Wednesday, April 26, 2017

22 Weeks (Bump #3)

For a few days, I actually thought I was 23 weeks.... third baby problems.  Since my hair & make actually happened to be done on Sunday, and the light was shining in perfectly, I had Conor snap a few photos for this week.  Last Thursday, we had a midwife appointment where she shared many of the details from our big ultrasound.  I seriously love my midwife!  She is such a wealth of knowledge herself and is always so open with me.  I love how she shares all the little details; I find it all so fascinating.  So this week, I bring you some midwife tidbits.  If you don't want some TMI facts about my pregnancy, feel free to skip this post!

Tidbit #1:  I have a lot of amniotic fluid!  It's still in the normal range, but on the upper end.  This explains why my belly seems to be so so large for this point in my pregnancy.  My midwife said that I'm carrying around roughly an extra half gallon of amniotic fluid compared to most moms!  The good news with this, is that it creates more space for the baby, making a breach baby far less likely.

Tidbit #2:  I have an anterior placenta, which means it's attached in the front.  My midwife's exact words, "So if you thought this baby was calmer, he's not!"  I totally thought this baby moved around much less, but apparently it's all due to that placenta he has to kick me through.  And now that I know this, his kicks do feel different, as if there is a big cushion between us!

Tidbit #3:  I have a really long cervix!  This only serves me & my large babies well!  Sometimes you will hear of a woman with a short cervix needing it sewed shut, because it can't support the weight of the baby.  This will never be a problem for me.  Thank goodness, because I'm fulling expecting this baby to hit the 10lb mark!

I love learning more about this pregnancy, my body, and birth as a whole.  I cannot say enough good things about our midwife and this experience.  I feel like all the extra knowledge is empowering, and it helps me to process any birth trauma that still exists from Liam.  I'm already looking forward to our next appointment!


  1. Sewing a cervix shut? Oh Lord that sounds terrifying! Thank goodness you don't have to worry about that!!!

  2. Those are fascinating tidbits! I just had our Level 2 ultrasound and I doubt Ill get the lowdown like this (not that I dont adore my doctor but Ive never heard about placenta placement or the like.) This picture is GORGEOUS, Laura.

  3. First of all, GORGEOUS photos! Love these! And secondly, I have an anterior placenta too! For me, that meant it took so much longer to really be confident I was feeling baby kicks than most other first time moms. But here at 26 weeks, she is showing off for everyone now. :)

  4. 1) These photos are fantastic. So beautiful, momma!
    2) I'm sorry, SEWING A CERVIX SHUT? Nope. Pass. HARD PASS.
    3) TEN POUNDS?! I'm sure you've shared, but I've forgotten.. How big were Liam and Finn??

  5. First of all, beautiful photographs. You are stunning and you are glowing. I had Polyhydramnios (an excess of amniotic fluid) with Mason. I had to have weekly sonograms and NSTs weekly the last 3 months of my pregnancy.

  6. Very interesting tidbits. You look beautiful in your photos! Glowing and sooo happy!

  7. Okay, ouch on the last one! What beautiful photos to look back on, love em.


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