Thursday, June 1, 2017


I'm really excited to share some products that I am currently loving with you all.  I try to keep my collaborations and sponsored posts to a minimum, being super picky about what I share & promote.  Erbaviva is a company that I love and can get behind, and they have products that I will keep going back for!  I was initially interested in this company because all their products are organic.  I try to be very mindful of the things my family puts in our bodies, but I have room for improvement in what we put on our bodies.  Here's what I tried and loved:

I don't know that I could pick a favorite; I love both!  The oil absorbs well and doesn't feel greasy at all.  The cream is thick, but still rubs in easily.  And I seriously love a little belly rubbing each day, sometimes I even have helpers.  Erbaviva recommends using the oil at night and the cream in the morning, so that's what I have been doing.  I've been lucky enough to have made it through nearly 3 full pregnancies now without a single stretch mark.  I like to think it's due to good genes, but also to keeping my skin well hydrated!  These items would be such a sweet treat for yourself of any mama-to-be!

So first the sunscreen...  I'm all about mineral sunscreens but hate how hard they can be to rub in.  Erbaviva's sunscreen is by far the easiest natural sunscreen that I have ever tried to apply to myself or my kids.  I will keep using this sunscreen for that reason alone!  It's my go-to right now and will be in my bag all summer long!

The buzz spray in the real standout here though!  The smell is amazing!  I seriously love it and want it in a candle and a lotion and everything else.  I want to bathe in it.  And I really hate bugs, especially while camping, so I truly do plan on bathing my body in it.  The boys loved it too, since it didn't sting or hurt their skin at all.  And of course, it kept the bugs away!  I never knew I could love a bug spray so much!

 Erbaviva has many many more products, so please go check them out.  If you are just starting down the natural journey, I highly recommend making the switch to a natural deodorant first!  Erbaviva has a few different scents to try, so I may just need them all!  

I received free products in exchange for this honest review.  
All opinions & handsome models (as well as handsome photographer) are my own!


  1. Those photos of Finn rubbing your belly are too much! All of the heart eyes. :) You look amazing, mama!

  2. I've been on the hunt for a good natural sunscreen, Imight give them a try now. Thanks!

  3. Okay the belly pictures are straight up gorgeous. And I've been looking for a good natural bug spray - thanks for the rec!

  4. When I first saw the title of this post I thought a toddler got a hold of your keyboard hahah! You rock pregnancy!!

  5. Thank you for the recommendations! I won't be looking for stretch mark cream anytime soon, but certainly the sunscreen and the "buzz" oil are on my list. I love your little helpers. You rock pregnancy--what beautiful pictures!

  6. Rubbing lotion on the bump is the BEST. Question- what undies are you wearing? Are the maternity? They look so comfy and stretchy (something I need more of in my life :)

  7. I think we need that bug spray for our annual trip to the Midwest this summer. Iowa and Kansas have some gnarly bugs that like to bite, and a good spray sounds like a must have!


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