Monday, August 28, 2017

39 & 40 Weeks (Bump #3)

My due date has come & gone, and now we are all just waiting.  At my midwife appt on Friday, we did a non stress test, and baby is happy & healthy.  My midwife was unable to get an accurate measurement of my belly because he is so far tucked under my ribs.  She also mentioned how he is really pushing on my liver.  I'm uncomfortable, but not crazily so.  I'm getting used to this whole big baby business!  My mom arrived on Friday, so everything is in line, and we are all just so ready!  Conor & I had one last date night just us for awhile, so I've checked all the things off my list!  A little peek at the last two weeks!

Total Weight Gain:  35 lbs.  I've hit the "nothing fits" stage.  Really I can't get bigger, nor can baby... so c'mon Kane!

Symptoms:  Occasional cramping & contractions, especially in the evenings.  And then just this morning I randomly threw up!  I don't think I'm coming down with the stomach flu, so I'm not sure if it's just nausea returning or if this may be the start of something.  But it would appear that things are slowly happening.

Position:  My midwife continues to remind me of forward leaning positions during labor.  She is quite nervous baby will turn the wrong way, and I will experience back labor.  So so hoping this isn't the case.

Cries:  I just bawled through Liam's back to school night speech from the principal.  Nothing particularly tear worthy, but oh did those hormones get to me!

Nesting:  Everything is ready!  The house is cleaned & organized, and we are just ready ready ready!

Liam's Thoughts:  He truly gets that Kane could be here any day!  It's exciting to talk about with him.  So much anticipation building.

Finn's Thoughts:  Now that Nana is here, Finn knows baby should be coming too.  He loves watching videos still of babies being born, but has also decided he likes to watch kitties be born too!

Both boys were born on a Tuesday, so perhaps tomorrow will be the day. Or if Kane decides to come at exactly 3 days late like his brothers, then it will be Wednesday.  My mom is here until early Friday evening, so really just hoping it happens before then!


  1. With all 3 of my kids i labored in my back, stomach and upper thighs and with 2 of them i did no epidural and wasn't fun ! All i did was sit there and concentrate on getting through each contraction. Pray that you don't have to go through that ! You're looking fantastic !

  2. ahhh can't believe he'll be here soon! i love that finn loves to watch kitties be born. how freaking cute.

  3. Prayers, love and thoughts for a smooth birth <3!!!

  4. You look beyond fabulous!! And seriously, how did those 40 weeks come and go so quickly?! (I'm sure you disagree, but I feel like you JUST announced!) Thinking of you and hoping he makes his appearance either today or tomorrow so your trio of boys have that special Tuesday or 3 days late connection! Best wishes, Laura!

  5. You look amazing, friend! Praying that sweet little guy comes while your mom is here! I know you are all ready to meet him!

  6. Ahhh! SO SOON! I'll be stalking you on Insta for the news!

  7. Hang in there! Those last hours are so hard.

  8. You got this mama!! Youre lovely attitude is calming me down as it doesnt look like much is happening down there for me and I dont want it to bother me, so thank you!!

  9. Sending love, blessings, and all good thoughts your way...I can't believe your next post will be about baby Kane. Take good care of you Laura. You are BEAUTIFUL inside and out.


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