Sunday, June 25, 2017

30 & 31 Weeks (Bump #3)

Another post where you get pictures from 30 weeks and some fun info from 31 weeks!

Total Weight Gain:  26 lbs.... not feeling great about this.  Hoping that I'm just retaining a ton of water in all this heat!

Symptoms:  My biggest complaint right now is just being irritable due to the heat.  It's affecting me far more than I ever would have thought.  Our temps have been holding steady in the 90-100 range, and it's been rough.  I've also been extra light headed which I'm sure is due to the heat as well as my continued low blood pressure.  

Movement & Position:  Baby is transverse just as I anticipated; my midwife confirmed this.  Kudos to me for knowing my body I suppose.  It's quite uncomfortable to have baby in this position, and I keep hoping he will move any day.  My midwife isn't concerned yet, in fact she was rather positive with her "transverse is half way to head down!"  I go see her again in 3 weeks, and if baby is still not head down by then I will go see a chiropractor and start practicing some spinning babies positions.  I know this still isn't a huge deal yet, but it's on my mind often.

Cries This Week:  Bringing this category back because wow did I have an emotional week.  Nothing major happened, just a big hormonal swing I suppose.  I was extra weepy about the littlest things, but extra lovey too.  My boys tolerate me well.

Nursery Progress:  Even though I'm not going to be decorating until we are in the new house, I am still shopping around.  I'm currently obsessed with the wallpaper & vinyl from B Darling.  I would love to do one wall in the nursery, with perhaps this or this print!  Follow them on Instagram for inspiration, but know that you will feel the urge to wallpaper your entire house.  Hello 1990!

Baby Finds: Primary is having a big sale right now, so I snagged some new snap footies in my favorite colors.  If you're having a baby girl, there are even more options; the dresses are adorable!

Birth Affirmations:  After I sent along some of my favorite birth affirmations to Courtney, she sent me a photo with some that she used during her last birth.  I wrote some down that I loved and wanted to share since affirmations were such a huge part of my natural birth experience.  The new favorites:

I feel confident.  I feel safe.  I feel secure.  I feel focused.  I feel love.

Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world.

Inhale peace.  Exhale tension.

Breathe slow.  Breathe deep.  Breathe low.

My body opens.  My mind quiets.  My baby descends.
Liam's Thoughts:  Lots & lots of questions lately.  Most often related to the birth or the baby nursing.  He's obviously seen me nursing Finn plenty over the last 2 years, but now he's curious to know how exactly it all works.  I love how inquisitive & interested he is.  Makes for the best morning conversations before we even get out of bed.  We've also been spending those minutes lately trying to feel for where the baby's arms, legs, & butt are!

Finn's Thoughts:  When I climbed up on the table at the midwife's office to listen to the heartbeat, Finn leaned down and gave me the sweetest spontaneous kiss.  We have bonded exponentially lately. I can tell he deeply cares for me & the baby, and he loves showing us!  I continue to be most excited to see this little guy become a big brother!

Send some happy baby turning thoughts my way!  I want to head down & to engage soon so that I can just relax the rest of this pregnancy!


  1. are getting so close! It feels like you just announced this pregnancy and now you are in the third trimester and only weeks away from having that sweet boy! You look amazing, so don't worry about the number on the scale.

  2. I love the positive affirmations! And all the questions and love from Liam and Finn are so sweet.

  3. Your pregnancy is flying!! And you look amazing! I think I had gained about 30 pounds by 30-31 weeks and then another 10 in water weight/feet & legs swelling by the time Georgia was born at 38. I bet that is tough in the heat!

  4. Praying that baby turns soon! I love those birth affirmation and adore the beautiful photos of you (as always)!!

  5. Ohhhh Mama I'm with you on the heat - I despise it (whether preggo or not) I hope this is a better and less emotional week for you! You look great (as usual) and I'm LOVING the leaf print wallpaper nursery idea!

  6. How are you this far along already?!! Hang in there, I am sure the heat is hard!

  7. i had my baby flipped successfully at 38 weeks with an external cephalic version at the hospital! if it gets to that point, i recommend it! he stayed head down, too! just do it when you're ready to not be in the pool anymore (because babies can flip back in the pool).

    also, i have wallpaper in almost every room of my house, just one wall per room as a nice accent wall. check out my instagram, i've got some pics of the wallpaper all over the place!

  8. Ive been trying to "baby map" the position of little man but have yet to pin anything down. I know his knees or elbows are pretty front and center as Ive been getting quite the show :) Wish I could blame swelling/water retention on my hip and thigh expanse lol.

  9. Definitely hoping and praying he gets in the right position asap!

    I weigh in on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure I'll be right there with you....definitely going to try and blame it on the heat and water

  10. When you talked about your birth affirmations last time I read it and I thought it was a fantastic idea. Never in a million years did I think I would be saying affirmations to myself. Let me tell you they helped SO much. My favorite was "my body is capable and strong" Very very helpful! I get so much great knowledge from your blog. Thank you for taking the time to really write about your true feelings!

  11. I seriously love hearing the boy's reactions. It is so precious how aware and involved they are. Two wonderful big brothers to be!

  12. Girlfriend I do not see 26 extra pounds on you! And fingers crossed the little guy is just on his way to being head down!

  13. I love your birth affirmations! I wish I would have thought to memorize some with Lincoln. And, I didn't even know they were a thing with Aria.

  14. Oh, this is getting really exciting! I tried doing a natural birth but succumbed to an epidural at the very last moment. I love your birth affirmations, especially the last two. You look amazing; the extra weight must be water, for sure. (Did I mention that I gained close to 40 lbs. during my pregnancy?!) Best wishes to you during these last few weeks; I'm sure your baby will get into position when it's time. Sounds like he's just letting you know that he's still not ready yet--he likes hanging out in your belly. Little does he know that he's going to have two big brothers that adore him just like they adore their mom!

  15. I love that last dress you are wearing. So pretty. I retained a ton of water towards the end of my pregnancy too. You look amazing!

  16. Hopefully it will encourage you to know that our Little Bit was breech this past Monday and by yesterday she was head down (I'm 35.5 weeks right now)! So even this late in the game, they can still flip right into the correct position! Of course she seems to like to keep us on our toes so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if she was breech again next Monday, ha! Here's to hoping she stays head down! And that your little one makes his way down there soon!


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