Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Liam: 4 Years Old

Somehow, I have had a hard time putting into words all the wonderful things I want to say about this boy of mine.  He's four years old and practically perfect in every way.  And just when I think I could go on & on about how amazing he is, he pulls some typical four year old shenanigans and frustrates me to no end.  He has my stubbornness, and knowing that it comes from me is all the more challenging.

He is truly still our gentle, sweet soul.  He's all about snuggles and is so very loving.  His signature line is "I love being with you all the time".  It's his highest statement of affection currently.  If you are lucky enough to hear those words, you know you are in his good graces.  I hear it at least 5+ times a day.  He's all about physical touch and has no idea why anyone would need space.  He doesn't even really seem to understand giving people space.  He always wants to be close.  Not all his friends appreciate this trait of his.

Liam likes order & organization.  He's great at cleaning up and knows where everything goes.  He's a master of puzzles & legos & loves books more than anything.  The last few months we have started chapter books, and he has been enthralled.  He snuggles up close, "Can you put your arm around me dad/mom?", always begging for one more chapter (unless he has fallen asleep while we read).

He's happiest outside and active!  This last year, he really took to skiing.  Midway through the season, everything just seemed to click up there for him.  It has been so fun to watch him develop his skills.  Same goes for seeing him go from balance bike to pedal bike.  He's comfortable in the water, loves swimming, and seems to be more & more interested in t-ball, soccer, basketball, and golf as the days go on.  We cannot wait to see where his skills rand interests really flourish!

He's fearless and seems to have all the confidence in the world.  I love his willingness to try new things!  He seems to be a bit of a thrill seeker.  He's constantly aware of what others are doing and always wants to be in the middle of the activity of the moment.  We are trying more to empathize that he can be the leader, and others will want to do what he does. But for now, he's content playing along with the choices of his friends and fitting himself right into their fun.  For better or for worse, perhaps.

While most moments are sweet, he still has the ocasional crazy dramatic meltdown.  He's knows how to get the tears flowing quickly and to dish out a little back talk.  He knows how to push a few of our buttons and even pretend like he can't hear us at those ill-advised times.  He's clever and so very smart.  But for the most part, he has been such an easy kid.  We love him deeply!  And watching him be a big brother has been the most heart warming of all.  He has simply flourished in this role.  That's not to say there isn't the expected day to day wrestling & toy stealing, but he so genuinely cares about Finn.  The brother bond continues to grow, with Liam teaching Finn in such a caring way.  It is so very clear that he has absolutely captured the attention and adoration of his little brother. Gah, I just LOVE him.  He made me a mother, and I have been beyond proud of him since that very first day!

And now some random tidbits about our cutie:
(some answered by him, some by me, because... 4 year olds..)

Height: 42 inches (87%)
Weight: 37 lbs (64%)
Nickname: Lamb
Favorite Book: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Rahl Dahl
Favorite Food: "Granola & Grapenuts"
Favorite Game: "Sneaky Snacky" Squirrel
Favorite Toy: "Legos!" Particularly the Creator series
Favorite Place to Go:"The big house" = Nana's house in Spokane
Favorite Song: "roll my windows down!" (Cruise- Florida Georgia Line)
Favorite Thing to Do: "Playing in the sandbox.  Riding my bike.  And running through sprinklers."
Favorite Question: Can you snuggle with me?
Biggest Challenge: Things out of place or not doing things the "right" way

Photos taken by the talented Kali Poulsen!


  1. what a sweetheart!! he is looking so grown up these days and oh so handsome!!

  2. What a wonderful description of him! I love that he has a thrill seeking side and has maintained his cuddling side at the same time! Isn't it challenging when the things that drive you crazy are the traits they get from you! I see that in Noah A LOT ;)

  3. What a sweet, handsome little boy! You describe him and its like youre talking about my Kinsey ;) Those first borns!

  4. Liam reminds me so much of my Mason with his tender soul! He’s all about affection and touch and has no concept of personal space! My boy is obsessed with legos and books, too! But then they’re totally opposite when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Mason would rather do anything other than cleaning up his messes! Liam is such a handsome and sweet boy!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a sweet boy! Love that he is so affection! And seriously, he is just absolutely a beautiful kid. He is going to be so handsome as he grows up!

  6. He truly seems like such a sweet boy. His personality really shines through the pictures. I love watching him develop his skills based on the videos and snap chats that you post. I'm seriously in so much awe of his fearlessness with riding his bike and jumping off the diving board!

  7. Ah your boys are so handsome! I can't believe what a little boy he is turning into. I love his gentle soul and I think it is absolutely adorable that he says that to you every day. What a special boy!

  8. (some answered by him, some by me, because... 4 year olds..) That sums it up pretty well. And, the 'right' way bit....that is so Aria. Everything needs to be just how she would do it. Love that you guys are doing chapter books too. Aria loved the one I picked up randomly on volcanoes. I was pretty sure that would be a flop but we read it three times.

  9. Amazing photos of your sweet boy!! His light blond hair and blue eyes are just killer. Get your mean mom stare ready for all the girls that will sniff around when he gets older. :) I love that he wants to snuggle. That's adorable and Cam is the same way. Can't believe he's 4.

  10. awwwww you guys make the cutest kids!! happy birthday to liam. i love that he loves to be close. apparently when i was his age, i loved hugging people and they thought it was so cute but then i would bite their knees.. then i grew up and stopped doing it, but still people were afraid to hug me and my mum didn't tell me why until i was like 12. haha.
    anyway. happy birthday to liam :)

  11. What a handsome boy! Snuggles are the best!

  12. He is so sweet and adorable! Hope 4 is amazing, Liam!

  13. Love that he's a snuggler! The most handsome 4 year old ever!

  14. He is SO sweet! Also, these pictures are gorgeous!!

  15. What a sweet little thing!
    I feel he and Marcus would get along just fabulously, they seem to share so many traits and characteristics.
    If you figure a way to encourage more leadership let me know, we've been working on this, too.

  16. Seriously, he is the best kid ever. I love how sweet and snuggly he is. And I'm blown away by how athletic your boys are! We have got to get these kids together sometime.


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