Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Finn: 18 Months Old

I haven't done an update on this guy since he turned one!  I'm pretty much kicking myself for not keeping up with Finny better, because I love looking back at these old posts.  And really I need to get better about taking more videos of my boys!  While I have literally hundreds of photographs, the videos (especially those longer than 15 seconds) are in short supply.  And that is where you get to bottle up their sweet voices.  The inflections.  The mispronunciations.  The mannerisms.  The looks.  All those things that I truly hope to never ever forget.

Height:  34.45 in
Weight: 27.7 lbs

When compared to Liam at the same age, Finn is about a half inch taller and 5 (F I V E) pounds heavier.  That's a ton of weight on such little bodies!  Finn isn't really all that chubby, he's just dense.  He is so so heavy, which makes wearing him & carrying him tough!  But he isn't exactly a walk right next to you kind of kid, so yeah...  I get a daily workout in with him.

Finn is my willful child.  Our pediatrician told me that was a nice way of putting it.  He knows what he wants and he wants it NOW!  He gets frustrated when we can't figure out what he wants/needs and will quickly demand "hand" and then lead us to whatever.  He doesn't have much patience, so you better act quickly.  Having to wait 30 seconds while I show my pass to the zoo employee?  Devastating for Finny!  But surprise surprise, I'm incredibly stubborn myself, so he surely gets it from his mama.

While he can definitely be a handful in the moment, okay maybe TWO handfuls, he is equally sweet the next.  He's super expressive & snuggly & squishy.  His hugs brighten my day always.  His smile is contagious; he just exudes happiness when he wants to.  He has this mischievous side that is easily seen in the faces he makes.  He loves to play games.  Get into everything.  And harass the cats.  Or "meow meows."  Most animals are referred to by their sounds (except ducks), and cars are "beep beeps".  He uses two words together often now, although his first ones were "bubble bath" & "garbage truck" (and hilariously like Daffy Duck would say it).

He loves sports, especially football!  He'll cozy up on the couch with Conor for a game, and can already throw a serious spiral.  His body is practically built for the sport!  He also loves soccer, especially when the big kids let him play.  He has mastered his wiggle car and has already started walking with the balance bike.  I'm waiting for him to start gliding any day!  He watches everything Liam does & tries to copy it.  Because of this, he picks up skills rather quickly.  He is strong hiker (refusing the pack these days), but will often get distracted by random bugs & rocks.  He recognizes places we go, and shows his enthusiasm immediately upon discovering where he is.  The farm by our house being one of his absolute favorite places.

So much more to share about this boy!  As any mom tends to do, I could just keep gushing & gushing.  But I already do plenty of that over on the 'gram.  So let's end this Finn love fest with some favorites...

Stuffed Animal: Fox Friend (he has a real thing for foxes)
Book: LMNO Peas (all the pea books really)
Toy: Dyson toy vacuum
Food: hummus
Place: farm
Nickname: Finny


  1. Finny sounds fun, adorable, and full of character. It sounds like he has a lot of energy and desire to keep up with his older brother. He'll be learning how to bike ride and play sports in no time! I love how he refers to cats as "meow meow" or cars as "beep beep"--priceless. What sweet moments.

  2. Oh that sweet face!!! I just love him. I totally understand having a willful child. Must be a second child thing. Ha ha! That'll get them far eventually.

  3. Finn & Wyatt sound so similar! We always say that Wyatt knows what he wants & when he wants it. haha!

  4. We work daily with Sophie to walk more often and she's nearly 3! (:O) but she's gotten better at walking without needing to be carried. He's getting to be so handsome! I can't believe that his hair used to be red prior, it's gotten so blond!!!

  5. i know obviously cats and kids are different haha but i love looking back on videos way more than photos because like you said, it catches every little detail. i hope i remember that when i have kids. seriously though, he is so adorable and full of personality :) i love how he refers to animals by their sounds! hilarious.

  6. He is precious, friend! I agree, I have really tried to be better at videos!

  7. I love him!
    That hair is getting SO blond, and those deep chocolate eyes are swoon-worthy.
    I"m super impressed with his mobility! The balance bike! The football spiral! What a stud!

  8. He is such a handsome boy! I think his personality sounds a lot like my Ben's. They keep us on our toes for sure. I think as communication gets easier, hopefully the whole thing will follow suit. I need to get more videos too. I cherish the ones that I have now.

  9. Five pounds! That's awesome. I adore him and his little willful self.

    I need to get better about taking longer videos too. I've been feeling so bad about that. I watch all of my short saved snapchat clips and always find myself wishing they were longer!

  10. I could just eat him up!! Those cheeks!! Just think, you're raising a leader when his willfullness drives you insane :)

  11. Happy 18 months sweet Finn! We are horrible at taking videos as well. I always have the best of intentions, but then I get behind my camera and I forget. I need to change that. Finn is such a handsome little guy. So great to have big Brother to teach him all the things.

  12. So dang adorable, I love his hard stares into your camera. (He outweighs Harps by 5+ pounds, ha!!) Already on a balance bike, that's gotta be the best thing to watch?! I've been thinking how we need to capture more video of this precious time, these sweet sweet ages.


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