Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kane's Nook

I have grown to really love this space we have put together!  Love love love.  It turned out perfectly!  But at first I was all sorts of upset about not being in our new house.  Not having a room to be the catch all for baby things.  Not having a special place to nest.  But in reality, this setup is going to serve our family perfectly.  The master bedroom is the only bedroom on the main floor in our house, so even if we switched the boys around or took over the guest room, baby would not be on the same floor as us.  We are a cosleeping family, often all waking up together by the early morning, so this way Kane will be close by too.  My babies have never been overly fond of sleeping in a crib, but here's to trying once again with the third.  I linked everything applicable at the end of the post.

Early on in my pregnancy, I decided that I wanted a succulent inspired nursery.  I've still managed to bring that vision to life, even in this small corner of our bedroom.  The hanging succulents are real, so here's to hoping I can keep them alive.  If nothing else, they have forced me to open the blinds each morning instead of living in a blackout curtain cave all day every day.  I really wanted to get rid of the hooks that were next to my nightstand, but turns out that Conor caulked them to the wall.  They had to stay; I had to make do.  Initially I wanted to hang the succulents from the ceiling; but the hooks provide a nice temporary spot for them.  I believe I want to switch out the string for something else, so that they may hang at different lengths, but for now it works.  

We have an ottoman that opens up (with storage inside) at the end of bed which I'm going to use as a changing table.  Changing pad on top, with all our cloth diapers inside.  It's also become storage for all the swaddle blankets, lovies, towels, etc.  A good spot to keep all the baby things out of sight!  I also cleared out half of my closet to make room for baby's wardrobe.  Having limited space has forced me to just pick my favorites of all the hand me downs and to only have out a few sizes of clothes at a time.

We also have some hooks between my two closet doors which is perfect for holding my ring slings, wraps, & a cozy first outfit or two for Kane once he arrives.  I love that he will be born at home, right into this space.  It takes nesting to a new level.  Instead of just preparing a room, we are preparing our home for his arrival.  Insert "all the feels" here.  But of course, having him born here will make it that much more difficult to move come Winter!

There are things that we simply didn't have room for in our bedroom, so they will have to wait until we move.  The cozy chair that I rocked and nursed both Liam & Finn in currently resides in our basement.  Conor built some custom honeycomb shelving that is just sitting in our garage waiting for a new wall to be mounted on.  I have some succulent prints that I want to hang, but again, our wall space is currently limited.  Regardless, I just love his nook!  I love walking into my bedroom and picturing how he will change our lives.  How he will fit perfectly into our family.

We're ready for you Kane.  Well sort of.  Wait until next Friday when Nana is here please!

Ladies Love a Gentleman: Hobby Lobby
Hanging Succulents: Local Aviary


  1. Oh how I couldn't love it more!! It is absolutely perfect for now and I can't wait for his arrival!!

  2. What a sweet space!!! I purchased my first succulent a month ago.....I (thought) can grow almost anything.....except maybe these!!! Oiy!

  3. So perfect! Love every single detail!

  4. LOVE! And how amazing are those knotted gowns? He's going to be one cozy guy!

  5. The nook turned out perfectly!! We're going to use a Chicco lullago next to the bed because co-sleeper parents here too 👋😊

  6. What a sweet little nook! Everything came out so great. I can't wait to 'meet' the little guy!

  7. This little space could not be more perfect. The little details in your room are so sweet. And, I'm positively swooning over those hanging succulents!


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