Sunday, April 16, 2017

21 Weeks (Bump #3)

Putting on my Easter best (no bonnet unfortunately) is the perfect reason for a little bumpdate!

Total Weight Gain:  11 lbs.  Right on track for that 30lb weight gain, but not a lot of wiggle room.

Morning Sickness?  Dare I say it's gone?!  Gone!  Completely gone!

Symptoms:  Feeling super lightheaded.  Multiple times a day.  Going to mention this to my midwife at my appt this week.  I've also just felt lazy in general this pregnancy.  Not so much with the boys; we still get out and have our adventures.  But I do feel like I've been dragging more on house duties & leaning far more on Conor than I ever have before.  This continues to be my hardest pregnancy (but I should note, still easy compared to many others).  

Food Cravings/Aversions?  So I finally googled to see when those damn cotton candy grapes would be available.... not until september!!!  Grr!  No real cravings for the week, but I did have a huge aversion to smell of some halibut I bought (which is typically a fav), so much so that I couldn't even eat dinner that night.  And I swear I could still smell it for the next two days even after taking out the trash multiple times and a visit from my cleaning lady.

Name?  Just hung up on a middle name.  But I am so so ready to officially name this boy!

Nursery Progress:  I posted my inspiration here in case you missed it.  Like I said, we won't put together a nursery until we are in our new house.  But when we get closer to my due date, I will put together a corner in our bedroom.  I also need to clear out closet space for the the first couple months of baby clothes.  I'm really starting to nest!

Movement:  Both Conor & Liam have felt the baby move, and it's so so special for me each time!  I haven't tried yet with Finn; I'm waiting for it to be more noticeable and more frequent before I test his patience.  Baby had his first case of the hiccups, which is always one of the most adorable things.  Although in general, this baby moves the least by far.  Often he waits until I have a relaxing moment to myself, where I get to sit down before he really gets moving.  Otherwise it's just a kick here or there while we are out & about.

Position:  We had our big ultrasound and baby is perfectly healthy & growing right on track!  The ultrasound tech had him measuring just two days behind my due date, so nearly perfect.  I'm still predicting an August 30th arrival (three days late, just like his big brothers).  He's currently head down, yet folded in half with his feet by his head.  Really hoping he moves out of that position before he keeps getting bigger and won't have a chance to.  It was wonderful getting all this good news, and we are feeling super confident about our midwife and the home birth experience to come!

Liam's Thoughts:  A sweet memory I never want to forget... Liam & I were listening to my Joshua Radio Pandora Station when John Mayor's song The Heart of Life came on.  Liam told me it sounded like the songs playing when babies are born (from home birth videos we've watched), and that this song should play when our baby is born.  I will make sure to have it on our playlist now.  In fact, I think I may just have that station playing while I'm laboring.

Finn's Thoughts:  It's still kisses, and "hi baby!", and belly rubs all day long with him.  Any opportunity to lift my shirt up is utilized!

Looking forward to our midwife appointment this week.  It's something the boys really enjoy, as do I.  I'm just truly enjoying this time right now, trying to soak it all in.  This may (probably will be) our last, so it is something to be treasured for sure!


  1. You look so amazing Laura! And so happy! Love bump updates!

  2. Love that dress on your sweet bump!

  3. Those cotton candy grapes have been at my grocery store (in Canada!) for the past month - we've been eating them up! Keep looking, I'm sure you'll find some :)

  4. You are just glowing, Laura! What a bummer about the grapes they truly are delicious. WFM has them here, have you checked there? Im right there with you on this laidback baby, maybe its a third child thing? ;)

  5. That dress is just so lovely! And you look beautiful! In the end Aria never felt Lincoln move, she had zero patience for resting her hands on my tummy. Sigh

  6. Amen to the end of morning sickness!
    The hiccups. Easily one of the things I loved the most about being pregnant.
    So fun that Conor and Liam have felt the baby move!!
    Looking beautiful as ever!!

  7. aww your boys are so sweet
    and you look beautiful

  8. You are beautiful and you always have the best dresses! So glad the morning sickness is gone, but sorry for the lightheadedness. I had that a lot with Mason. So sweet that Liam suggested to have that song on! I love that.

  9. awww how cute with Liam and that song. love how excited they are :) you look fantastic, sorry this has been a hard pregnancy but glad the morning sickness is gone!

  10. WOOHOO for no more morning sickness!!! That is by far the worst symptom while being pregnant.


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