Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Christmas Card

Everyone's mailboxes are filling up with Christmas greetings & wishes, and I simply love it!  Christmas cards have made me happy since I was a little girl.  I remember being ecstatic about sending out my own cards once I was married.  Here I am, 6 years later, and our cards just keep getting better & better.  Especially as our cute little family grows!

This year, we went the professional photo route, since I simply cannot say no to a Christmas tree farm shoot.  Our photos were taken in the last 15 minutes of daylight, that coveted golden hour.  I love the warm glow that gave our photos.  So shocking myself completely, I went with a gold theme this year!  Usually, I'm more of a red & white kind of girl, but I may be converting!

Once again, we used Tiny Prints for our cards, and I could not be more pleased!  They are always adding different fun options, making sure to stay on trend!  This year they added personalized foil options (although none worked quite right for our photo).  And even better, they now offer custom postage!!!  I did not know about this before I placed my order, because you best bet that I would have thrown our picture on some stamps!

So the details... Gold foil. Gold envelope liners. Gold glitter washi tape. Gold Sharpie. While glitter cards are another option, Conor is not a fan of glitter. It's the powdered sugar of the baking world. So no glitter card of us. But yes, yes I did sneak glitter washi tape on our card! And now there are little sprinkles of glitter all over our house. I win Conor, I win!

While Finn napped this week, I started addressing envelopes while blaring the Christmas music.  I know there are many more efficient ways to do addresses now, but I love pulling out my paper address book and flipping through it.  I love the nostalgia, the tradition of it all.  Liam colored next to me, and we discussed the excitement that is checking the mail every day now.  He also helped me put ours in the outgoing mailbox, putting them in one by one.  Oh how I love my little helper who is developing quite the affinity for all things Christmas, just like me!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

*I received this product in exchange for a feature, but the handsome boys are all mine!


  1. OMG girl, I love them! That last 15 minutes of light is so magical. I need to have some photos of us taken at that time, but usually Drew isn't home from work or we have plans. Ugh! I love your card and goodness do you have a beautiful family.

  2. Love how your Christmas card turned out! The gold is a fun touch, I usually stay away from it too, but on this card it's too pretty! I'm all about using an address book too - what other way is there to do it?! :)

  3. We did the exact same cards!!!! LOVE them!

  4. Such a beautiful card and beautiful family picture!

  5. It's perfect..!! Like ad-worthy.

  6. Yep, it's absolute perfection! Of course, I'd expect nothing less. Love your outfits, the background and the card you chose. And now I'm kicking myself for not doing washi tape!

  7. GORGEOUS!!! I hope one of these is making it's way to my mailbox this year! ;)

  8. Your card is gorgeous! I love the gold and that picture was taken at a Christmas tree farm. So festive and perfect!!


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