They will have to do more of the talking as I attempt to keep things brief and play catch up!

So way back to the first week of July, we took a 10 day vacation to my parent's lake house.  This is probably thee place where Conor & I are most relaxed.  He truly unplugs from work, which is such a great gift for our little family.  I can feel us all relax the moment we arrive.  Aside from the beautiful setting, it's really the hosts that make our stays so enjoyable!  My dad always puts together hilarious agendas as to make sure no specialty cocktail is forgotten nor party boat ride missed.  He spends time with each of the boys, giving Conor or I a few extra moments to ourselves.  Finn in particular took quite the liking to Pops.  And Liam tends to dominate Nana time, but I have to squeeze in my fun with her too.  She keeps us all well fed and spends far too much time in the kitchen, but my appetite is not complaining.  She's always cleaning, gardening, playing.  Dressing the boys or running bath time.  She's one of the busiest women I know, even at the lake!

Our weather was unfortunately less than desirable for our entire stay at the lake.  I was really pretty down about it, but tried hard not to let it spoil our precious time there.  We had rain, wind, fog.  The highest temperature we saw was 78 (and for only one day), but that didn't keep us out of the water or off the boat.  Finn is another water baby just like Liam!  The water was cold, but he was happy to just be out swimming with the rest of us.  He even took quite the ride on the inner tube and loved every minute of it!  Liam was nonstop jumping off the boat as often as he could convince us to make stops.  He took his turn on the inner tube and joined Conor on the paddle board as well.  They look a little side adventure across the lake and happened to find a rope swing!  Liam climbed onto Conor's back and did the swing with him!  Thank goodness I wasn't there the first time, because I may have panicked!  However, I joined them there on a later day and even took a swing myself.  Let me just say, my fear factor is totally fading, and I'm becoming such a pansy about this stuff!  But I want Liam to still be able to witness my once braver demeanor.  I gotta be a cool mom (said no cool mom ever)!  So I climbed on up the rocks and took on that rope swing myself!  Finn gave me a big "wow" while watching from the boat!  Cool mom indeed!

When we weren't in or on the water, we still kept plenty busy.  The boys constantly wanted to be outside, so as long as the rain wasn't pouring, that's where we were.  One positive thing the rain did bring was the potential to dig for us to dig our own worms to fish with!  Liam was so into this.  He proudly dug for them and then practically ran to the dock so he could get them on a hook.  Five fish were caught (some sunfish & bass).  We also had a few cocktail hours out near the treehouse.  It's somewhat hidden in the trees right next to the house, but with the perfect lake view.  It also happens to have a trap door and sandbox just below it.  This is one of my favorite little spaces at the lake!

There were evenings full of sunsets & stargazing.  And mornings of raspberry picking.  My parents have quite the crop, which needs to be picked daily when the berries are in peak season.  Liam was quite the helper, only picking the purple ones.  Eating is encouraged as well, and he tackled that job just perfectly.  Finn became a raspberry snob and refused to eat them unless he was present for them to be freshly picked and placed straight in his hand.  Morning harvests led to evening daiquiris.  The work was worth it!

Our last night was supposed to be date night for Conor & I.  It was our 6th anniversary, and I had so been looking forward to leaving the boys with parents while we escaped for a kid free meal.  Oh how I wanted one long & slow meal full of good food & stiff drinks.  But when that day finally rolled around, that was not how I wanted my last night of vacation to go.  Instead I wanted to enjoy that final evening as one big family.  So instead, we had a bonfire and made s'mores with the biggest marshmallows I've even seen.  We toasted to 6 six years of marriage with some of the finest people!  It was a far better way to finish out our stay.  We can make a date night happen later, but that last night at the lake we won't be getting back.

Really, the week was just about being with family.  I love having such a close relationship with my parents and seeing their relationship grow with my kids.  It is something quite special, watching your parents become grandparents.  And mine just happen to be damn good at it.  I feel like we never get to see them often enough, so these long stays are much needed & perfect.  Being back under my parent's roof, seeing them just before bed and first thing in the morning brings back all sorts of memories & nostalgia.  I still crawl into bed with my mom each morning before grabbing that cup of coffee.  Often Liam & Finn join too!  These are the moments I won't quickly forget!

Remember how I said, I was going to just let the pictures speak for themselves....  Well, I guess not.  I've never been one to be brief!  But again, these are words that I know I will look back on fondly, and more importantly, are ones that I cannot wait to share with my boys once they are grown.  I hope they always have these memories of Nana & Pops and this special place that was a part of my childhood and now theirs!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back to School Style

 This post is sponsored by Kohl's, and I was compensated with a gift card.
All opinions & the handsome boy are my own.

I can't believe I just typed that title...  Liam's first day of school is only 4 weeks away, which is pure crazy talk.  Crazy!  He'll be going to preschool three mornings a week this year, which means he'll officially be in school for more mornings during the week than he's with me... I'm 1 part proud and excited, 2 parts sad.  I miss this little guy when he's not with me!  Store aisles are starting to be flooded with school supplies and fall apparel, which has me itching to start planning for the new school year.

Carter's currently has an awesome back to school collection at Kohl's.  I particularly love snagging tons of basics for Liam; things that I don't worry about getting too ruined at school, yet are super comfortable for him.  I'm not a big fan of words or characters prints; just neutral colors & soft fabrics.  I especially love him in a henley or a button up.  Carter's completely delivered.  And not only did I find tons of wardrobe staples for Liam, but I can't beat the savings at Kohl's!

Liam isn't too picky about his wardrobe.  He chooses what to wear each day, but I'm the one who fills his closet.  Henleys may just be my absolute favorite style on boys!  It's the perfect balance of casual yet put together.  I'm also a big sucker for the button up shirts with the sleeves rolled up, perfect for spring & fall.  Although as Liam grows, he's realized that he can't quite move as well in these shirts, so we tend to save them for more special occasions.  He definitely has a bit of a preppy style, and I hope he always retains a bit of that as he grows.  And lately, his hair helps define his style.  I'm loving the long locks on little boys right now, and I can't really picture Liam any other way!

(striped pocket tee)

You all can snag some savings too!  Here's the Kohl's Back to School Sale details:  $10 off your purchase of $40 or more with promo code BTSKIDS10.  It's valid 8/1-8/17.

Is everyone else in back to school mode?!
We still have another two vacations planned and a camping trip left, but we are feeling more and more prepared to be back in the school week routine!  Please summer, hang on just a little bit longer will ya?!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4th of July Festivities

Yeah... I am just now getting to the 4th of July...  But everyone is still felling patriotic right?!  We were fortunate to spend yet another Independence Day at my parent's lake house.  Being in middle of nowhere Idaho, in small town America, is exactly where I like to celebrate!

Our morning started with a bloody marys & champagne, so it was bound to be a good day.  After everyone was dressed in their red, white, & blues, we hit "downtown" for the parade through Main Street.  It's short. small. and slightly quirky.  It's everything a parade should be.  Finn came for the dogs, Liam for the candy, both for the firetrucks.  I've taught Liam to give all the "chokies" (small, hard candy) to me.  Oh do I love myself some freshly thrown parade candy!

We were supposed to spend a day on the lake with my brother's family, but unfortunately one of my nieces got sick shortly after the parade ended.  They decided to leave the lake house which was a huge (understandable) disappointment.  Plus, the weather was super windy and somewhat chilly, so our plans were practically spoiled.  But we napped & we rallied, and we made the most of our day!

Boat rides still happened.  American flag swimsuits were still worn.  There was an epic water balloon fight (Nana & Pops included).  We barbecued, as all Americans do.  And we played around with fireworks.  Finn held his very first sparkler!  He had the biggest grin all while looking so so proud!

The littlest was asleep quite early, so my mom & I sat on the back deck together watching fireworks from all over the lake light up the sky.  Liam made sure to get a nap in, so he got to stay up late late late.  This was the first year he really got to have the whole fireworks experience.  He took a late night party boat ride with Conor & Pops to tour the lake for a more unclose fireworks show.  They stayed out until nearly midnight!  Liam was in complete awe and stayed awake for it all!

It was quite the wonderful little holiday!
I'm proud of this country & thankful for my freedom!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nordstrom Sale: The Ladies

Now it's time to splurge on ourselves a bit!  There wasn't much I needed this year, but that didn't stop me from scouring Nordstrom's site and blogs about the sale.  I knew that I wanted a pair of booties, but that was about all.  Of course, I still found some things to toss in my cart; some are still in holding there... I just can't decide!  Any hoo, here is what piqued my interest:
Dolce Vita 'Sierra' Bootie
I had such a hard time choosing a bootie.  My favorites were either out of my price range or had way too high of a heel.  Hoping I love these!

Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong
By far, the best underwear forever & forever.  If you have yet to try Hanky Pankys, do. it. now.  This floral print was my favorite!

Pleione Split Neck Mixed Media Tunic
I've bought the same version of this top at the last two anniversary sales.  It's absolutely perfect with jeans or leggings.  And this plum color is to die for!
Caslon Space Dye Tunic Sweatshirt
I bought a similar version of this sweatshirt last year.  I wear it constantly, always with leggings.  It's the perfect length to cover your butt, and so so cozy.  Of course, I needed another and I'm swooning over this pink!

Tory Burch Leather Hobo
I'm drooling over this bag.  But currently, a diaper bag is still my purse of choice.  I'm sad to be passing on this, but I'm fairly certain I have my mama convinced that she needs it!

'Lazy Mornings' Lounge Pants
Why yes, I do shop for sweats at the sale.  These look soft and perfect for the loungey days at home!
Obviously, I am no fashion blogger as is apparent from my picks.  I like the casual basics that I can wear daily.  Tell me, what are you most excited about from the sale?!
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Sale: Little Boys

It's here!  It's here!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  My mom & I have a fun tradition of a champagne lunch followed by a date with our favorite personal shopper to indulge in the sale.  One large dressing room for hours of mother/daughter time.  Sadly, with the sale starting a tad later than usual, we are not together this year.  So I'm strictly online shopping.  

While some may think that the blogging world goes a little overboard around this sale, I actually love it!  There are so many sale items; it's hard to absorb it all.  So I love reading about people's favorites and filling my cart accordingly.  So expect a fair share of sale posts in the following week.  And I promise you this is not a money grab.  I do make a few measly pennies off your clicks, but really this is just about sharing the love.  The love of clothes.  The love of a good sale.

I have barely had a chance to really look at the scale yet.  I started with the boys, so that's what I'm sharing today.  Full disclosure: I actually bought every single one of these favorites!  Here we go:

TOMS Chukka Boot
Tell me I'm not crazy in giving Liam a pair of shoes with laces...  When do kids even learn how to tie their shoes?  Maybe this will be our goal for the year.  But seriously, these are the most adorable TOMS I've seen.  They will be perfect for the winter!

Tucker + Tate Woven Plaid Shirt
Plaid.  Enough said.  I'm sure this shirt will see an outing to the fair as well as the pumpkin patch.  And a good amount of hot chocolate as well.

Tucker + Tate 'Townsend' Straight Leg Jeans
Praying these will fit my skinny minny Liam!

The North Face 'Moondoggy' Water Repellent Reversible Down Jacket
Liam had this same winter coat last year.  It's perfect for skiing, sledding, all sorts of snow play!  I also love that it's reversible in case that hot chocolate between ski runs makes its way onto his coat!  Plus, the price seriously can't be beat!  The girl version is super adorable too!

The North Face Waterproof Mittens
These are hands down the best mittens we have ever owned.  Again, Liam had these last year.  I bought a pair for both Finn & Liam.  You only have to put them on once and they stay on!

Tucker + Tate Hooded Flannel Shirt
Again with the plaid.  This is so stinking adorable.  Unfortunately, it only goes up to size 24 months.  It will be so so perfect for Finn this Fall.  It may just be my favorite purchase from the sale thus far!

I'm feeling real good about my purchases thus far!  
Tell me, did I miss any must have for the little men in my life?

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