Monday, May 22, 2017

Finnaroo Turns Two

We are finally back from traveling 3 out of the last 4 weeks, whew!  I feel like I'm playing catch up in every single aspect of life right now.  It's busy!  And moving fast!  Liam is about to finish preschool!  And the third trimester is approaching.  And I just want everything to slow down a little bit!  The good news is I always have my camera with me, to capture everything I want to.  All the memories I want to keep.  The day to day, as well as the big stuff.  But then sometimes they just sit in the abyss that is my "photos" with no real organization.  That will happen another day, but for now, I try to keep it all organized in blog posts.  So be prepared for lots of journal style posts from me, as I remember all the fun & events that have happened over the past month.  Photography is my way of documenting.  It's how I story tell.  It's how I plan to share all my boys' childhoods with them.  First up, Finn's birthday!

We celebrated a day late, since we were traveling on his actual birthday.  And I didn't want Liam to be thrown off by the Balloon Man arriving a day late, so we just pretended his birthday was later.  Nobody knew the difference!  Finn was in awe of his balloons in the morning, a highlight from my childhood and hopefully my boys'!  It was followed Finn's favorite breakfast of pancakes & bacon.  The boy seriously loves his bacon.  On birthdays I love tailoring their day to be perfect for just them!  The traditional happy birthday sign was hung, the letter board rearranged ("Finnarro turns two!"), and the presents wrapped!  We kept things simple as far as presents were concerned, since he is always so spoiled by friends & family.  However, he was thrilled for some new Duplos as well as his own sleeping bag!  With my growing belly (and now that Finn is weaned), he has been booted to his own sleeping bag for camping!  Can't wait for him to use it next weekend!

After a morning of running around outside with all the neighbor kids,  we had a birthday nap, and then the big event!  Finn has been talking about going to another Bees (baseball) game ever since we left the last one.  We kept telling him we would go on his birthday.  Well, the weather was really messing with us.  Rainy & stormy just a couple hours beforehand.  We nearly decided to skip it, but the thought of letting down the birthday boy just sounded awful.  So we all rallied!  We rode the train to them game (another of Finn's favorite things) along with every other Salt Lake City sports fan, since there was also a Jazz game as well as as Real game that night!  The train ride was really the full experience with a crowded, eclectic group of Utahns.

Finn hunted down the Bee mascot with Conor, only to want to say hi from afar.  While he is seriously obsessed with the Bee, he does not want to touch him, hug him, or stand near him.  But we sure do talk about him nonstop and love looking at pictures.  Finn proudly walked back to our spot with his own hotdog in hand, just living the baseball fan dream really.  We had far too many treats than normal, because.... birthday!  Cotton candy (he was very unsure of this) & cracker jacks!  But the real highlight came when he got to run the bases at the end of the game.  He was fast & knew exactly what to do!  However, now he thinks he gets to run the bases at the end of every game.  If only buddy!

It was truly a special day for Finn which is exactly what I wanted!  His joy is my joy!
Happiest of birthday Finnaroo!


  1. Happy birthday Finn!! Can't believe he's already two!

  2. Happy birthday Finn! How are they TWO?!!

  3. What a special day! The photos you captured are magical. I just can't believe he's two...and I can't believe Ben is more than 2.5...just crazy. Happy Birthday little Finn!

  4. What a special day for the birthday boy!

  5. Happy birthday, Finn!!! What a sweet day.

  6. What a special birthday for a special boy x

  7. Oh my gosh him holding that hot dog. I AM DONE. Best thing ever. Best birthday ever!


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