Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Favorite Things: For the Newborn Stage (Round 3)

Now that I'm onto baby #3, I have refined my favorites even more.  With each child, you realize you actually need less & less.  So this time around, I focused on a just a few special items; things that I knew would get plenty of use in those first few weeks.  I wish I could gift every new mom all the items on this list!

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 

First let's talk about things for baby...  This is my first time having a newborn in cold weather months.  These booties (#5) are perfect for keeping toes warm and for staying on!  My babies happen to have big feet, so Kane is already rocking the 3-6 month size!  And I also needed a tight fitting hat for him, so I decided to go pilot cap style (or bonnet).  This particular one (#3) has the option of having bamboo fleece liner added for extra warmth.  And my favorite things to dress baby in has been knotted gowns (#1) and cozy sleepers (#4)!

For the mamas... I have loved my Dwell + Slumber dresses (#2).  I have two!  They sell out quick, so make sure you are aware of when they restock, or join the Facebook b/s/t page where people are always selling them.  This small shop has a bit of a cult following.  I love these dresses for pregnancy and nursing.  And just whenever really.  But they are so so comfy and thee perfect dress to wear immediately postpartum.  I also have gotten plenty of use out of the Medline pads (#6).  My midwife left one for me to use on our bed while I was still bleeding.  They are incredibly thick, so they completely protect your sheets and make for way less laundry.  She also mentioned they are perfect for kids who wet the bed, which Finn still occasionally does.  These pad have been such a lifesaver.  We bought five and always keep one on Finn's bed, and I used them for the two weeks after birth in our bed as well.  They also helped catch all the milk that seemed to be everywhere in those early days as well!

So now tell me, what our newborn favorites should I have?!


  1. This is great, my sister is in her 4th month now so I'm trying to find things she'll need but might not think of. Are the dresses warm/cool? She lives in Arizona and is due in March. Are the best to wear around the house or can they be wore outdoors too?

  2. Those booties look so cozy! Clark basically lives in his NB June & January booties, those things dont budge!

  3. I love the booties, too. I miss those days of onesies, blankets, and cute little ducky towels after baths. Enjoy snuggling and keeping cozy with that little angel.

  4. Oh, those booties are going in my cart ASAP. I'm bummed the knotted gowns are sold out in the size/colors I want. They are adorable and we love that style for the first few weeks too, easy access!!


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