Thursday, July 27, 2017

Albion Basin (Birthday Camping Trip)

This is the second year we've gone camping for Liam's birthday, and I'm loving the tradition!  Just our little family heading into the mountains.  His birthday also so happens to be Pioneer Day (a Utah/Mormon holiday), so we needed to have booked a campsite waaaaaaay in advance, except we didn't.  The lack of planning left me super stressed, so we attempted to just get a walk up site at a campground close to home.  And it's was the best choice ever!  I had forgotten how much I love Albion Basin.  It's where we spend our winters skiing, so it's a special place to spend our summers as well.  And the best part was that all the wildflowers are currently in bloom, and it. was. gorgeous!!!

This campground is a mere 30 minutes or less from our house, which is why I often don't think of it for camping.  But it is not to be ignored simply because it's a quick drive from home!  I love how the area is covered in white pines & aspens, along with some pretty spectacular wildlife.  We always see a moose each time we camp in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  There were also plenty of bats, ground squirrels, & marmots to be chased.  And a smattering of "chickmunks" as Liam likes to call them.  Two of our favorite hikes can be accessed right from the campgrounds; and while I'm moving about as slow as Finn these days, it felt good to back on some trails!  The weather cooperated perfectly with us only experiencing a little rain & thunder when we first arrived, but the rest of our stay was perfectly lovely!  And for maybe the first time ever, I wasn't even one bit cold throughout the whole night.  I actually had one of my best nights sleep in awhile!

If we weren't hiking, we were hammocking.  Or celebrating the birthday boy.  I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to pull off our Balloon Man tradition...  And was rather torn as to whether or not I should I attempt to bring balloons for our tent, or have the balloon man still arrive at our house and just come home to them.  Ultimately, I threw a bag of balloons in my bag and decided to blow them up once the boys were asleep that night.  Conor fell asleep along with the boys, so I had to try and loud whisper to the other side of the tent so he could help with the blowing up duties.  My lungs are a tad compressed right now. So from our sleeping bags, in the pitch black, we blew up a pack of balloons.  I underestimated the size of our new massive tent & wished I had brought more balloons, but Liam didn't seem to mind!  He was completely in awe that the Balloon Man found us while we were camping!!!  It was so sweet to hear him tell the story about waking up to find them in our tent to my parents later that day.  Possibly one of my favorite moments of his whole birthday!

I was a little nervous about camping this far along in my pregnancy (35 weeks!), but somehow I am still able to maneuver my way across an air mattress.  And I can still put on pants while inside a tent.  So really, I'm set!  Assuming I get midwife approval next week, we will head into the mountains again for one last camping adventure before baby arrives.  37 weeks pregnant, 2 hours from home, and no cell service...  I think we can do it!

 For any locals, you must make your way into Albion Basin in the next week or two.
The wildflowers are seriously not to be missed this year!


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous spot - your pictures are stunning!

  2. Looks like such a beautiful spot, I love the wildflowers!! The balloons in the tent is the best though, such a fun tradition/memory.

  3. Love this! THOSE WILDFLOWERS!!!! AMAZING!!!

  4. Love these pictures so much!!! And 35 weeks? OMG! Where did your pregnancy go? So excited for you!

  5. Your camping photos are always my favorite! They are so beautiful and truly tell a story. I can’t get enough. The wildflowers are just icing on top. We’ve never seen a moose! How exciting. I think we need to consider making a trip out your way for some mountain camping!

  6. You make camping look glamorous. What a perfect spot right in your backyard. How high is the elevation? I totally feel you on labored breathing, so I can only imagine how much harder it is in the mountains!

  7. Those wildflowers are beautiful--what a perfect camping spot! Of course, your photography makes everything beautiful. I love that the balloon man arrived on Liam's birthday...It's those little moments that make lasting impressions for kids. He looks SO HAPPY!


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