Friday, December 9, 2016

Tree Farm Shoot

Now that the Christmas card has been revealed (even though it has yet to show up in most mailboxes...), I wanted to share our tree farm shoot!  We had family photos done this summer, and while I love love love them, all of our family photos have a summer scene.  I wanted some festive winter shots to fill our house with this time of year.  Plus, tree farms are my happy place (and career goal), so somehow I convinced Conor we needed some family photos once again this year!

I had way too much fun (and a wee bit of stress) planning out everyone's outfit.  I was nervous about over doing the red, but I think I nailed it!  The weather was glorious, albeit a tid bit chilly, and the boys were wonderful.  Liam especially was totally on point!  Charming everyone in sight.  Finn had his typical stranger stare, but somehow he even managed a few smiles.

I will surely be treasuring these photos for many many Christmas to come! I have already printed out every single one and have them throughout the house; the perfect companion to all the garlands & wreaths scattered around.  And a huge thanks to Kali for once again making all my dreams come true and capturing my little family perfectly!

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  1. These tree farm pictures are PERFECTION. I want to go to a tree farm! Oh, actually, as we were on our way back from not getting a tree at my very favorite place ever (since they all of a sudden stopped their Christmas tree lot!), I found out that there actually is a tree farm around here. Seth, who has lived here his whole 34 year life, has been holding out on me. Sadly we needed cash and didn't have this time, but it's already on my to do list for next year! Get ready for the tree spam :)

  2. Could these be any more perfect?! I'm adding red pieces to all of our closets for next year. I love the pop of color!

  3. Great photos - you all look so awesome and your boys are growing to be so handsome. Liam reminds me so much of Kenya in a way, I think they could be a perfect match together someday (I haven't updated my blog in a looong time so you'll have to imagine with me - I will get to it one of these days). Wishing you all the best!!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I will let him know the love of his life is out there! ;-)

  4. These are gorgeous!!! I don't know which is my favorite!! You have some great ones to frame, give as gifts, and choose for cards. Such a beautiful family!

  5. Gah!! Love. Love. Love! Your family is seriously just so dang beautiful.

  6. So beautiful!! You really have me wanting this kind of shoot next year!!!

  7. Just gorgeous, Laura! Can you just put them all on canvases?? haha! Simply beautiful!

  8. So gorgeous!! I love every single one of these!

  9. These are all so beautiful! Such a great setting for pictures! :)

  10. TOTALLY nailed it. These are perfection. Liam is SUCH a model!!

  11. STUNNING!! You have such a beautiful family, Laura. The Christmas tree farm was the best idea for winter time photos.


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