Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Catch Up & an Exchange

Life is busy right now!  Hence, my lack of blogging.  Summer seems to be the time that I slow down a bit in this space, and it's always refreshing.  Finn now only naps once a day, so we are on the go more than ever.  It's been nonstop swim lessons.  A long vacation up to Idaho (and another one planned for MT).  And kicking off some early birthday festivities for Liam.  He truly gets to celebrate all month long!  

I once again participated in a little birthday exchange with a group of bloggers who all have kiddos with summer birthdays.  We love sending & receiving packages, so I can never pass these up!  From the moment I pulled out the huge box for Liam to open, he tore right in.  Hence, all the blurry pictures of him!

Liam received his gift from Traci & Charli over at The Hallway Life, and it couldn't have been more perfect!  Some new sandbox toys, which we can never have enough of.  Both boys are playing in there near daily.  Next up was a foam water squirter!  We have been seeing these everywhere this summer, and Liam desperately wanted one of his own.  This will be coming to every lake, stream, & pool with us!

And lastly, A Finding Dory puzzle!  Puzzles are everywhere in our house; they are one of Liam's favorite things.  And he literally just saw Finding Dory a few days ago, so the timing was perfect!  This puzzle has already been on repeat!  A huge thanks to Traci & Charli for picking such sweet & thoughtful gifts for my birthday boy!

If you want to see what goodies we sent to Charlie (different Charlie), head over to Just Another Day in Paradise.  And if you are curious about who else participated in this fun exchange, here's a handy little list for ya:

Ashley and Waverly // Being Brickner
Elizabeth and Mason // Chasin' Mason
Laureen and Tyson // Chateau Deveau
Brittany, Charlie, and Maddie // Just Another Day in Paradise
Desiree and Julia // Macke Monologues
Natasha and Ethan // Schue Love
Sarah and Brantley // Seeing All Sides
Vanessa and Arden // Sunflower State of Mind
Julia and Myles // The Everyday Mama
Traci and Charli // The Hallway Life
Amanda and Lily // Tickled Pink
Whitney and Brielana // Work It Mommy



  1. We love those foam water squirters! They are so much fun. Love the puzzle too. Great fun and way to learn.

  2. What did you guys think of Finding Dory? We really liked it, although, Luke & I did say it got a bit long. Summer is a hard time to blog just in general. :) Have a great day!

  3. Yay!! So glad he loved his things! Charli just looked through the post with me and she was so excited to see Liam doing his puzzle!! That puzzle has been on repeat at our house too {along with Paw Patrol}! Happy Birthday Liam!! xoxo

  4. Well this exchange is about as cute as can be! Happy Birthday to Mr. Liam!

  5. How fun! Owen loves those squirters!

  6. What a fun gift exchange! She did great picking out gifts for him. :)

  7. Such fun gifts!! We see those foam squirters at the pool all the time, and though we bring a pool bag with approximately 28567113 pool toys, those are what he gravitates to! Liam will have tons of fun with that, for sure.

  8. I can't believe we still haven't seen Finding Dory yet! I have been waiting forever and now it's been weeks and still haven't made the trip! Liam has some good puzzle skills. I think Myles' are a bit lacking. Great gifts you got! I love having so many summer birthday around here. And 4 seems to be the age too!

  9. Such great gifts!!! I can totally see Liam using that water squirter all summer long! And that Finding Dory puzzle is perfect too!
    Happy almost birthday Liam!!

  10. It really so hard to jump on the blogging train when summer fun takes over! So much to blog about but too much fun to stop and blog! I get it! At least you are keeping up with the ol' gram. I'm slacking at all documentation. Those are some great gifts Liam got. I can't believe we are about to have 4 year olds!!

  11. I've definitely noticed a slow down in blogging all across the board, so it's not just you, mama! Promise! And love the gifts that Liam got - perfect for his active self:) I was sad to miss the exchange this year, but we just have too much going on trying to prepare for baby #3. Hopefully next year!:)

  12. Ooh I'm gonna have to look out for that puzzle! We are huge fans of puzzles and just saw finding dory too!

  13. That is the funnest idea for an exchange! Such fun goodies he received :) Finding Dory was such a cute movie -- we all loved it!

  14. Liam looks in awe of his water squirter, so precious. I was so excited to be in on this exchange, bless those summer birthdays.

  15. You are so right, summer always seems to fly by! What a great idea to exchange gifts, it looks like Liam loved his goodies! Xo, Stephanie

  16. So bummed that we had to sit this one out! Our plates were so full with vacation. Liam got some really great gifts! What a fun exchange.


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