Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Every Day Oils

First, this post is not sponsored.  It's doesn't contain any affiliate links.  I don't even sell oils; I just purchase them through friends.  So this post is really just to genuinely share how I use essential oils daily in our home.  I've slowly been purchasing more & more and trying them out over the last 2.5 years, and now I can't really remember what I ever used before them!  So here's a little list of our favorites and how I use them.  I have all Doterra Oils, but have also dabbled with some of the Young Living ones as well.

Frankincense  (skin care)
I use a drop of this along with my face lotion ever morning & night.  I am always amazed at the effect it has on my skin!  Helps keep it healthy and clear.  I seriously feel like I'm glowing (even when I'm not pregnant) as soon as I put it on.  It makes me feel far more confident about having no make-up days.  This oil is quite a pricey one, but so worth it.  By far, the best thing I ever added to my simple skin care routine!

Lemongrass & Oregano (wart removal)
Last summer, Liam got water warts on the back of his knees from all of our time spent at the pool (so gross, I know).  And they are contagious when sharing towels, baths, etc.; so yep, Finn got them too (double gross).  We saw a dermatologist along with a variety of other doctors.  Our only options were steroid creams (no thank you) or freezing them off (the boys would freak), so I was feeling rather helpless.  Then our amazing pediatrician recommended oregano oil.  I did my own research and also discovered that lemongrass was another good option.  Both of these are "hot oils" so you have to dilute!  I do two drops of lemongrass in their bath each night, and then I take a roller ball of coconut oil & oregano (only 2 drops of oregano oil for my 10mL bottle) to their water warts once they are out & dried off.  It was has worked like magic!  I was honestly shocked.

This is a "grounding" blend.  But mostly, I just love the scent!  It's my favorite!  I diffuse this frequently (and if it happens to help keep the boys more balanced then yay).  I also put a drop of this on my lava essentials necklace when I wear it.

On Guard (sickness prevention)
I'll diffuse this if someone in the house is sick, but I mostly use my rollerball.  I put it on the boys feet if we're going to some super crowded public places (especially in winter) or before we fly on an airplane.  I also apply it to them if they are sick just to help with any further illness; it can't hurt!

Breathe & Eucalyptus (stuffiness)
I use both of these in the diffuser at night if someone is particularly stuffed up.  I will also use them in a rollerball and apply around our sinuses and under our nose to help with breathing.

Digestzen (tummy aches)
I rub this on our bellies whenever someone has a tummy ache.  I use a drop along with some coconut oil.  I've also used lemongrass for this same reason and had good results.

I seriously use this for everything.  Occasionally I'll diffuse it for nighttime, but mostly I just have a rollerball of it.  We use it for burns & bug bites most frequently.  It's just a great oil to have on hand.

I diffuse this in our kitchen if it's stinky (after cooking fish or something like that), although I know that Purify can be a better option for that.  I also have a rollerball of it that I use on my face if I feel a zit coming on.

Peppermint (headaches)
I have a rollerball of this on hand for any headaches.  I find that it works best if I use it as soon as I'm getting a headache.  If it's already really bad, the peppermint doesn't do much, and then I still need a painkiller.  Sometimes I use both together.

Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Etc.  (fruits scents)
I like to have a couple of these on hand.  Sometimes just to throw in the diffuser for a pick me up.  Sometimes I like to put a few drops on my wool dryer balls or in my dishwasher.  The opportunities are endless.

Now I would love to hear from you!  What do you use oils for?!  Share all your secrets.  I'm especially interested in oils used during & after labor for mama & baby.  Hope this was helpful!


  1. I use the Young Living ones and love them. I don't sell them either, but my favorites are Joy and Valor 2. I also like to diffuse Christmas Spirit year round lol

  2. I use some of these too. My MIL got them for us. We love the lavender, peppermint, digestzen, and the one for stuffiness. Amazing oils!

  3. Love it!! I got a diffuser for my bday and have just been running theives in it. I need to mix it up..!! I'd love to get more on hand to use here and there. How many diffusers do you have? Can you use/mix different oils right after each other or do you have to clean out somehow? Do you order your rollers and coconut oil to mix from Doterra also?

  4. I am absolutely obsessed with the DoTerra essential oils! These past few months I have gone a little wild with purchasing them. Whoops! Most often we use OnGuard, Lemon, Lavender, Melaleuca (which works great for lice if the kids go to daycare or school), and Grapefruit. The fruitier oils are my favorite when it comes to scent. Thanks for sharing your everyday oils ♥

  5. I started getting into oils two years ago and kept it to lemon, peppermint and lavender. Recently branched out into frankensince, calming and thieves for sickness.

  6. I love this!!! I'm just getting started with oils and I love learning how different ones are used!

  7. Ive been wanting to get into oils for ages but get hung up on which brand is best so Im still waffling. But I will say I use a diffuser with lavendar (my favorite scent ever!) and it puts me in the best mood!

  8. So I just placed a Young Living order with my birthday money (haha) this morning and now you have me SUPER excited for all of the different ways to use them!! Saving this!

  9. I have a friend that swears by oils, too. After reading your post, I'm even more curious about them. I wonder if there are any good ones for allergies--that seems to be my main problem these days; I've never suffered from them for this long. I love how you opt to use natural medicine before resorting to prescriptions.

  10. Even though I use Young Living oils, I love hearing how you use these too! I really need to make a roller ball of peppermint for headaches and use it first before relying on Advil.


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