Tuesday, August 15, 2017

38 Weeks (Bump #3)

This past weekend I woke up with a horribly tweaked neck (couldn't move it to the right side at all), and then Finn passed on his cold to me.  I have quite the sore throat, which I'm hoping doesn't develop into anything more.  I cannot imagine being sick whenever I go into labor.  The only good thing coming from all of this is that it absolutely forced me to slow down and take things easy all weekend long.  I know my body needs the rest!  But I'm hoping to kick this soon and be back to my energetic self to enjoy these final days (weeks?) before baby's arrival!

Total Weight Gain:  34 lbs.  This is the biggest I have ever been, ugh.  Weight gain is supposed to stall or even go down from here on out; let's hope!

Symptoms:  Nerve pain.  I get some zingers that go down my right butt cheek multiple times a day.  Kane's always been in some different positions, so he's made this pregnancy a bit more interesting.  Still lots of Braxton Hicks, but nothing that says labor will be happening soon.

Position:  So while baby is still head down, due the position of my placenta (and therefore Kane's position), there is a good chance he could turn the wrong way once labor begins giving me plenty of back labor.  My midwife suggested lots of forward positions and movements as I begin to labor.  This has me a tad nervous, but I know my body can handle whatever comes.

Nesting:  Feeling like I have everything I need, and it's all organized!  Gonna take some pictures of Kane's little nook tomorrow, so hopefully I can share it by the end of the week!

Liam's Thoughts:  He's so ready.  I love watching his excitement build.  Assuming he will be around for the birth, I really want to video tape him afterwards sharing his version of Kane's birth story.  However, he gets super camera shy, so we would have to be very sneaky!

Finn's Thoughts:  So much continued sweetness from this one, especially at midwife appointments.  He's also talking lots about how baby will have mama's milk once he is born.  He'll also randomly exclaim how his is going to be a "big brother"!  Goodness we love him!

Are We Ready?  With each passing day, I do feel a bit more mentally prepared.  But I'm in this weird limbo where it seems like it will all happen so soon; yet, it's also so far away.  Since I made it past 40 weeks with both boys, my midwife thinks it's unlikely I will have this babe early.  Which really works out perfectly with my own personal timeline and when Nana arrives.

We're still waiting on the fancy shmancy "cadillac" of birthing tubs to arrive!  If it's not here by Friday, we'll just take an older one to make sure we have something on hand!  This time, I'm surprisingly not stressed about what to do with the boys.  I suppose part of that is since we'll be home, and we also have many neighbors who would be happy to help out.  Plus, the boys will have each other to stay entertained with.  But hopefully, they want to be a part of the birth experience & hopefully I want them there too!  I'm starting to so excited; it's feeling closer!  I simply cannot wait!


  1. I am so sorry about your neck. That sounds painful! I pray you all feel better soon. You look so good! I love the idea of filming the birth story from Liam's perspective.

  2. WOW, 38 weeks. It sounds so close, but since you went past 40 previously, is it really? I have nothing to speak from, ha. I do hope Kane moves to make birth easier on him and mama. <3

  3. Looking fantastic! The last few weeks are soooo mentally and emotionally exhausting. One day at a time :).

  4. Loving these pictures!! I had no idea about weight gain at the end- that's good to know LOL

  5. So sorry about your neck, but he body does have a way of telling you that you need to rest and relax. Listen to it. :) you've got this momma. I can't wait to hear that Kane is here and what the boys think of his birth.

  6. You are so beautiful. I love these photos of you and your kiddos by the sunflowers. It sounds like there's only a few more weeks to go. Wishing you a peaceful calm during these last few days. Enjoy every moment of this pregnancy and give yourself some time to rest. I'm so excited for you!

  7. Seriously, how do you always look THAT stunning?! Love that dress! Looking forward to seeing the pictures tomorrow of his space! You're so close!

  8. You are so lovely, mama! You perfectly described that strange headspace of everything happening so fast yet being ready. Bless those sweet boys of yours.

  9. ah yes that limbo feeling. Such a weird spot. Fingers crossed for that fancy tub soon =)


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