Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

I was super relaxed about this holiday.  So unlike me, but hey, pregnancy will do that to you.  Fortunately, I had been stashing away things for the boys baskets for well over a month, so at least I was prepared in that department.  We kept things simple, I didn't have huge expectations, & the day went off beautifully!

Each year, we have a huge egg hunt with all the neighbor kids.  To avoid any conflicts with church, it happens early.  8:30am early.  And we are not early risers.  I made sure to set an alarm, so we wouldn't miss any of the festivities.  When my alarm went off that morning, both boys were snuggled up in our bed, having made their ways there at different times throughout the night.  Sometimes I'm not quite sure when.  I do love waking up their sweet faces.  I so badly wanted a slow sunday morning complete with sleeping in, but I also knew that I wanted the boys to have time to explore their baskets before the hunt.   Conor snuck out of bed to hide our hard boiled eggs, and then we woke the snoozers.  We had to remind Liam it was Easter morning, and he then bounded out of bed in search of his basket!  It was one of those moments that so reminded me of my own childhood.  Baskets were opened.  Smiles all around.  Then dressed as quick as possible.  My kids were literally running out the front door, the last ones to arrive outside to begin the hunt!

Finn knew exactly what to do & got right after it.  Delighted with each & every egg he found.  He felt that about 10 eggs was sufficient, and then called it quits to open them all.  And then try to open all the candy.  Never asking for help (in fact refusing it), and eating far more treats than he probably ever has had in his life thus far.  Liam hunted forever & ever.   Not quite convinced that all the eggs had even been found.  He was in one new yard after another.  Sprawling our entire street.  Finally, with an overflowing basket, I convinced him to join his brother for the egg opening.

Then it was brunch (quiche, all thanks to Conor), sadly no mimosas this year.  Church, which I feel like we barely survived.  But we did.  Naps for all.  We went to our neighbors for dinner; it seems this year we have traded off hosting holidays.  I'm such a sucker for tradition and can never let go of certain family recipes, so while they hosted, we still brought the main course.  An Easter ham with raisin sauce.  It was such a lovely break to only bake the ham and not worry about my clean (or lack thereof house) and hosting duties.  Such a fun evening, with kids playing every where, Finn putting back three helpings of meat, and wonderful company.

Already looking forward to all our Easters to come, 
especially our next when we'll have another boy in tow!


  1. What a gorgeous family sweet mama, your boys are just precious!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. We always go to a friend's house for Easter. It's so nice not to host and clean up.

  3. Their little outfits! I can't wait till Hadley is old enough for Easter egg hunts - the sweetest memories!

  4. What little models. I mean really! The boys finding their baskets is so cute, and I love how determined Liam was in finding every egg. It sounds like the perfect combination of keeping the traditions alive, but still having a little break this year with the pregnancy so not having to host! What a special day!

  5. oh my goodness, that last photo is fantastic and needs to be framed. the boys are so cute, love their different egg hunting styles. so cool your street does a big egg hunt, what an awesome street :)

  6. The most perfect Easter!!

    We aren't early risers either so we could have had to set alarms for an 8:30 egg hunt too :p

  7. Sounds like the most perfect Easter! As I get older I enjoy more laid back holidays. Beautiful pictures of your adorable family.

  8. Sounds like the perfect day! I have never heard of hiding hard boiled eggs, that's a fun way to do it!

  9. Positively perfect!
    I want to live in your neighborhood. It sounds magical.
    And 8:30AM "early." I laughed. That's basically lunch time for us. ;)

  10. Cooking without having to clean a house is my fave! Sounds like such a fun holiday.

  11. Gosh, could they be any cuter?! Love their PJs and your pretty dress!


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