Sunday, July 30, 2017

35 & 36 Weeks (Bump #3)

Still feeling quite huge!  But I will say, now that I'm so obviously pregnant, I do get the sweetest comments from strangers.  It makes me feel good about this body of mine that continues to grow a healthy baby.  I'm still stretch mark free, my belly button is flat, and I managed to take my wedding rings off & back on during my prenatal massage.  So yay for no swelling in this absolutely ridiculous heat!

Total Weight Gain:  30 lbs.

Symptoms:  Fairly uncomfortable.  This baby is much much higher than either of the two boys were, so bending over & just sitting in a chair really can be super uncomfortable.  He is in my ribs, especially on the right side.  Although if I remember correctly, Liam was also a big fan of the right side of my ribs.  

Emotions:  All over the map!  I actually had a really rough week (two weeks ago) and had a hard time shaking it.  I'm was irrationally emotional, on the verge of tears often.  Many tear filled phone calls to my mom & a night in the mountains finally helped to reset me.  I'm still definitely on the emotional side, but I feel more in control of it now.  I'm emotional over the happy & the sad.  The rough week did leave me a little nervous for the postpartum days though.  With Liam, I suffered quite a bit of birth trauma & was emotional over that, but nothing really more.  With Finn, the baby blues were a more real thing and lasted longer.  Hoping that nothing worse is coming my way with this babe.

Position:  Still head down!  I don't think he will move out of this position given how big he feels at this point.  My guess is this babe will be bigger than Finn, so I'm planning for a 10 or 11 pounder.

Nesting:  The crib is set up on our room!  I've hung a few things above it, trying really hard to make that little corner of our room special.  I've cleared out half my closet & will hopefully load it up with baby things this week.  This is one of the things I've been a tad emotional about.  I really wanted to be in our new home before Kane arrived.  I wanted to have a room just for him that I could nest in.  But I'm trying to make the best of our current situation!  I will share pictures as it comes together more!

House Update:  We're just waiting for our permits to come back any day, and then they could be digging as soon as this week or next!  As of right now, the earliest we would be closing would be late November... so not an ideal time!  Trying not to stress about this as I really don't have control over the timeline at all.

Maternity/Postpartum Finds:  Since I'm so close to the end of my pregnancy, I'm focusing more on pieces that I will get use out of it in the weeks after delivery.  I'm so obsessed with this light weight robe from PinkBlush.  It's just perfect for a summer baby!  I'm already living in it now, and I know that it will be staple for all the lounging & nursing I have in my future.  

We have our midwife home visit on Tuesday, which I am so looking forward to.  It will be nice to have all the supplies and truly feel prepared for baby's arrival!  And then on Thursday we have our maternity photos!  We're heading out to the Great Salt Lake, which should just be a gorgeous location.  Can't wait for this!  It's all happening so quickly now; I just cannot believe it!


  1. SO excited for you friend - can you believe that I had already two of my babes by now?? I never made it past the 37 week mark! You look beautiful x

  2. You are getting so close! These photos of you are absolutely stunning.

  3. SO excited for you! Cannot wait to "meet" this baby boy!

  4. I'm sure those photographs will turn out beautiful.
    The raging emotions are never fun..

  5. It's all happening so so so so quickly. Ack!

    You know I can not WAIT to see your maternity photos. I know they will be absolutely stunning.

  6. You are just baby bump, you look amazing! It's baby month for you- so exciting!!!

  7. So close now!!! And no stretch marks? Tell me how you made that happen. Getting so excited for all of you!

  8. gorgeous photos!! the one of your boys kissing your bump is a framer! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. You look wonderful!! Best wishes on your midwife home visit and your maternity photos... You are BUSY! (I love your pretty robe--it looks so comfortable.)


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