Tuesday, May 23, 2017

25 & 26 Weeks (Bump #3)

I'm seriously loving pregnancy these days!  I have energy!  I feel good!  The bump is adorable, albeit large.  It's around now, the 6 month mark, that people start asking if the baby is coming soon.  Yes my belly is big, and yes it looks like I've "dropped" since I carry low, but nope... 3+ months until baby arrives!  I can't believe the third trimester is a mere 2 weeks ago.  I'm hoping to keep my energy up and continue to enjoy this pregnancy.  It could possibly be my last, and I'm already getting sad about this journey and time in my life coming to an end!  

Total Weight Gain:  18 lbs. Which is about two more than I would like to be at right now, but I'm trying to give myself a little grace after being on vacation for so long.  Making extra healthy choices this week and trying to avoid too many treats!

Symptoms:  Lots of hip pain!  And Braxton Hicks when I'm particularly active, such as when I'm hiking.  I'm really looking forward to our water park opening up this coming weekend, because being in the water will feel sooo good!

Maternity Finds:  I'm practically living in this new dress.  I love how light weight it is, as well as being the perfect length!  I also have a dwell + slumber dress on its way to me!  Many mamas rave about these dresses, for both during pregnancy and after.  I can't wait for it to arrive!

Movement & Position:  More & more frequent.  And now I can feel his whole little body move, it's not just a random hit or kick anymore.  I also learned that he is currently head up, although I'm not too worried about this.  I have lots of amniotic fluid (so plenty of room for him to move) as well as lots of time.

Liam's Thoughts:  I (or Conor) always snuggle Liam to sleep at night.  Lately, he always falls asleep with his hand on my bare belly, just waiting to feel kicks.  But also just to have that closeness.  It is such a sweet little thing that I adore about him right now.

Finn's Thoughts:  Still as in love with my belly as ever!  Our midwife commented on how wonderful it is to see both boys so interested in my pregnancy and the baby.  She said that many of her clients' boys are far more interested in playing than anything going on with mom during appointments.  My boys are the opposite; they so look forward to midwife appointments and getting to help as much as possible!

Name:  Kane Daniel Keenan.  Thank you for all the sweet comments about baby boy's name!  We think it fits right in with the family!

Swimsuit Shopping:  This was seriously a joke.  I knew I would need a new suit to help hold in the ever growing boobs, belly, & booty, but I assumed just upping a size was all that was necessary.  Um... no!  Nordstrom had absolutely nothing to offer me, so Target was the next stop.  Two sizes up later, I found two bikinis (this & this) that I think will do and last me through the summer, even though I still have 3 months of growing left.  I may also order this maternity one piece just to have options!

I had my glucose test done yesterday, and I'm really hoping I passed!  It hasn't been an issue before, so fingers crossed.  We have our first camping trip of the season coming up this weekend, and I'm hoping that I can still manage to sleep okay (pretty sure my Snoogle won't fit in my sleeping bag), and that I can manage crawling in & out of our tent with a bit of ease & grace.  I really want to have a summer full of camping before baby arrives; I want to love it as much as I usually do, massive belly & all!


  1. I won't lie, I get sad that I will never experience a pregnancy or a bump date again... Although I HATED being pregnant, just doesn't agree with me x

  2. You are such an adorable pregnant lady! And yay for feeling so good. I hope you have the best time camping. I can't wait to see pictures! I know they will be amazing.

  3. The movement is by far my favorite! That is simply wonderful how interested they are - seriously so sweet! I LOVE the name! xo

  4. Ain't no way this is your last baby! It just suits you too much!

    I don't think I'd dare brave a two piece anywhere but my parents house...where I can guarantee that there isn't any photographic evidence lol!

  5. For some reason none of your links are working for me (I'm thinking it must be my computer), but I'm super curious about the dresses you found! And girl, I went bathing suit shopping last month and it was pretty hilarious. I, too, ended up with a bikini just simply because I couldn't bring myself to pay so much for maternity swimwear when the regular swimsuits were on sale. Thankfully I found something I liked (or at least didn't hate, haha!). :)

  6. I don't even think I would consider swimsuits while pregnant! You look gorgeous mama!

  7. Love that maternity one piece!! I snagged a couple at Target last year for a reasonable price, too. And now I need to start shopping for them again, ugh. Stretch marks are out of control over here! Hoping everything goes well with the glucose test!!

  8. High note- you look lovely (as always) Low note- Im at 22 pounds, so my goal of only gaining 25 pounds this pregnancy is shot lol. But you know what?! Im feeling better about my body more now so maybe it is as it should be. Good luck with camping, hoping you get your fill before Kane's arrival :)

  9. You. Look. Adorable. But I expected nothing less. And, I putting bets on one more baby. ;)
    I LIVED in my suits the summer I was pregnant with Julia. Super glad you found a couple that work for you. You will surely be thanking yourself come July and August!


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