Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kindergarten Update

We're over a week into school now, so I wanted to give a little update on how the transition has been for our family.  And just a little Liam update in general; I love bragging on this sweet guy of mine!  So Kindergarten...  as I mentioned before, I was a little unsure if I wanted to send him this year or not.  He makes the cutoff for school, but just barely.  However, he is very mature for his age, as well as smart!  His preschool teacher really encouraged us to go ahead and send him instead of holding him back.  I'm so so happy with this choice!  He seems to be absolutely thriving & loving it, and I really can't imagine him doing another year of preschool.  His happiness is most important, so we're succeeding there!

We just had his back to school night, and his teacher had wonderful things to say about him.  I was amazed at how well he keeps us informed about the going ons at school & how much he shares about his day.  The first three days were half days, and seemed rough on him because he was so "hangry"by pick up time!  But now that he is into a full day schedule, things are going great.  He loves having lunch at school and somehow blows my mind by finishing everything I pack for him!  I have loved putting his lunches together each day and making them just a little bit special (m&m's for the win!).  We're using this bento box, and it has been perfect!  I'm also enjoying the laid back schedule I have with Finn now.  I don't feel rushed to get things done, and I especially love the one-on-one time for lunch and naps (which I'm currently taking with him since I'm soooooo tired).  He usually wakes up just in time to go get big brother!  Then we can spend our afternoons all together.  The boys are usually pumped to be reunited and play so well, while I can prep dinner and wait for Conor to get home.  We are settling nicely into a new routine, which of course will all get shaken up once Kane is born!

Liam wears a uniform daily, with a formal uniform on mass days.  It makes our mornings a breeze & goodness does he look adorable in it!  We are so happy with our choice to send him to a Catholic School.  There is such a sense of community there that I cannot wait to get more involved with.  I grew up in a Catholic school, so so similar to the one Liam is attending.  There has been this sense of "coming home" as we have sent him off to start his school days.  I also feel like I've entered this special new moms club now that I have a Kindergartener!

I've always admired my own mom and thought I would be just like her.  However, I'm the youngest in my family, so I never saw my mom with an infant nor a toddler.  I don't know how she handled the early childhood years, or juggled multiple young children.  Many of my early memories are from Kindergarten on.  The mom I remember and grew up with is the lunch making, carpool driving, volleyball coaching mom.  I'm excited to enter this phase of life as watch myself grow into the example she set.  I'm becoming my mom!!!  And I love it!!!

As Liam becomes older, he's getting harder for me to photograph.  I love capturing the candidness of our days, but as he transitions to big kid, it's far more difficult.  1.  He's not with me for nearly as many hours in a day anymore.  2. He's changing.  Those looks of wonder at anything & everything are slowly vanishing.  He's more aware of himself & me.  Thankfully, Kali snapped some amazing photos of this ridiculously handsome guy!  I think he's starting to resemble me and bit more than Conor, but it changes all the time!

And before you go thinking he's completely perfect, just know that at age 5 we are still working on skills like nose blowing & tooth paste spitting.  Tough stuff right there!


  1. You've got to just be beaming with pride - that is a BIG change going to an all day/week schedule, it sounds like it's been great/smooth for you all. Such an exciting new chapter!!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful!! Glad to hear Liam is doing so well in school! I've been finding picture taking extra difficult since Odette turned 4. I miss the days where she would pose all day long for me!

  3. The picture of your two boys together is the sweetest!💙

  4. YAY Liam!!! So happy things are going well, for all of you!

  5. He is so adorable in that uniform! Watching them make this transition smoothly is such a great feeling!

  6. Way to go Liam!! And Mommy! So glad he's doin so great and having fun! Keep up the good work and I say becoming your mom isn't a bad thing because he same thing is happening with me. 😂

  7. Welcome to the "mom's club," my friend. There are definitely advantages (and some disadvantages) to the school years. It sounds like you made the right choice in picking out a school, and I'm glad Liam is enjoying it. I think it's awesome that you're turning into your mom. Enjoy these days of transition. You're an awesome mom!!

  8. How fun is this post? So wonderful you found a school that works for y'all, my husband grew up attending a Catholic school and spoke of the discipline and I like the uniform idea. Must make mornings such a breeze. How wonderful you're getting some special one on one with Finn and that he is so excited to see Liam when he gets home.
    I too only imagine my mom as the carpool mothering always doing things. I remember her chasing use when I was 5 and always always going around and getting things taken care of. And now that's you, how fun, how awesome! You are such a cool mom <3

  9. Nose blowing and tooth paste spitting are still being worked on over here too. For some reason eating the tooth paste is the preferred method. Grosses. Me. Out.
    So glad to hear he's doing so well in school!

  10. Loved reading this! And, it made me a little teary-eyed, as we're right there with all of these things, too.
    That uniform is just the cutest on Liam, and it's wonderful to hear he's transitioned so well!
    Cheers to Kindergarten!!


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