Monday, July 31, 2017

Liam: Age 5

I always feel like I'm at this complete loss of words whenever I sit down to write about one of my kids.  There's so many things I want to remember at each age, what makes them unique, what's currently a big part of our lives, those little quirks that will surely be forgotten over the years.  Sometimes my quick quips on Instagram do a far better job of collecting my more "in the moment thoughts".  On his birthday I wrote this:

Today Lamb is five.  I'm mighty proud of the boy he is.  The one he still becoming.  I'm often told that I was just "made" for boys.  And I'm starting to believe it.  Thanks for being the first Liam!  For letting me figure it all out with you.  Your brothers thank you.  Happiest of birthdays my sweet boy!

Liam is still our sweet & gentle soul.  A snuggle & lover.  He likes to be silly, but is easily embarrassed as well.  He's very focused & determined, with a mind just like his dad.  He has shown empathy at such a young age, which has always impressed me.  He loves & appreciates the outdoors, noticing the beauty in everything around us.  He's always listening, thinking, absorbing; asking questions constantly.  I'm starting to have to watch my mouth when he is simply just in the room, because he picks up on it all.  Our silent observer; a skill that will serve him well in the future.

His interests are changing and growing.  He's quickly grown out of any resemblance to the baby he once was.  The walls of his room show the young boy he now is.  They are covered with various drawings, typically of our family or house.  He tapes up maps of where we ski & hike.  His lego creations now cover every surface of his room... as well as my kitchen.  He loves being active and wants to play all. the. sports.  I love introducing him to knew things and seeing where his interests & skills lie.  So far skiing seems to be his "thing".  He takes instruction very well, so I'm certain he will find his niche as he grows.  He's far smarter than he should be, and I have no doubt that he will be successful.  I've always known he will do great things; I cannot wait to watch that happen!  He needs help less often & is greatly independent.  He easily makes friends wherever we go, always wanting to be surrounded by others.  He is quite the people person!

Of course we have our struggles, as does any family.  But I want to look back on the shining moments of his childhood.  The ones where I couldn't be prouder to be his mom.  Where I can't believe that he really truly is mine.  That I made him!  Not the stomping up the stairs to his bedroom. Not the tantrums that ended with him throwing something & in tears.  Not the day that he spoke his first unkind words to me.  Because all those pieces are a part of growing up too.  But I want to remember and capture the highs!  My favorite times with him are still those last minutes before he falls asleep and the first ones as he wakes.  I love that he still sneaks into our bed most nights, because I would miss out on so many little moments and fleeting thoughts from him otherwise. 

Oh we love you sweet Lamb!  This next year will bring many great things!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

35 & 36 Weeks (Bump #3)

Still feeling quite huge!  But I will say, now that I'm so obviously pregnant, I do get the sweetest comments from strangers.  It makes me feel good about this body of mine that continues to grow a healthy baby.  I'm still stretch mark free, my belly button is flat, and I managed to take my wedding rings off & back on during my prenatal massage.  So yay for no swelling in this absolutely ridiculous heat!

Total Weight Gain:  30 lbs.

Symptoms:  Fairly uncomfortable.  This baby is much much higher than either of the two boys were, so bending over & just sitting in a chair really can be super uncomfortable.  He is in my ribs, especially on the right side.  Although if I remember correctly, Liam was also a big fan of the right side of my ribs.  

Emotions:  All over the map!  I actually had a really rough week (two weeks ago) and had a hard time shaking it.  I'm was irrationally emotional, on the verge of tears often.  Many tear filled phone calls to my mom & a night in the mountains finally helped to reset me.  I'm still definitely on the emotional side, but I feel more in control of it now.  I'm emotional over the happy & the sad.  The rough week did leave me a little nervous for the postpartum days though.  With Liam, I suffered quite a bit of birth trauma & was emotional over that, but nothing really more.  With Finn, the baby blues were a more real thing and lasted longer.  Hoping that nothing worse is coming my way with this babe.

Position:  Still head down!  I don't think he will move out of this position given how big he feels at this point.  My guess is this babe will be bigger than Finn, so I'm planning for a 10 or 11 pounder.

Nesting:  The crib is set up on our room!  I've hung a few things above it, trying really hard to make that little corner of our room special.  I've cleared out half my closet & will hopefully load it up with baby things this week.  This is one of the things I've been a tad emotional about.  I really wanted to be in our new home before Kane arrived.  I wanted to have a room just for him that I could nest in.  But I'm trying to make the best of our current situation!  I will share pictures as it comes together more!

House Update:  We're just waiting for our permits to come back any day, and then they could be digging as soon as this week or next!  As of right now, the earliest we would be closing would be late November... so not an ideal time!  Trying not to stress about this as I really don't have control over the timeline at all.

Maternity/Postpartum Finds:  Since I'm so close to the end of my pregnancy, I'm focusing more on pieces that I will get use out of it in the weeks after delivery.  I'm so obsessed with this light weight robe from PinkBlush.  It's just perfect for a summer baby!  I'm already living in it now, and I know that it will be staple for all the lounging & nursing I have in my future.  

We have our midwife home visit on Tuesday, which I am so looking forward to.  It will be nice to have all the supplies and truly feel prepared for baby's arrival!  And then on Thursday we have our maternity photos!  We're heading out to the Great Salt Lake, which should just be a gorgeous location.  Can't wait for this!  It's all happening so quickly now; I just cannot believe it!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Albion Basin (Birthday Camping Trip)

This is the second year we've gone camping for Liam's birthday, and I'm loving the tradition!  Just our little family heading into the mountains.  His birthday also so happens to be Pioneer Day (a Utah/Mormon holiday), so we needed to have booked a campsite waaaaaaay in advance, except we didn't.  The lack of planning left me super stressed, so we attempted to just get a walk up site at a campground close to home.  And it's was the best choice ever!  I had forgotten how much I love Albion Basin.  It's where we spend our winters skiing, so it's a special place to spend our summers as well.  And the best part was that all the wildflowers are currently in bloom, and it. was. gorgeous!!!

This campground is a mere 30 minutes or less from our house, which is why I often don't think of it for camping.  But it is not to be ignored simply because it's a quick drive from home!  I love how the area is covered in white pines & aspens, along with some pretty spectacular wildlife.  We always see a moose each time we camp in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  There were also plenty of bats, ground squirrels, & marmots to be chased.  And a smattering of "chickmunks" as Liam likes to call them.  Two of our favorite hikes can be accessed right from the campgrounds; and while I'm moving about as slow as Finn these days, it felt good to back on some trails!  The weather cooperated perfectly with us only experiencing a little rain & thunder when we first arrived, but the rest of our stay was perfectly lovely!  And for maybe the first time ever, I wasn't even one bit cold throughout the whole night.  I actually had one of my best nights sleep in awhile!

If we weren't hiking, we were hammocking.  Or celebrating the birthday boy.  I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to pull off our Balloon Man tradition...  And was rather torn as to whether or not I should I attempt to bring balloons for our tent, or have the balloon man still arrive at our house and just come home to them.  Ultimately, I threw a bag of balloons in my bag and decided to blow them up once the boys were asleep that night.  Conor fell asleep along with the boys, so I had to try and loud whisper to the other side of the tent so he could help with the blowing up duties.  My lungs are a tad compressed right now. So from our sleeping bags, in the pitch black, we blew up a pack of balloons.  I underestimated the size of our new massive tent & wished I had brought more balloons, but Liam didn't seem to mind!  He was completely in awe that the Balloon Man found us while we were camping!!!  It was so sweet to hear him tell the story about waking up to find them in our tent to my parents later that day.  Possibly one of my favorite moments of his whole birthday!

I was a little nervous about camping this far along in my pregnancy (35 weeks!), but somehow I am still able to maneuver my way across an air mattress.  And I can still put on pants while inside a tent.  So really, I'm set!  Assuming I get midwife approval next week, we will head into the mountains again for one last camping adventure before baby arrives.  37 weeks pregnant, 2 hours from home, and no cell service...  I think we can do it!

 For any locals, you must make your way into Albion Basin in the next week or two.
The wildflowers are seriously not to be missed this year!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Topgolf Party

Five was the year we had the first non-backyard birthday party.  Mostly, it was due to the fact that I'm 8 months pregnant & hosting a party elsewhere seemed easier.  But also because I'm fairly certain we have exhausted all options for parties at home.  Five was the time to move on to bigger & better.  Since Liam's first trip to Topgolf this winter, he has been been smitten.  Both boys actually love it there!  So it was the perfect place to host all his buddies.

I brought in balloons, cupcakes, & party favors, while Topgolf took care of everything else.  There were 8 kids total (I like small groups), so we rented out two bays for two hours.  Some drinks & snacks, and the kids were perfectly happy.   Some of the parents stuck around, while many others rented a nearby bay and enjoyed the venue themselves (bloody marys included).  I will say that Topgolf doesn't have kids clubs (or at least not to my knowledge), so we always bring the boys' own clubs along with us.  Liam has grown so much recently, that he was actually due for some bigger clubs that were graciously gifted to him by Nana & Pops!

Once again, I totally failed at getting a group shot of the kids!  But I don't know that they were ever all together & still.  Those that weren't golfing were driving their mini golf carts all over the place!  And I'm happy to report that not one person was hit the in head/face/body with a club!  I consider that a major success!  A big thanks to all who celebrated with us!

In other news, I'm now officially pregnant in my face...
Owning it!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (2nd Batch)

The sale goes live for the general public today!  Happy shopping!  And just a heads up, many items that sold out during early access will be restocked today.  Nordies has been holding out on us!  So make sure to go back and check for new stock on items you weren't able to snag the first go around.  All my items have arrived from my first order, and I'm literally keeping everything except one hoodie.  So happy with my purchases so far.  I sifted through all the sale items again (and finally made it over the men's section), so today I'm sharing another round of favorites:

For Mama:
Smashbox Primer Duo
Colleen mentioned that this was her favorite primer, and for the price I'm totally willing to try it even though I already have a primer that I love.  Plus, I'm totally intrigued by the water spray finish!

For the littles:
TOMS Chukka Boot
I bought these exact shoes for Liam last year, and they lasted through all of Fall & Winter.  Perfect for dressing up or down.  I loved them so much, that Finn also has a pair this year.  Plus, Liam will be wearing a school uniform this year, and they are really strict about shoes.  Only neutral solid colors, and these pass all the restrictions; yay for already finding school shoes!

For baby:
Tucker + Tate Thomas Stripe T-shirt
This is the one & only item I bought for baby boy!  Which I suppose is a good thing, since lord knows he has plenty of hand me downs.  Loving the colors here.

For Him:
Hurley Phantom Recycled Swim Trunks
How awesome that there was swimwear on sale this year instead of Fall only items!  These trunks are sold out as of Thursday night but will hopefully be restocked by now.

BOSS Sidney Quarter Zip Pullover
I love a guy in a sweater.  Also scarves, but that is more of a rarity in our house.  Anyways, trying to convince Conor he needs this for Fall!

Any last minute favs or purchases I need to know about?!
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