Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Adjusting to Three

Three.  It has been such a good number to us!  I don't know that I'm ready to say that our family is complete, but right now, as a family of five, it just feels right.  I have always wanted three kids, so finally being here is such a surreal feeling.  Sometimes, I don't even feel old enough to be a mother to three kids!  But sure enough, I am.  And once again, having another baby makes me feel a part of a new special club.  The "we are officially outnumbered" club!

After (only recently) having welcomed three babies, I have had a bit of time to reflect on it all.  On each beginning, with each new babe.  And while each transition has been relatively easy, number three has been the easiest!  With the first, we were just learning how to be a parents.  How to become selfless.  How to love unconditionally.  How to function with barely any sleep.  With the second, we were learning how to take care of more than one life.  All of sudden everything is double.  Double the wants.  Double the needs.  Double the love.  Double the sleep loss.  But with the third, you've already mastered those skills.  You have already figured out how to keep two kids alive, thriving, & happy, so one more just isn't a big deal. 

It has helped tremendously that I have had easy babies, and for that I am ever so grateful.  I also personally believe that the newborn stage is the easiest one.  Thanks to breastfeeding & baby wearing, I feel like life continues on just as it had been.  Already, I'm back to doing all the things I did before Kane arrived.  Sure I shower less often, and it takes me far longer to get out of the house (and everyone in & out of the car); yet, I'm still out hiking (at hitting up Target).  It's once the baby needs toys & entertainment & is mobile that the big changes come, but by then you are already used to that extra little being.  

I've also been so thankful that my older boys have adjusted well to becoming big brothers.  I truly believe that a sibling is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child.  Seeing them love on each other is so heart warming and rewarding.  There is plenty of love & affection in our house right now, heavy on the affection.  We do often have to talk about giving baby some space.  No, you can't give him 15 kisses while he's sleeping.  No, don't touch his face while he's eating.  No, don't pick him up.  But all of it is well intended.  Liam has been such a help to me with both boys, having matured so much in the recent months.  Finn on the other hand is quite the pistol right now.  He's testing boundaries, pushing limits, & really just doing whatever he wants.  He's been a handful always, but especially since turning two.  And while he can be a challenge at times, he's been so wonderful as far as Kane is concerned.  I have no doubt they will all be buddies!  I often find myself picturing them in high school & college together.  Grown men that still share such a strong bond.  I cannot wait to watch them all grow together!

And while it has all gone smoothly, some things have been noticeably more challenging...  First up, the carseat situation.  In my Audi, we had to put all three seats next to each other, and that was an absolute disaster.  Having them all be able to touch one another with no escape was just not working.  For many reasons, but that factor definitely playing in, we decided to trade in my ride for a minivan!  And while I hated on them for years, I am fully on team minivan now and am completely in love!  Car rides are once again peaceful!  Also tough, bedtime!  This is when we truly feel outnumbered.  We value bedtime with the boys, always capitalizing on that one-on-one time for books and then laying with them until they fall asleep.  With there now being three, one-on-one time is harder to come by.  Often I'm nursing Kane while reading to one of the other boys and then hoping his squirmy little body and his coos won't keep the older one awake.  More often that not right now, the two older ones get put to sleep together, which can be easier or harder, depending on how tired everyone is.  And almost every single night, both Conor & I fall asleep while laying with them.  Another challenge: Kindergarten drop off.  We have to leave the house by 7:30am (at the latest!) to get Liam to school on time.  And he doesn't get to just jump out of my car; I have to walk him to the doors.  So getting three little sleepy or manic (depending on the morning) boys all dressed, fed, & in the car by 7:30am can be a real challenge.  Especially since all summer long, we were often sleeping in until 9am!  And Liam being in school all day long, has its pros & cons as well.  Sure, I only have two kids to care for most of the day; but also, Finn's playmate is gone!  Finn misses him horribly & tells me daily that he too will go to school when he is three years old.  We all miss Liam while he is away!  Pick-up time is our favorite time!

I know as Kane gets older and a bit more demanding, the juggling three may be more difficult.  But right now, having three just feels how it was meant to be.  We are quickly discovering that new normal and forgetting what it ever felt like to just have two.  Our hands are full, our hearts fuller.  Our bodies tired, our laundry never-ending.  But these are the good days!  I know that all too soon, I will miss the chaos and the noise that comes along with three kids, five & under.  And all boys at that.  This time is fleeting.  Today was actually a bit of a rough one, and yet, I'm all smiles thinking back on it.  Just feeling lucky to have them.  All three of them.  All mine.

Cheers to three & realizing what a sweet sweet number it is!


  1. As a fellow mum of boys I can relate to a lot of what you've written here! We have 4 boys between us - 17, 16, 8 and 19 months - and, yes the laundry basket is always full and the pantry nearly always empty, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

  2. Minivans are amazing. There is nothing better than watching your babies love in your babies!!

  3. I tried to comment earlier, but I don't think it worked! SO HAPPY FOR YOU, love! They are just so handsome and so lucky to have you!

  4. I too am so totally on team minivan.. makes life a little more easier.
    Beautiful pictures.. and happy to hear things are going for the most part smoothly.

  5. This was one of the best posts I have read my friend, and I could have written it myself! Yes yes yes to everything - I have absolutely loved the transition to three and have found it the easiest too... The only two times I have struggled is when hubs is away on business and when one (or more!) are sick! x

  6. This makes me feel like having another would be good for us. I love how you conveyed it.

  7. You've transitioned so seamlessly! It seriously seems like you've been with the three forever.
    I'm also beyond green with envy that your children even entertain the idea of sleeping in past 6am during the summer months.

  8. Wow, you've fully adapted to the "outnumbered club." I'm so glad you've found your new norm/routine. These pictures of your three boys are so precious. They've learned to be so loving to each other because they have an AWESOME mommy!

  9. I absolutely loved reading this! I always dreamed of having a family of five (because my current and favorite SUV seats five and I did not want to look at other options ha ha). I have three boys and I could not think of a better sized family for us. Also, your boys are so darn adorable!


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