Monday, July 31, 2017

Liam: Age 5

I always feel like I'm at this complete loss of words whenever I sit down to write about one of my kids.  There's so many things I want to remember at each age, what makes them unique, what's currently a big part of our lives, those little quirks that will surely be forgotten over the years.  Sometimes my quick quips on Instagram do a far better job of collecting my more "in the moment thoughts".  On his birthday I wrote this:

Today Lamb is five.  I'm mighty proud of the boy he is.  The one he still becoming.  I'm often told that I was just "made" for boys.  And I'm starting to believe it.  Thanks for being the first Liam!  For letting me figure it all out with you.  Your brothers thank you.  Happiest of birthdays my sweet boy!

Liam is still our sweet & gentle soul.  A snuggle & lover.  He likes to be silly, but is easily embarrassed as well.  He's very focused & determined, with a mind just like his dad.  He has shown empathy at such a young age, which has always impressed me.  He loves & appreciates the outdoors, noticing the beauty in everything around us.  He's always listening, thinking, absorbing; asking questions constantly.  I'm starting to have to watch my mouth when he is simply just in the room, because he picks up on it all.  Our silent observer; a skill that will serve him well in the future.

His interests are changing and growing.  He's quickly grown out of any resemblance to the baby he once was.  The walls of his room show the young boy he now is.  They are covered with various drawings, typically of our family or house.  He tapes up maps of where we ski & hike.  His lego creations now cover every surface of his room... as well as my kitchen.  He loves being active and wants to play all. the. sports.  I love introducing him to knew things and seeing where his interests & skills lie.  So far skiing seems to be his "thing".  He takes instruction very well, so I'm certain he will find his niche as he grows.  He's far smarter than he should be, and I have no doubt that he will be successful.  I've always known he will do great things; I cannot wait to watch that happen!  He needs help less often & is greatly independent.  He easily makes friends wherever we go, always wanting to be surrounded by others.  He is quite the people person!

Of course we have our struggles, as does any family.  But I want to look back on the shining moments of his childhood.  The ones where I couldn't be prouder to be his mom.  Where I can't believe that he really truly is mine.  That I made him!  Not the stomping up the stairs to his bedroom. Not the tantrums that ended with him throwing something & in tears.  Not the day that he spoke his first unkind words to me.  Because all those pieces are a part of growing up too.  But I want to remember and capture the highs!  My favorite times with him are still those last minutes before he falls asleep and the first ones as he wakes.  I love that he still sneaks into our bed most nights, because I would miss out on so many little moments and fleeting thoughts from him otherwise. 

Oh we love you sweet Lamb!  This next year will bring many great things!


  1. I always feel at a loss as to what to say when I try to write about my girls too- there's just so much and I know I'm forgetting something! I've been wanting to do an update of sorts just of the funny things they're saying and doing and as soon as I try to type it out my mind goes blank. So weird!

    Anyway, happy 5th birthday, Liam! You are a treasure!

  2. I agree with both you and Courtney - so funny!!!

    He is so handsome and just sound so sweet!!! Happy FIVE, Liam!

  3. I'm the same way. How do you share and express all of the love and amazement you have to are your child? Can't believe our boys are 5. A whole hand. Stop it!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Liam!!! Hope it was the best day for all of you!

  5. You captured Liam's age and personality so well. What a sweet boy! Happy fifth birthday, Liam!

  6. He is an incredibly handsome little man! I love reading a little bit of his personality, and your photos always capture the boys so well. He sounds like such a special person and a great big brother!

  7. I'm late to this, but I really hope Liam had the best birthday ever.
    He and Marcus sound so much alike. I would love for them to meet one day. I think they'd get along just swimmingly. (We have so. many. drawings hung all over our house, too.)


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