Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Finny, age 2

Being the second child & all, Finn has been deprived from monthly updates for about the last year.  However, he was born post my first DSLR purchase, so at least he's been more heavily photographed.  Regardless, I still want to remember all those little things that make Finn so Finny.  So at just a month past 2 years old, I am due for a little brag time on the current littlest in the house.  Included is a smattering of photos from the last month!

Our Finn has just the biggest personality!  It's just a contrast to Liam's more reserved demeanor.  He's funny, with a contagious smile & laugh.  He's goofy.  He fills the room with his joy.  And as hard as he shares those feel-good emotions, he's just as intense on the other side of the coin.  He's still our little pistol.  Possibly just as stubborn as I am.   He stands his ground, doesn't back down purely on principle, and at times can give off that general honey badger vibe.  Not a fan of strangers, don't even dare try and talk to him if you don't know him.  He will look at you off of his eyebrows with a look of "Really...?". But don't believe it for a second; behind that mean-mug, once he lets you in, he's a softy that freely doles out double-hugs ("both sides!") and lip-kisses.

He's always up for a treat.  Lives for treats really.  Asks for treats all day long.  Loves to eat. Favorites including raspberries, yogurt, eggs, & bacon.  So breakfast is by far the favorite meal.  Is such an independent guy, constantly saying "I do it" or  "I try"  He'll eventually succumb to help, but only on his terms.  Wants to do everything big brother does.  Occasionally can beat big brother in a wrestling match.  Has some top notch manners with the constant "please", "thank you", & "sorry".  However, the "excuse me" could use some work.

Loves the outdoors.  Swimming is his current favorite, often lounging in the shallow end of a pool or lake like a beached seal.  He's got quite the scrumptious little baby bod, but he is quickly growing out of it.  Though he still out-weighs big brother at this age by a good 5 lbs..  He's incredibly strong & a fast runner.  He's taken up a liking for sports at incredibly young age.  Loves watching big brother, or a game on TV.  I think football is his favorite, but he also dabbles with soccer, skiing, basketball, baseball, & golf!  Quite the sportsman!  He's only seen baseball games in person, but I think we will have to change that soon with an MLS or NBA visit!

 He continues to be oh so lovable, even when he is oh so frustrating.  He's much more of a handful than Liam ever was, but the pay-back of smiles & snuggles is so worth it.  I am trying my hardest not to break that fierce spirit of his, because I know it will serve him well as an adult.  He could be such a leader.  I just know that great things are in store for him.  I could not be more excited to watch him transition into the big brother role and see how he gets to dote on & teach someone younger than him.  Soon he will no longer be the baby, and he is more than ready!  We love you deeply little Finny!


  1. I love reading about Finn because he is the same age as my girls are. But I get to see what it is like having a boy. Plus he is so adorable.

  2. He looks SO big!!! And handsome as ever!

  3. What a DOLL! He looks so tall in those first few pics!

  4. Oh, the second born!! I think it's so fun following up a chill-kid with one full of a little more fierceness, makes for a great pair (most of the time). Can't wait to watch Finn as a big bro/middle child as well.

  5. He is just ADORABLE!!!! I have made the assumption that all second children are feisty, cheeky but adorable and full of personality! x

  6. Oh Finn, he is such a free spirit. Love his passion. He reminds me a lot of Ben with their feisty personalities. Love seeing all the beautiful photos of your handsome boy!

  7. Gosh, our kids sound so similar. This whole post I kept thinking, this is Julia.
    I love that you're conscious of wanting him to keep his fierce spirit. That is something I need to work on.
    And those first few pics of Finn running down the hill? He looks so much like Liam there!
    P.S. I spy HOT MOM BOD in those sunnies of Finn's!


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