Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend Recap

Oh this weekend was a good one!  Which was much needed after having Conor away on business for part of the week and then getting back home later than expected.  It was filled with so much good family time.  Often we have commitments to fulfill or a long to-do list, but not this weekend.  It was relaxing, lazy even, at times!  Truly the best.  Friday night was the most blustery of any windy day ever, which was just screaming for some kite flying.  Liam was terrified that he would blow away with his kite; Finn we were concerned actually would!  Finn would also randomly let go of his kite and truly challenge my get up & go skills at 5 months pregnant.  But I triumphantly chased it down each time.  The stormy skies & snowcapped mountains made for quite the beautiful setting.

Saturday was for errands, which is typically rather boring for me.  Except Conor somehow makes Costco the most magical place ever.  And the boys love it there with him.  I was on board strictly for the samples.  And Finn has never forgotten that sweet sweet taste of Costco pizza, so each visit there is now dubbed "pizza time"!  We made a coffee run, loaded up on t-ball swag (eye black necessary), & had the crock pot working hard all day.  And somehow I managed in a solo Target run after assessing the Easter basket situation on the top shelf of my closet.

Sunday morning was for egg dying.  Premature?  Possibly.  But gorgeous weather is coming for us, and I feared that with all the warm temps & sunshine, we just may never have a good opportunity before Easter.  Finn was obsessed, wanting to dye eggs rapid fire style.  Lots of stirring with the spoon, as if that would make the color darken faster.  Liam was far more methodical and focused.  Oh how their different personalities shine during activities like these.  Eggs were broken throughout the entire process, so I whipped up a batch of deviled eggs with the wounded soldiers.  Didn't even know I had the craving until I tossed that first one back.

Naptime, then we hit the slopes which were covered in two feet of fresh snow!  It seemed like it would be the perfect spring skiing day, but the snow was actually rather sticky & many runs were closed due to avalanche control.  Yet, somehow we still rode in & out of the trees.  Occasionally Liam would be stuck in near waist deep snow, but we was strong & determined.  The afternoon absolutely exhausted me, so I know how hard his little body must have been working.  We earned those post ski french fries, and I really banking on him sleeping hard tonight!

Tomorrow kicks off Liam's Spring Break, which I am actually pumped for!  I love having him home, with no schedule to worry about (that means everyone can sleep in... I hope!).  Plus, I treasure this time with just the two boys more & more as we get closer to having a newborn around again!  Cheers to the week ahead!


  1. Literally the perfect weekend! Love the skiing pictures. And now you've got me craving deviled eggs...

  2. What beautiful pictures!!!! And YAY for spring break!

  3. What a beautifully, awesome weekend! Love the boys dying eggs. We've done it three times already this season, ha. Ben loves it, and any craft activity he is on board with I am all about! Also, I'd love to fly a kite. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Hands down the best weekend! SO much fun! Who doesn't love Costco sample time? haha love it! You look gorgeous!

  5. I had the same concern about flying away with my kite! That is so funny and enduring. Lovely pictures (as always) Cheers to a relaxing weekend.

  6. What a perfect weekend--skiing, egg dying, Costco sampling, kite flying... It sounds like your days are full and memorable. Of course, your pictures really tell the story. Family time is so precious.


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