Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Utah State Fair

Our annual trip to the fair is something that we all look forward to each year, especially Liam.  Things that only come around once a year seem to have an extra bit of specialness to them.  For me, the fair always signals the end of summer.  The temperatures are dropping, and Fall is slowly arriving.  When I was in the hospital with Kane, before we knew exactly how sick he was and how long we would be staying there, I was irrationally upset at the thought of missing the fair with my boys.  Thankfully, Kane ended up making a somewhat quick recovery, so we were able to make a trip on the second to last day.  Normally, we go to the fair on a weeknight so the crowds are minimal.  Unfortunately, our only opportunity to go this time was on a Saturday.  Not ideal at all!  I have never seen so many people!!!  While the people watching was fabulous, the ride lines were not!  My parents were in town, so they joined us and were able to help out tremendously.  Pops was the perfect line place holder & Nana a wonderful baby holder while I tried to take a few pictures.  And they relived their long ago days of fairs, having not been since I was a wee one myself.

First we did a little tour of all the animals, with the baby animals obviously being a favorite.  And we ended that adventure by watching a hog auction.  This was seriously a highlight of the evening.  The auctioneer was incredible, and it was all so just fascinating to watch.  Sign me up for an auction!  I've always wanted a pig.  Most were being sent to the butcher, but I've been wanting to add a pig to my deep freezer as well, ha!

While we fit in plenty of rides, the ferris wheel never happened because that line was especially ridiculous.  Did you even really go to the fair if you didn't ride the ferris wheel?!  But we did snack on some of the freshest cotton candy.  And we did win a fish, that Finn told us is a girl.  Her name is Hey Girl, and she now resides on Finn's dresser.  This was Finn's first year with a ride bracelet, and he was able to do everything big brother could.  He loved lifting up his hands on all the rides and always wanted more more more.  I think we have another thrill seeker among us.

A sort of magic seems to come out as the sun goes down and all the lights appear.  There is just nothing quite like watching the sun go down only for the whole place to light up again.  We stayed out as long as the little ones would last, but eventually our night came to end.  The boys are still talking about all the fun we had.  Liam even wrote a little book at school about how the fair is his favorite thing to do with our family.  Any time my boys are happy, I am happy.  A perfectly wonderful night at the fair.  'Til next year!


  1. I love the pictures! They are magical, and it looks like the boys had a great time!

  2. Your photos really show what a great time you all had!

  3. We're going tonight (or this week at least) and really is there anything better? Love this! Love your fam!

  4. Hey girl, haha! Love it. Michigan needs to get its act together for a state fair - I always get so jealous over everyone's pictures in the fall!

  5. I am so far behind on your blog. You had him!!!! Looks like the state fair was so much fun.

  6. aww that is so sweet that the boys were able to attend the fair they love so much.
    Having helping hands with a new baby in the house is always wonderful.
    Congratulations.. I had been a bit MIA this summer.. baby Kane is adorable.

  7. Some of my fondest memories growing up are from the fairs we attended. Your boys are so lucky to have such a fun event on their yearly calendar!
    And, I have to say, Conor in that little helicopter made. my. day.


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