Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Nine whole days at the lake house.  I won't say it was perfect, because of course, we had our mishaps.  A few trips to the urgent care (due to a nasty sliver my brother got in his foot), a stolen kayak (people... the worst!), & a night of vomit (too much lake water swallowed by Finny).  But the weather was gorgeous, the absolute best we have ever had (and even better considering all the 100 degree temps we left behind in Utah) & the family time priceless.  It was quite possibly my absolute favorite week at the lake house ever, my entire childhood included!

I love any & all opportunities to have the cousins together; there is nothing quite like raising your own little troop alongside your brother's.  Throw in Nana & Pops and the house was bustling & the boat rocking.  The laughter was contagious and the arguments minimal.  And I loved all the extra hands to help with child wrangling, cooking, & cocktail pouring (if only I could have imbibed myself!).

Each day was spent on the water.  Rope swings.  Pontoon boats.  Inner tubing.  Fishing.  Rock throwing.  And kneeboarding for one brave almost five year old!  I learned at age 4.5 on the exact same kneeboard that still sits in the boathouse.  The fluorescent colored Bullfrog!  It was such a special moment for me to help Liam strap into the board and take off.  Proud proud mama moment.  Same board, different rope & boat! ;-)

During our stay we celebrated the 4th of July with all sorts of illegal fireworks & a parade in downtown Spirit Lake, which is quintessential small town America.  No stop lights, 4 bars.  What else do you need?!  We made daily runs to a local ranch for fresh eggs.  The family has the cutest little hen house set up where you can snag a dozen (or two or three) eggs and simply leave your name along with some cash or a check.  I love simple things like this.  Where people actually still trust one another.  It reminds me of slower days & times.  That's the Idaho panhandle for ya, four wheelers parked outside restaurants included!

The boys spent their days helping Nana in the garden & buying maple bars with Pops (Finn threw a fit every single time since he couldn't devour his maple bar right there in the store).  There were tree house picnics and one epic water balloon fight.  Sunset dips in the lake & dinners on the deck, long after should-have-been bedtimes.  But at the lake, naps are long & luxurious, and everyone manages to sleep in.  So bedtimes really don't exist!  And apparently baths don't either.  I'm slightly embarrassed (slightly proud?) to say that the boys took a bath only twice during our stay (but the lake totally counts)!  I managed two showers...  And Conor one...  We really lived up that lake life!

A huge thank you to my parents who always make our time at the lake feel like a true vacation!  I have never done as much relaxing as I did this week.  We so treasure our time together, but my heart is still left longing for more.  Liam had a particularly hard time leaving, even days before our trip was over.  We had some good long talks about living in the moment, but really he just wants to live closer to family.  He never wants to leave, nor do I.  We still hold out hope, that a move back to the PNW may be in our future, but it's not in our immediate one.  So for now, we settle for 10 day trips to visit, cramming as much fun & love in as possible!

I love that my boys' childhoods will consist of many of my same memories from this special place.  And I still can't believe that the next time we're back, we'll have another little boy in tow.  Another little boy to share it all with.  Exciting things are ahead!


  1. Looove that second pic of Liam and his daddy giggling! So adorable!! And your dress for the 4th was perfect! :)

  2. Cutest pics, Laura!!!! What a special place!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad it was a wonderful time! <3

  4. I relate to this post so much!

    My girls only took two baths our entire stay LOL. Pretty sure it was the first and last day. Chlorine totally counts though right....

    I can't believe the next time we visit we'll have another little boy in tow too! Crazy!

  5. It certainly LOOKED like a picture perfect time. How exciting to think about your next visits with +1..!!
    Also, can I acknowledge Conor's 4th of July mustache? Very 'merican. :)

  6. Just absolutely amazing! I love that photo of your parents with the boys. And to think a new little face will be smiling next year. I love how it is truly it's own little slice of paradise...away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world, but still has a town with all the necessities. Beautiful Laura. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Amazing! Nothing better than the memories and moments from special family quality time x

  8. GORGEOUS pictures! And I consider the lack of showering to be impressive -- because you were clearly too busy having way too much fun!


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