Monday, June 5, 2017

27 & 28 Weeks (Bump #3)

Total Weight Gain:  22lbs, eek!  I don't know that I'll be staying under that 30lb weight gain this time around.  I had a little freak out moment and wanted to move up my maternity photos, which I'm scheduled to do at 37 weeks.  But I'm totally embracing this pregnant body which is beautiful and nurturing and growing a baby, so I'll letting the number on the scale go.

Symptoms:  The nightly leg cramps are starting!  I'm taking Vitamin D every night now to try and help alleviate those!  Heartburn is settling in more as well, so we I need to pick up more papaya enzymes!  Those are my favorite!

Movement & Position:  For awhile, my belly was actually looking smaller & higher, probably due to baby's position.  I didn't like it.  But it seems he has settled back into more of his normal spot.  I'm a little anxious about my next midwife appointment, really hoping to hear that he is head down!

Nesting:  All of sudden I want to prepare all. the. things!!!  But here's the bad news, our new house continues to be delayed.  They haven't even started digging yet!  As of now, we could possibly be in by mid November.  I really don't want to move over the holidays, so I'm sorta hoping that we don't move until January.  However, the housing market is hot right now, so we are still considering selling our current home this summer, and then moving into a rental.  Which all sounds kinda miserable to me while pregnant and then with a newborn... we'll see.  But assuming we stay put, I'm trying to decide if I want to have Liam & Finn share a room, so that I can have a space for Kane.  Or if I want the guest room (which is in our basement) to be a catch all for baby stuff.  Or if I just want to have a little corner of our master dedicated to all the baby things.  Regardless, I'm nesting.  And I want to decide.  And I want to start doing things!

Liam's Thoughts:  Just as anxious as ever for Kane's arrival!  

Finn's Thoughts:  Our midwife was talking to Finn about how the baby will only drink Mama's milk and that he can't feed him or give him snacks.   So Finn loves to joke about it all the time.  Loves being asked if the baby can eat something, such as "Can the baby eat strawberries?" "NOOOOO"!!!  It's really quite adorable! 

Strangers Thoughts:  Now that I am quite noticeabley pregnant, I often get asked about the baby's gender while out with both boys.  People's reactions are interesting to say the least.  I'm so thrilled to welcoming a third boy; I'm really at a great place with it.  So most comments don't bother me.  But I'm glad to have had a few months to really process all the emotions, so that I am able to handle all the comments with a smile on my face.  Couldn't be more excited to have a little trio of boys with me in a few months!


  1. Well that dress looks like the comfiest thing ever and you look fab! Love that you've taken maternity pictures with each pregnancy- BY FAR my biggest regret with Hadley that I will not be making again!

  2. You look fabulous, still glowing and everything. Never been pregnant so can't talk about the scale numbers, I can imagine it's tough to see them rise but you have a great head on your shoulders with thoughts of throwing those numbers away.

    Have you tried magnesium/calcium supplements for the legs? I hear they help great.

    What do strangers say about having a third boy? Like, I have no idea what I would say other than 'YAY ANOTHER MIRACLE'.

  3. You could not look any cuter! I love following along with your Instastories to see what you and your little men are up to. You are not letting pregnancy stop you from having lots of fun!

  4. You look amazing. I love the dress you are wearing in your photos too!

  5. Strangers say things to you?! That really irks me. No one has any right. Im not sure if I give off "leave me alone vibes" or what but I have had zero comments. Though I was out with the girls today and noticed a few looks(?)

  6. Beautiful, nurturing, and growing a baby. Amen and amen. That number needs to goooo!

    I was just thinking about leg cramps the other day....I've been wondering when those might kick in again. Looks like I have a few more weeks yet before they do hopefully!

  7. You look beautiful! I can't believe you're already in the third trimester!

  8. I'll have to remember vitamin D for leg cramps if there's a next time for me. Sorry to hear they are sticking around! Looking great and love hearing how pumped the boys are!

  9. I would have been THRILLED to have only gained 30 lbs with each kid. But, nope. It was so. much. more than that. You look marvelous!!


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