Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (1st batch)

I'm sure everyone is aware that the Nordstrom site has been having major issues all day!  But apparently somewhere between midwife appointments, Costco runs, swim lessons, & just general keeping the kids alive, my order went through.  Since it was such a disaster on the website, I feel like I haven't even really skimmed the surface of the sale.  But I also tend to be boring and shop the same things.  The North Face, Hanky Panky, MAC, & then some staples from Halogen & Caslon always make their way into my cart.  Plus, I will just have had my baby come Fall, so it's mostly loose fitting & cozy items for me!  Plus, I need everything to be nursing friendly.  I haven't even looked over the Men's stuff yet (sorry Conor).  Really, I'm just pumped that I managed to get an order in.  So here's a brief look at what is making it's way home to my home:

For Me:

For the Boys:

And then of course, there are a few things on my wishlist; 
I'm just not quite ready to pull the trigger yet!

Well I'm tapped out on time for today.  I pretty much rely on friends & bloggers to give me the highlights from the sale.  I expect there will still be some more purchases in my future.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. We don't even have a Nordstrom and honestly I'm not sure I've ever even been inside of one, so I always feel totally out of the loop and so uncool this time of year lol.

  2. Can't believe what a disaster it was to place an order! I'm already working on another one since I feel like I missed so much -- maybe it'll go through by the end of the week?! Ha!

  3. I'm also trying to convince myself in investing in those Frye boots... Glad you finally got an order in. :)

  4. i don't really shop at nordstrom - i don't have the early access thing, but i normally get something when the rest of the people are allowed to shop haha. i hadn't heard about the ordering disaster, what a mess! that tunic sweatshirt looks perfect.

  5. I saw that one ruffle back sweaters hit on someone else's blog too and it intrigued me. I haven't ordered anything yet since I'm planning to go to the store with my SIL on Sunday, so I'm hoping I can still get lots of great stuff!

  6. Glad your order went through despite all the issues the website was having! Looks like you found some great things! :)

  7. I want those boots. So pretty. I also love all the make up. I need to see if my foundation is on sale.

  8. Great finds! Love the sweaters.


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