Sunday, April 2, 2017

18 Weeks (Bump #3)

Once again, I'm a whole week behind.  But pictures.... so I blog...

dress: Roolee (last season, not maternity) //  sandals: Michael Kors (also last season)

Total Weight Gain:  8 lbs.

Morning Sickness?  It still seems to be lingering a bit.  Mornings can be rough, as can evenings.  But totally manageable!

Symptoms:  Lots of crazy symptoms this week!  My heart was fluttering for a good two days straight, along with some chest pain.  It freaked me out a bit since I've never experienced something like this while pregnant before, but my midwife assured me it was fairly normal.  Back to feeling better again!

Stretch Marks:  No!  I haven't had a single stretch mark with any of my pregnancies thus far.  Hoping I can survive this third one unscathed as well.  I will say though, that I'm already measuring two weeks ahead; belly seems huge!   

Food Cravings/Aversions?  All my cravings are pretty much a result of the little farmstand by my house.  This week it was lavender cream top yogurt, just heavenly.  Still looking for those cotton candy grapes to make an appearance too!

Name?  Dare I say we have finally settled on a name?!  Perhaps there will be a little announcement this week, we are so so close to committing!

Nursery Progress:  So I may put together a new house update, but as of now, everything has been pushed back due to some permitting & boundary issues.  So it's not looking like we will be in the new house before baby arrives.  We want to keep our current guest bedroom, especially since my mom will be visiting a lot once baby arrives.  So there will be no nursery for this new baby until we move.  I still have major urges to nest though, so I'm using the guest bedroom to store anything for baby, and organize all the clothes & cloth diapers.  It may just be a little dresser of space for now, but it's all I currently need.

Liam's Thoughts:  He just loves that the baby can hear us now, so he likes to read books to him every day.  And I've also used this little tidbit to my advantage...  if Liam is whining I'll ask him if the baby really wants to hear that.  Or tell him it hurts the baby's ears.  Works like a charm!

Finn's Thoughts:  Since Liam reads books to baby, Finn likes to pretend to as well.  He just sits right next to me, and flips through a book.  Sometimes he'll make up words, sometimes he's quiet.  But he's quite adamant that he do it alone; he turns down all offers from me to read him the book.

I love feeling baby move daily & really cannot wait for the boys to experience that with me!  We will be scheduling our anatomy ultrasound in the next week or two, which I so look forward to.  It will be reassuring to know that everything is growing perfectly, and then we will keep moving ahead with planning a home birth.


  1. Such gorgeous pictures - and that backdrop of trees!!
    I also loved cotton candy grapes during my pregnancy x

  2. You look beautiful and the photos with the boys are so precious. Such great memories that you'll love even more in a few years.

  3. Hope the morning sickness passes soon
    the boys are adorable.. their little brother is so lucky to have them.
    That dress is beautiful

    My neighbor has family who are grape farmers a bit farther north, and I though of you this week and asked him when grapes are in season. He said the first harvest isn't until July! I hope there are some imported cotton candy grapes coming your way soon!

  5. What beautiful photos. Are those Cherry Blossom trees in the background? You look absolutely stunning. I'm so sorry to hear that you won't be able to move into your new home prior to baby's arrival, but at least you'll be super organized. (Gosh, I do miss the energy I used to have when I was "nesting." If only, I could have that same motivation now!) I love that Liam reads books to the baby, and Finn pretends too. What a great way to keep them interested in reading and sensitive to their baby brother's needs.

  6. LOVE that maxi dress - you're looking great! Hope you get rid of the morning sickness for good soon!

  7. You and me both on the morning sickness. STRUGGLING.

    We've settled on a name too, but we're waiting until birth to share ;)

    When we went to our ultrasound yesterday, Sophie kept saying "that's baby!"

  8. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!! Okay, sorry, I'll calm down now, haha! I just love love love all of these! You are beautiful and that dress is lovely and the blooming trees are perfection and your boys are just precious. Ah, I just love them all! I'm excited to hear what name you guys picked! And I love that you are sharing your boys' thoughts here. So sweet to include them! :)

  9. You are literally a dream! Gorgeous!

    Lavender yogurt? Holy moly! Cotton candy grapes? Um yes!

  10. Oh Laura, soooooooo beautiful. Everything about this is gorgeous!


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