Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kane: 1 Month Old

One whole month.  One month ago I was still pregnant; crazy talk!  But it sure has been a sweet one! Kane is the most relaxed, chill baby ever!  My two older boys were also easy babies, but Kane is especially a breeze.  He also sleeps a ridiculous amount.  Because he sleeps so much & because he is so relaxed, it made it hard for us to tell when he started getting so sick at 9 days old.  I kept thinking something was slightly off with him, but then reminded myself that it was simply his demeanor.  As of just this last week, he is far more aware and starting to really engage with us which is so fun to see. 

Right now he really makes us work for those smiles, and they often come at the most unexpected times.  But I can already tell that he is such a happy guy.  I'm also pretty sure that he has one dimple on his left cheek.  My midwife noticed it right at birth while he was nursing.  I'm hoping that we will notice it more and more as those smiles come more freely.  He definitely has blue eyes, just like Liam.  And while he completely resembles a Keenan brother in general, he looks just like Liam's twin at this age.  It's quite remarkable.

He loves being worn in the ring sling and typically falls asleep immediately after being put in.  If he's awake, he wants out so that he can adequately look around.  Trees blowing in the breeze being a particular favorite.  He doesn't like to be left alone, in the swing or anywhere.  He's our people person, although he rarely ever gets a solo minute because his brothers are obsessed with him.  Well, everyone is!

He's still nursing like a pro, as am I.  I have my oversupply under control way earlier than ever did with the older boys.  Plus, we've already got the side lying nursing while sleeping thing down which has made cosleeping a breeze.  We can get a good 4-5 hour stretch of sleep out of him right now.  Hoping he becomes the amazing sleeper that his brothers did from 2-4 months old.  Then it's always downhill from there.  He's not really a fan of being swaddled, but he also startles very easily, so we need to change that.  Kane is currently still rocking his darker locks, but I see a touch of auburn coming in.  Perhaps he will be strawberry blonde for a few months, before going totally blonde.  I also think he is going to have wavy hair like Liam, but Conor thinks I'm crazy for already knowing this.  It sure is fuzzy right now, and I love it!

I wish I had more to say about this sweet boy, but really he is just my easy baby.  Along for the ride that is his big brothers' lives.  He is the baby that makes you think you could just keep having baby after baby.  We can't wait to see his personality start to show, and his relationships with his brothers grow.  They are both so smitten with him which is just heart warming.  So much love in our house right now!  Cannot wait to see what this next month brings!


  1. He's precious, Laura!!! Just delicious!

  2. One whole month?! He is the most handsome little guy!!!

  3. Already, one month?! Happy to hear he's such an easy-going guy and fitting right in.

  4. How is he one month already? I'm sure time is flying for you too, but I really feel like just yesterday you were telling us he was finally here!

  5. What a little cutie! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Here's to hoping he will continue to be a great sleeper. He's definitely the perfect addition to your family. What wonderful memories that are in the making!

  6. He is just so darling. I love the outfits you put him in. I hope everything is going well!

  7. Happy one month sweet boy! What a dream baby he is. I love the pictures!


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