Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Great Salt Lake

Today is one of my favorite days... Thanksgiving Prep Day!  Although over the last few years, it has certainly changed.  And it will probably continue to change, especially while I still have little ones running all around.  The day used to be filled with grocery shopping.  Meticulous lists, hot coffee, lots of errands, lots of prep work.  But with two kids in tow, nap times to work around, and the general chaos that comes with two, I now have to allocate my time far better.  So the grocery shopping was completed yesterday, and today's prep work will mostly be saved until Conor is home from work and/or the kids are in bed.  My big to-do's that must be done by tonight include: pumpkin pie made, overnight cinnamon rolls prepped, & bread cubed to dry out for the stuffing.  Everything else Conor & I can handle T-Day morning.  So I'm actually feeling pretty good about it all!

The bulk of this post has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving however.  Unless you consider this just another one of my recent love letters to Utah, in which I share how gosh darn thankful I am for this place I get to call home.  After living here for nearly 4 years, we finally, finally, made it out to the Great Salt Lake last weekend!

It hadn't been on the top of my list since everyone talked about how smelly, dirty, & nasty it was.  But after following a few local photographers and seeing all the gorgeous shots they got out there, I was getting more & more intrigued.  And then a little photography project of my own (more on this later), finally got our little family out here.

The weather wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but it wasn't stinky at all!  The sand was soft, and the boys loved it.  It's a long walk from the road to where you get to the actual water, so there was plenty of time for the anticipation to build.  It really is a stunning sight!  Such a unique place!  I only wish we had brought some chairs & adult beverages for the excursion!

And while it may look like we had the whole place to ourselves, it was actually just crawling with photographers and families.  But the lake & beach are huge; everything is so wide open, that you practically feel like it's just you out there.  It's an interesting little place, but I could totally see us coming back.  If not just for pictures.  I've already decided we really need to do a family session here!

This week is such a good reminder to be thankful for all that surrounds us.  The places and the people!  I used to be so embarrassed to tell people that I lived in Utah, but now I'm quite proud of this place!  It has been a nearly perfect spot to raise our family.  And while family isn't too near to us here, we have made plenty of friends & "family"!  So for the second year in a row, we will feast with our next door neighbors, who are just like family to us.  And for them, I am thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. That place looks stunning! Such handsome boys you have. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friend!

  2. Gorgeous! I had no idea it could be so pretty there. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the boys!

  3. You have me wanting to book a Utah trip ASAP! So many gorgeous places to see. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You got some gorgeous pictures!!! <3 I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  5. OMG this place is gorgeous and totally worth a visit just for the photos alone! And now you've got me very curious what your photography project is!

  6. Freakin' love these pictures, it absolutely looks like you guys were the ONLY ones there. Hope you all had a fantastic and happy thanksgiving. Can't wait to see more from your special project..!!

  7. What beautiful pictures! Utah seems like a really interesting place. It sounds like the perfect place to call home! Thank you for letting us discover it with you.


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