Saturday, March 25, 2017

17 Weeks (Bump #3)

So I'm actually 18 weeks tomorrow.  But I have these pictures from 17 weeks exactly, so a post seemed appropriate albeit late.  This pregnancy is flying by because life is just busy right now.  I'm still waiting to hit that sweet spot, but I know those days will come.  So let's play a little catch up on the last week...

Total Weight Gain:  Roughly 6 lbs.  Feeling good about the progress so far.

Morning Sickness?  I thought once my head cold was gone I would be feeling 100%, but that has just not been the case.  I'm doing much better, but still often feel nauseous.  Evenings used to be my toughest time, but now it's right upon waking up.  School day mornings for Liam are rough for me!

Symptoms:  Just feeling this baby in the hips!  I seriously need to bust out my support belt already.  And my poor skin... pregnancy is never kind to it. All sorts of breakouts.  Tell me all your clear skin secrets!

Favorite Maternity Finds:  I love GapFit's maternity line (as well their Pure Body maternity line), and this new cross back long sleeve top is my favorite!  I'm also seriously obsessed with the leggings I'm wearing in these photos.  They are maternity from Stitch Fix and they feel like butter!  I want another pair in a different color.  Seriously cannot get enough.  I've plenty surprised with my maternity Stitch Fix items.  

Food Cravings/Aversions?  This week was all about key lime pie (thanks to my local farm stand) and cotton candy.  And ever since I got my hands on the cotton candy, I have been craving cotton candy grapes!  I believe it's the season for them soon, so I'm checking the grocery store daily!

Name?  Thanks for all the name suggestions!  Many of them had actually been on our list at one point.  We have it narrowed down to one, and while I'm ready to pull the trigger, Conor is holding out.  Middle name still needs lots of work!  I think this is the longest we have ever taken to name one of our babies.

Liam's Thoughts:  We've started watching homebirth videos together, which we both love.  Lots of snuggles and talking about when the baby will come.  Liam has become fascinated with the umbilical cord and really wants to see it.  That's the thought he is currently latched on to.  He also tells me multiple times a day, "Guess who I love the mostest? BABY!!!!"

Finn's Thoughts:  Still wants access to my belly at all times.  Hugs, rubs, & kisses for baby.  He'll watch home birth videos with Liam & I too, which just leave me amazed at his patience and wonder of it all.

My belly is out & adorable, and I love showing it off.  A growing belly just may be one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  One of the neighbor girls comments on how big it is getting each time that I see her.  Warms my little heart!  I'm excited about each week this babe keeps growing and each week we get closer to his arrival!


  1. You look great!! Love the shirt. How sweet that the boys are so into it all and my growing belly was my favorite too.

  2. The growing belly is such a sweet part of pregnancy for me too! Your bump looks so perfect.

  3. I swear I tried EVERYTHING to help with the pregnancy breakouts (and the bacne, that was lovely...) and nothing worked. Except giving birth. You really look great though!!!

  4. You look beautiful!!! So happy for you!

  5. You look amazing, Laura! I love Liam's and Finn's thoughts - melt my heart!

  6. It's wonderful how you are sharing the experience with the boys.

  7. can't wait to find out what you name the baby :) KC and I have names picked out but if we have more than 1 of the same sex, we are stumped. so of course we will i bet haha. you look fantastic!

  8. You look fabulous! That bump is seriously the sweetest.
    SF maternity for the legging win. YAY!

  9. You look adorable! That bump is just the best! Can't wait to learn his name!


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