Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pineview Reservoir (Camping) (Memorial Day Weekend)

Our first camping trip of the season was squeezed in at the very end of May; the earliest we have ever gone!  I was a little nervous about night time temps (so we opted for a lower elevation location) & how my pregnant body would fare in a tent, but it was a huge success!  We finally upgraded from our three person backpacking tent to something more than double the size, and Finn was ready with his own sleeping bag this year.  No more room for sharing when Mama has a big growing belly.  Another full sized air mattress, and it felt like lush living compared to last year.

It was our first time to Pineview Reservoir and while I was huge fan of the sandy beach and grassy areas, I was irked by all the campers & RVs.  Those are just a different sort of camping folk, which made for noisy campgrounds!  Still, we could hear an owl hooting in the tree right above us in the wee hours of the morning, and wildlife was still spotted.  One night just before sunset, the biggest pelican I have ever seen flew right over our heads as it landed in the water.  Quite a sight!  We once again tried some fishing, but not much luck from the beach.

One of my favorite things about camping is when we all settle down together at night.  Talking about our day, hearing the last things out of the boys' mouths before the yawns settle in and all is quiet.  And then of course, waking up to the birds chipping and sweet sleepy faces next to me!  There is just something so cozy & intimate about all sharing a tent together.  Crazy to think that there will be another little body in our tent come the end of camping season; we'll see if we fit in a trip after Kane's arrival or not!

We camped with our neighbors who brought their kayaks along which just made the boys' day!  Finn was all about the boats!  Conor paddled one while pulling along the other carrying the little ones.  Two little boys in one shared boat... adorable! I watched from the shore, not daring to attempt the in & out of the kayak which would not be happening gracefully at this point!  We love camping with friends, because it makes for lots more relaxing time for the parents.  Plus, we only had to plan & prepare for one breakfast & dinner instead of two.  Good friends, food, music, & conversation all out in the fresh mountain air!

On our evening walks, Conor taught the boys how to blow grass.  Which sounds weird, it probably has a better name.  Regardless, it makes the prettiest sound!  I somehow ended up being the stick & rock carrier, because we can never have enough of those around & little hands get full quickly.  We picked the most beautiful wildflower bouquet, that I even brought home with us.  Strange? Perhaps!  The stars were bright, along with a stunning crescent moon.  Jupiter was always the first to shine each night, quickly followed by the big dipper.  The boys love star gazing, so I need to freshen up on my constellations!

Such a lovely weekend away!  We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we booked our next trip before this one even ended.  For Father's Day weekend we booked a site at our most favorite spot in the Uintas, where the fishing is always good!  Less than two weeks until we head out again!

Side note:  This is my first blog post with photos edited using Lightroom.  I have so much to learn, but I'm loving what I see already!


  1. Beautiful photos as always! Also, cheers to C for the camping attire choice. 😉🍻

    1. Thank you! And Conor makes sure EVERY TIME we're in Spokane, that he must go to Perry St. for beer (or many beers) and a new t-shirt!

  2. Oh my goodness, you guys make camping look so easy. (We went on our first family camping trip this weekend with the Cub Scouts.) I love the pictures of the boys in the tent and in their boat--so cute! And, of course, you look so beautiful. I love the wildflower bouquet--definitely the pettiest handpicked one I've ever seen!

  3. Wow, what lovely pictures. And camping pregnant, how cool are you? I know my husband wants me to learn from you for when the time comes. :)!

  4. Okay I was actually thinking your pictures looked especially amazing in this post!!! Lightroom is next up on my 'need to learn' - did you follow any sort of tutorial or just winging it? Either way, gorgeous!!!

  5. oh wow look at those precious little faces. Looks like they had a wonderful time.

  6. You don't even look pregnant in the one picture you're in!

    Blow grass. Lol. I knew what you meant though!

    I need to brush up on my constellation knowledge too. Jim always knows like...everything and I'm like say what??!

  7. Theres a consellation app that would be right up your alley! (Of course, Im not sure if you get service at your campsite...;) And you make me seriously wish I enjoyed camping.

  8. I wish we camped. Or, at least, reading your posts make me think I wished we camped. ;)
    We used to blow grass all the time growing up! I honestly forgot all about it until this. I'm going to have to have show Marcus what that's all about this summer!

  9. Hahaha I totally can relate to being the stick and rock carrier. The back of Ben's tricycle is just filled with random sticks and rocks too. The photos are priceless, and I just love Finn's red little face with excitement. The sleeping photos are precious. Just lovely!

  10. It looks like you had the best time. I love camping. We always tent camp too!


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