Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm enjoying each new day as we approach Christmas.  I don't necessarily have a cohesive post for you; but instead, plenty of little Christmas-y tidbits.  So far, we have just been decking the halls.  This weekend I think we finally have everything finished, and now just get to enjoy our cozy little home.  Liam has been such a helper and wishes we could decorate every day.  Really, he just wants to get on the roof to help with lights, but that won't be happening for many many years.

Christmas jammies are on regular rotation; Christmas music never stops.  Liam saw Elf for the first time, as we slowly make our way through all our favorite Christmas movies.  We've written a couple letters to Santa.  Our elf, Tinsel, has made his appearance.  And I'm honestly shocked how much Finn "gets" the whole elf thing.  He picks up on everything much sooner thanks to Liam.  We hear "elf" and "touch" often.  He knows not to touch him, and has only made that mistake once!  He's obsessed with our tree and spends most of the day removing ornaments.  Everything breakable is out of his reach, so the tree isn't exactly balanced this year.  But gosh, is she a beauty!  Quite possibly our best tree yet!  She sits about 10 feet tall, and there is just barely enough room for the star!  The good news is that Finn does leave the presents alone, so apparently he does listen to me sometimes!

The advent calendars have been opened, and everyone starts their day with a huge piece of chocolate.   Lots of chocolate in our lives right now, because hot cocoa is a necessity after an outing in the snow.  We've had a few inches dumped on us here & there, so our mornings & afternoons are now spent in full snow gear, shoveling, walking, & sometimes making our way to a playground.  Let me tell you... slides are wicked fast when they are wet with snow and your kids are in snow pants.  It's a seriously good time.  The temperatures are supposed to drop drastically this week (hello 9 degrees....), but I'm still hoping to get outside at least once each day.  We all need it, but especially me!

The yummy candles are burning.  The fireplace flickering. And the baby Jesus constantly missing.  I love watching the boys playing with our Nativity, and even though it is so not made for kids, I let them have at it.  So far, the camel is missing a rein & Joseph is without his staff.  Sometimes they leave it looking like a massacre has happened; sometimes, everyone is peeking in the stable.  And the commentary that goes along with their play is just priceless!

We have plenty of Christmas activities coming up, like a visit to Santa.  The North Pole Express.  Zoo lights.  Sugar cookie & gingerbread house making.  Sledding.  Ice-skating.  A holiday party sans kids!  We had Conor's work Christmas dinner last night, and we really let loose.  Cocktails, champagne, wine, & after dinner drinks were flying.  I ate four courses and didn't even feel bad about it.  Four hours of kid free bliss, while dressed up with my handsome guy!  I wore my tallest heals and literally had to dust them off.  So much dust.  I'm not sure I have worn them since before Liam...

The ski resorts are finally open here, so we're hoping to get the boys up soon!  We started Liam on skis at 2.5 years old, but we're feeling ambitious and will probably start Finn this year.  He keeps trying to put Liam's skis on, so I suppose that is a good sign that he is willing.  If Liam is doing it, he will be on board. We're only 20 minutes from Snowbird, so it's a quick ride up the mountain before we are on the slopes!

If you can't tell, Winter is my most favorite season!  I love the snow and totally embrace it!  We don't get nearly enough for my liking!  I don't even mind all the bundling up that needs to happen, and I'm getting pretty darn fast at getting the boys fully dressed to make it outside.  Sometimes even as the sun is coming up!

This week, I hope to finish my shopping!  I've already started in on the wrapping because I actually really love it.  Christmas movie, wrapping, & a cocktail.... talk about the perfect night.  In our family, all the stocking gifts are wrapped... so there's is plenty of wrapping to be done.  I made my own gift tags this year, which I'll share soon (hopefully).  And perhaps I'll even manage some pictures of the house all decorated.  But this was a big enough photo dump to get the season started!

'Tis the Season!


  1. Why are you the best/cutest mom ever? Can you adopt P and I? (Finn too of course but we can call him by his full name, Finnley, to avoid confusion) ;)

  2. I love all that you've done & have coming up. We finally got some snow yesterday & thankfully Wyatt is a big ole fan like Cash! We'll be headed out after breakfast today, too & then after naps again. haha!

  3. This just makes me happy! Christmas is my favorite!! Liam and I are kindred spirits. :) I want to bring the kids and come play at your house. I think we'd have a blast. Ha ha!

  4. I'm with Laura. Will you adopt us too?? (Except I'll let you take my girls out in the snow and I'll have the hot chocolate ready when y'all get back inside lol)

    I'm always surprised at how much faster Mabel picks up on stuff than Abigail did too! It must be a little sibling thing :)

  5. Gosh! There's just something about all that snow that adds to the Christmas cheer! Love all your beautiful decorations, and those sweet little faces.

  6. I love all the Christmas tidbits. I wish we had snow. It's warm enough for Aria to play in the hose today. Yuck. And we've failed at making it to Santa twice now. Newborns...what can ya do.

  7. I love everything about this post! I'm swooning over the snow and hoping we get some this year (even though the chances are pretty slim). I can't wait to hear all about your skiing adventures.

  8. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Liam and Finn are at such great ages to be enjoying Christmas and all of its magic. All of your pics are gorgeous!! I ended up getting myself a canon rebel as well, I love it so far, so much to learn!

  9. Any day that starts with a massive chunk of chocolate and ends with a cup of hot chocolate is a good day in my book!
    Your pictures, per the usual, are so, so good. But my favorite is of the boys playing with the manger. Absolutely priceless.

  10. I love the photo of the boys at the table with the tree behind them! Magical! So many good traditions. And you've definitely made the most of the snowfalls. A childhood these boys will certainly remember fondly and cherish!

  11. LOVE all this winter-y Christmas goodness!! SUCH a wonderful time of year. Guuurrrrll, movie/wrapping/cocktails, that's where it's AT!! Enjoy this season, friend. :)

  12. I love every single photo, as always. What a wonderful magical time of year! You are always so good at capturing the wonder and emotion of your kids in photos. Just lovely! Someday I'm going to have to fly you here to do a DITL photo post of our family - you're so good at getting those moments!


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