Friday, August 11, 2017

Mirror Lake Camping Trip

A few PSAs before we jump into this post.  First, lots of you have asked if I would put together a post about what we cook for our meals while camping.  I don't feel like we do anything super novel, we mostly make foil packs to throw on the fire, but I'm going to try and still break this down at some point.  Today is not the day though.  There have also been requests for a packing list...  I feel like this is such a personal thing, depending on your gear, climate, etc.  But again, I'll try to post about it at some point.  But I will say, that the easiest thing to do is just get out & camp!  You'll forget things, you may way over pack or under pack.  But each trip you'll learn and your system will improve.  Getting out the door truly is the hardest part, but from there you won't regret it.  And gear is important too, because nobody wants to have a cold miserable night!  Renting gear is always an option; also, places like REI have great return policies if you try something and find that it's not going to work for your family.

PSA #2:  This camping trip was the first time I got to play around with my new camera, the Canon 6D (old model) which is my first full frame camera!!!  I was truly amazed at the difference!  Having the full frame was a game changer, especially in such a gorgeous vast place like the one we were in.  But I also noticed a huge difference with the quicker shutter and better colors right away.  I felt like my images barely needed to be edited.  If you have a DSLR, but aren't shooting in full frame yet, I cannot say enough good things!  I often get asked about what lens I have on, and currently, the 50mm 1.4 sits on my camera all the time.  Don't confuse this lens with the "nifty fifty" which is actually a 50mm 1.8; a greater starter lens, but I prefer the upgrade!

So this trip!!!  The setting could have not been more gorgeous!!!  While we have camped up on the Mirror Lake Highway before, we had never actually been to Mirror Lake.  And we were missing out! At just over 10,000 feet, the mountain views and reflections in the water totally allow this lake to stand up to it's name.  It's about a 1.5 hour drive for us, and a good 30+ minutes from any cell service, so we were a tad nervous about me being soooo pregnant.  What if baby came?!  But baby did not, and we're back & comfortable.  On our drive there, Conor told me "Years ago, I never would have imagined you would want to go camping.  Let alone like camping.  Let alone go camping 37 weeks pregnant!"  But goodness, I really do love it!  Things were a tad more challenging with my huge belly.  And I probably over did it a bit; the weekend absolutely exhausted me.  But the mountains are where I am happiest & calmest.  It's where we have our best family time!  And sneaking in one last trip was just what I wanted.  This summer we have managed to camp in May, June, July, and August!  And if the warm temps keep up, we may just try and sneak in one more trip at the end of September with baby in tow.  We'll see..

This trip we camped with three other families from our neighborhood, so a triple site was booked.  I felt like we barely had to do any parenting, because all the kids were off together most of the time.  The fire was always full cooking someone's meal, and there were plenty of goodies to go around.  Fresh peach cobbler from our neighbor's who have a peach tree was the perfect summer dessert!  We stayed for two nights, and I was left wanting maybe just one more!  Our site was fairly isolated with access to some trails right behind us.  We set out on early evening in hopes of finding a hidden lake.  While that never happened, we did come across this beautiful meadow that I am just certain was the inspiration for Bambi!  So picturesque!

We did plenty of fishing but had zero luck, regardless of the fact that all the other fisherman seemed to be catching something.  Even with no fish, the boys excitement never seems to fade.  And we're learning tons of patience in the process.  Although, I do feel like I spend most of my time unhooking or fixing a line.  Or recasting, especially since Finn just wants to immediately reel in his line every single time.  The two of them keep us busy, but there is something special in all those in between moments too!

On our way home, we stopped at Provo Falls for a quick glance.  But this turned into a little hike.  Which turned into a little dip in the water.  Which turned into everybody being soaked.  But the falls were gorgeous & the water cold enough to cool you down.  I could have spent all day here, but we were filthy & with tired boys.  The Mirror Lake Highway is for sure a favorite spot, and is not to be missed if you are local at all!  If this trip closes out our summer of camping, it surely was a great one!  But I'm hopeful we may make it out as a family of 5!!!  Now time to rest and just wait for baby!


  1. Great job fitting in one more trip! You will love the 6D. Actually, the 1.8 is full frame compatible ;).

    1. You are sooo right! I was thinking of a different lens of mine! I will update this post, thanks!

  2. This looks like the best trip! And your pictures are gorgeous (as always). I really need to start reading up on cameras more, I have no idea what full frame means, but if it makes my pictures look like yours I want it! :)

  3. Such beautiful scenery for camping! And I'm always so impressed with y'all's enthusiasm for taking the kids camping; you make it look so easy and fun!

  4. You should be doing shoots for National Geographic, these views are stunning. Oh Im glad youre doing a post about camping food! And its basically law that where theres water a little one will get drenched lol

  5. Amazing shots! I'd really love a camera upgrade! And then somebody to teach my to use it =)
    I can't imagine camping so pregnant. You are wonder woman!


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