Sunday, July 16, 2017

33 & 34 Weeks (Bump #3)

For the first time, I am truly feeling the nearly 8 months pregnant that I am!  The relentless heat hasn't helped.  But at least I'm managing not to swell up; yay for the little victories!  I'm spending my time in water as much as possible which is making the hottest summer ever somewhat bearable.  And possibly thanks to all the swimming, baby boy finally finally flipped to head down!  More below!

Total Weight Gain:  28 lbs.  The gain finally slowed down a bit!

Symptoms:  Just feeling huge in general.  And I swear I waddle; I don't think I ever waddled with the first two.  Back pain is starting to kick in, and I'm still just generally uncomfortable.  Which is strange because I was never uncomfortable with Liam, and with Finn, it wasn't until the very end.  Regardless, I still absolutely love being pregnant!

Movement:  Kane definitely seems to have obvious awake & asleep times now.  When he's active, he's all over the place & so so strong.  His kicks can hurt!  

Position:  Head down!!!  I had never realized how uncomfortable a transverse baby could be, until I experienced it myself.  I thought there would be this big moment when I would feel him flip, but he did it in my sleep just a few nights ago.  I was expecting to have a bit more relief, but surprisingly that hasn't been the case.  Kane is much higher than my first two, and I'm starting to guess bigger.  I think a 10 (11?!) lb baby is going to be my reality, so I'm wrapping my head around that now.  We peeked at Kane at my last midwife appointment and got the cutest picture of the bottom of his foot.  My midwife commented on the sheer size of it, calling it a bear claw (which has kinda become a nickname for baby in my head ever since).  I think some bear claw pastries will be in order the morning of his birthday.  Anyways, that big foot doesn't surprise me.  Immediately after Finn was born, the comments from the nurses were about how big he was in general (9 lb 10oz) & then especially how big his feet were!  So I make big babies, with big feet.  Oh Kane... my little Bear (claw).  

Nesting:  We bought Finn a new bed frame this week, so that we can convert his current one back to a crib.  I can't wait to get that setup in our room.  I really want to make a special space for baby while we are in this transition time before our new house is finished.  I also need to clear out about half my closet, so I have a spot for baby's things.  It's all just so exciting!

House Update:  Our permits were finally submitted!!!  As of now, we are expecting to move in sometime between Thanksgiving & Christmas which is really just terrible timing.  At this point, I'm actually hoping for more delays, so that we deal with the big move and selling our house after the holidays are over.

Liam's Thoughts:  He's been mentioning how I'll be busy taking care of Finn & Kane (not him, apparently he doesn't need taking care of anymore & does not put himself in the small child category), and how he's going to be extra helpful.  He also loves to talk about how we'll all fit in the bed together when Daddy travels; he's willing to give up a spot right next to me, and instead snuggle on the other side of Finn or Kane.  Love his heart!

Finn's Thoughts:  This boy is pure sweetness!  Whenever I climb on the table at midwife appointments to listen to baby's heart beat, he immediately kisses my belly and then my lips.  He lays the love on hard!  He is his most calm & gentle at these times, which makes me think he just may be the best thing to have around while I'm laboring.  I cannot wait to see this sweet side as soon as Kane is here & he gets to be a doting big brother!

My Thoughts:  I'm trying to really soak up this pregnancy, as it quite possibly could be my last.  But at the same time, I have a hard actually picturing this being the last time.  It's kinda a bizarre feeling.  Recently, Conor & I revisited some old conversations about whether or not there will be a 4th.  And while that decision won't actually be made for a couple years, it's on our mind.  So I'm trying to enjoy this pregnancy as my last, but not truly be able to wrap my head around the fact that it may actually be my truth!

Our next appointment with my midwife is for our home visit, eek!  Everything seems as though it's happening so quickly now.  She'll be bringing lots of supplies with her, so that we will be ready for whenever baby decides to come.  Although I am not expecting an early arrival, which means I'm being completely calm about Conor having one more business trip this week.  And I'm also feeling good about the fact that my mom won't be flying in until two days before my due date.  Liam & Finn were both three days late, so really, I'm banking on that timing again!  


  1. I always love when I get to your boys thoughts.. they seem like such wonderfully thoughtful boys.. Kane is lucky to have them as his big brothers

  2. You look amazing! So exciting that your making strides towards your house! And are you planning on laboring & birthing at home this time around???

  3. YAY for head down! And please don't stop having babies. They are the cutest.

  4. I'm still just so thrilled that he turned for you. Hooray hooray hooray.

    You look amazing.

    I can relate to the savoring of one last pregnancy, but also the weird sensation that it won't be your last either. (We would definitely do this all again, I just have no idea whether it is "possible" or not)

  5. Reading your posts are so calming - you have such a Mama radiance! You look fab too! That's exciting about the house but yes awful timing unfortunately with everything that will be going on - excited to see though! Love the thoughts of the boys section, so darn sweet!

  6. So glad he is head down! And that you are keeping cool this summer! I've spent a lot of time in the water as well. I'm actually going to be in the pool this afternoon, haha! It's a hot summer for sure!

    Also, I love hearing your boys' thoughts. So cute!

  7. I have the same feelings about this being the final babe and I may be more at peace than I originally thought! Growing boys seems to be more work lol. Yay for a head down baby!

  8. Oh mama, you look amazing! I am so glad that he flipped.


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