Monday, August 28, 2017

39 & 40 Weeks (Bump #3)

My due date has come & gone, and now we are all just waiting.  At my midwife appt on Friday, we did a non stress test, and baby is happy & healthy.  My midwife was unable to get an accurate measurement of my belly because he is so far tucked under my ribs.  She also mentioned how he is really pushing on my liver.  I'm uncomfortable, but not crazily so.  I'm getting used to this whole big baby business!  My mom arrived on Friday, so everything is in line, and we are all just so ready!  Conor & I had one last date night just us for awhile, so I've checked all the things off my list!  A little peek at the last two weeks!

Total Weight Gain:  35 lbs.  I've hit the "nothing fits" stage.  Really I can't get bigger, nor can baby... so c'mon Kane!

Symptoms:  Occasional cramping & contractions, especially in the evenings.  And then just this morning I randomly threw up!  I don't think I'm coming down with the stomach flu, so I'm not sure if it's just nausea returning or if this may be the start of something.  But it would appear that things are slowly happening.

Position:  My midwife continues to remind me of forward leaning positions during labor.  She is quite nervous baby will turn the wrong way, and I will experience back labor.  So so hoping this isn't the case.

Cries:  I just bawled through Liam's back to school night speech from the principal.  Nothing particularly tear worthy, but oh did those hormones get to me!

Nesting:  Everything is ready!  The house is cleaned & organized, and we are just ready ready ready!

Liam's Thoughts:  He truly gets that Kane could be here any day!  It's exciting to talk about with him.  So much anticipation building.

Finn's Thoughts:  Now that Nana is here, Finn knows baby should be coming too.  He loves watching videos still of babies being born, but has also decided he likes to watch kitties be born too!

Both boys were born on a Tuesday, so perhaps tomorrow will be the day. Or if Kane decides to come at exactly 3 days late like his brothers, then it will be Wednesday.  My mom is here until early Friday evening, so really just hoping it happens before then!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kindergarten Update

We're over a week into school now, so I wanted to give a little update on how the transition has been for our family.  And just a little Liam update in general; I love bragging on this sweet guy of mine!  So Kindergarten...  as I mentioned before, I was a little unsure if I wanted to send him this year or not.  He makes the cutoff for school, but just barely.  However, he is very mature for his age, as well as smart!  His preschool teacher really encouraged us to go ahead and send him instead of holding him back.  I'm so so happy with this choice!  He seems to be absolutely thriving & loving it, and I really can't imagine him doing another year of preschool.  His happiness is most important, so we're succeeding there!

We just had his back to school night, and his teacher had wonderful things to say about him.  I was amazed at how well he keeps us informed about the going ons at school & how much he shares about his day.  The first three days were half days, and seemed rough on him because he was so "hangry"by pick up time!  But now that he is into a full day schedule, things are going great.  He loves having lunch at school and somehow blows my mind by finishing everything I pack for him!  I have loved putting his lunches together each day and making them just a little bit special (m&m's for the win!).  We're using this bento box, and it has been perfect!  I'm also enjoying the laid back schedule I have with Finn now.  I don't feel rushed to get things done, and I especially love the one-on-one time for lunch and naps (which I'm currently taking with him since I'm soooooo tired).  He usually wakes up just in time to go get big brother!  Then we can spend our afternoons all together.  The boys are usually pumped to be reunited and play so well, while I can prep dinner and wait for Conor to get home.  We are settling nicely into a new routine, which of course will all get shaken up once Kane is born!

Liam wears a uniform daily, with a formal uniform on mass days.  It makes our mornings a breeze & goodness does he look adorable in it!  We are so happy with our choice to send him to a Catholic School.  There is such a sense of community there that I cannot wait to get more involved with.  I grew up in a Catholic school, so so similar to the one Liam is attending.  There has been this sense of "coming home" as we have sent him off to start his school days.  I also feel like I've entered this special new moms club now that I have a Kindergartener!

I've always admired my own mom and thought I would be just like her.  However, I'm the youngest in my family, so I never saw my mom with an infant nor a toddler.  I don't know how she handled the early childhood years, or juggled multiple young children.  Many of my early memories are from Kindergarten on.  The mom I remember and grew up with is the lunch making, carpool driving, volleyball coaching mom.  I'm excited to enter this phase of life as watch myself grow into the example she set.  I'm becoming my mom!!!  And I love it!!!

As Liam becomes older, he's getting harder for me to photograph.  I love capturing the candidness of our days, but as he transitions to big kid, it's far more difficult.  1.  He's not with me for nearly as many hours in a day anymore.  2. He's changing.  Those looks of wonder at anything & everything are slowly vanishing.  He's more aware of himself & me.  Thankfully, Kali snapped some amazing photos of this ridiculously handsome guy!  I think he's starting to resemble me and bit more than Conor, but it changes all the time!

And before you go thinking he's completely perfect, just know that at age 5 we are still working on skills like nose blowing & tooth paste spitting.  Tough stuff right there!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hump Day

Since Friday posts haven't frequently been happening, 
I thought I would pop in for some Hump Day favorites!

For all you Utah locals, there is an adorable new small shop called Love Utah.  They have shirts for the whole family, with the state on them along with words like made, explore, born, beutahful, etc.  4 years ago, I never would have thought a day would come when I would be proud to live in Utah, but I sure am!  The explore tee is a particular favorite of mine.  Check them out!  And right now you can snag 10% off with code laurabird10.

I've been somewhat putting together big brother gifts for the boys for awhile now, but I kept going back to the idea that Liam really wants (and would love!) a camera!  After asking around and doing some research, I decided to splurge and get him an Instax!  I absolutely cannot wait to give it to him! I know he will love the independence and responsibility that comes with his own camera, and I can already picture all the photos he takes hanging up in his room.  However... and it's a big however...  I knew that if we only bought one for Liam, huge fights over the camera would ensue.  And while I don't really think Finn is old enough for one, I'm hoping that we can help him see how special it is.  And then just cut him off from new film when all else fails!

Since Fall is nearly here, and I'll be having a baby any day now, I'm planning ahead a bit.  I picked up these adorable ghost pajamas for the older boys.  I'm just a teensy bit sad that it doesn't come in baby size!

Keeping up with Halloween here...  I am loving this little candy sleeper!  It's technically from the girls sections (damn little pink candies), but I think a young baby can totally pull it off.  And Kane will be rocking this!  So I'm giving it a big ol' gender neutral stamp of approval!

Peach season is fully here!  One of my favorite go to recipes is this Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce by the Pioneer Woman.  Seriously so so good.  I just made it for my book club last week & it was quickly gobbled up!

Happy Hump Day friends!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Maternity Photos at The Great Salt Lake

This session was my favorite ever!  A gorgeous evening, with a hint of smoke in the air, making for a red sun followed by cotton candy skies.  The temps were somewhat cooler than expected, and everyone was in a good mood!  I knew early on in my pregnancy that I wanted to do our maternity session out at The Great Salt Lake.  We've done a handful of mountain sessions here, so I wanted something different, but also something that was very "Utah".  I had been oogling photos from this location for a good year, so I was excited when our photographer Kali was on board.

It's about a mile walk out to the water from where you park, with completely wide open spaces to run & play.  Thankfully my boys are fairly good listeners and managed to stay (relatively) close by throughout our session.  I'm pretty sure Finn has a huge crush on Kali, so he just gives her the sweetest looks all day long.  And Liam manages to turn on the charm for her too.  Conor whispered naughty somethings in my ear the whole night, so it was a session filled with laughter!

A huge thank you to Kali Poulsen Photography; we simply love her!  She's possibly the most calm, composed, & joyful woman I have ever met.  Everything seems flawless & easy with her (teach me your ways Kali!).  I love how she captures my family.  All the happiness & the joy!  I just gush over the pictures every time she sends them my way!  And she sent a ton.  As in 197 photos.  How does one even go about choosing their favorites?!  You just don't!  So you force all your friends & family to look at them too!  It was nearly impossible to just choose a handful (not that this is exactly a handful...) to share in this post, but I really truly did my best!  And don't even think you've seen the end of these, because I'm holding onto a handful to share later!

And another thanks to my friend Erin for letting my borrow this gorgeous dress by Rachel Pally!  It was simply perfect for this session, and she was even sweet enough to give me the okay to take it in the water.  She also responded to about 500+ texts as to what all the boys in the family should wear.  A true friend that one!

Now the countdown is on!  My mom arrives Friday, and I'm currently guessing that baby will arrive somewhere between August 29th-31st!  So.  So.  Soon.  And Kali is going to be there to capture the birth; I cannot wait!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kane's Nook

I have grown to really love this space we have put together!  Love love love.  It turned out perfectly!  But at first I was all sorts of upset about not being in our new house.  Not having a room to be the catch all for baby things.  Not having a special place to nest.  But in reality, this setup is going to serve our family perfectly.  The master bedroom is the only bedroom on the main floor in our house, so even if we switched the boys around or took over the guest room, baby would not be on the same floor as us.  We are a cosleeping family, often all waking up together by the early morning, so this way Kane will be close by too.  My babies have never been overly fond of sleeping in a crib, but here's to trying once again with the third.  I linked everything applicable at the end of the post.

Early on in my pregnancy, I decided that I wanted a succulent inspired nursery.  I've still managed to bring that vision to life, even in this small corner of our bedroom.  The hanging succulents are real, so here's to hoping I can keep them alive.  If nothing else, they have forced me to open the blinds each morning instead of living in a blackout curtain cave all day every day.  I really wanted to get rid of the hooks that were next to my nightstand, but turns out that Conor caulked them to the wall.  They had to stay; I had to make do.  Initially I wanted to hang the succulents from the ceiling; but the hooks provide a nice temporary spot for them.  I believe I want to switch out the string for something else, so that they may hang at different lengths, but for now it works.  

We have an ottoman that opens up (with storage inside) at the end of bed which I'm going to use as a changing table.  Changing pad on top, with all our cloth diapers inside.  It's also become storage for all the swaddle blankets, lovies, towels, etc.  A good spot to keep all the baby things out of sight!  I also cleared out half of my closet to make room for baby's wardrobe.  Having limited space has forced me to just pick my favorites of all the hand me downs and to only have out a few sizes of clothes at a time.

We also have some hooks between my two closet doors which is perfect for holding my ring slings, wraps, & a cozy first outfit or two for Kane once he arrives.  I love that he will be born at home, right into this space.  It takes nesting to a new level.  Instead of just preparing a room, we are preparing our home for his arrival.  Insert "all the feels" here.  But of course, having him born here will make it that much more difficult to move come Winter!

There are things that we simply didn't have room for in our bedroom, so they will have to wait until we move.  The cozy chair that I rocked and nursed both Liam & Finn in currently resides in our basement.  Conor built some custom honeycomb shelving that is just sitting in our garage waiting for a new wall to be mounted on.  I have some succulent prints that I want to hang, but again, our wall space is currently limited.  Regardless, I just love his nook!  I love walking into my bedroom and picturing how he will change our lives.  How he will fit perfectly into our family.

We're ready for you Kane.  Well sort of.  Wait until next Friday when Nana is here please!

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