Monday, November 27, 2017

Fun Old Fashion Family Thanksgiving (2017)

We had a full house!  All of Conor's family came together for the first time in 4 years for one big Thanksgiving here in Utah.  Two grandparents, five siblings, 2 spouses, 6 cousins.  It was busy, crowded, only slightly chaotic, and so much fun!  We never get to spend Thanksgiving with family so this was such a special holiday.  Everyone was able to meet Kane and love on our boy.  That left me with free hands to do things like make pies & put together tablescapes.  It was all so lovely.

Conor's family owns a restaurant (and icecream shops!) so we all knew the good food (and drink!) would be plentiful.  But it also had to be earned!  We took his family on one our favorite hikes the day before, which turned out to be far more snowy than we anticipated. But everyone handled it like champs!  Finn can now apparently hike 4 miles completely solo, and still be running at the end.  That kid has amazing endurance and continues to be exhausting.  But I love him for his wild, adventurous spirit.  We took another hike after parade watching on Thanksgiving to just to burn those final calories.  Plus, we were able to show off our new house which is all framed!

For the most part, we were all able to relax.  No bustling around to different homes; we were all just together.  Aside from a last minute run to the grocery store (how did we forget potatoes?!), we all stayed cozy at the house.  Naps were had all around.  A little day drinking may have happened.  And whenever I wanted a few minutes away from all the noise and the people, I could just sneak off to nurse Kane.  I love how a baby slows me down.  He makes me slip away for moments with just him.  His snuggles are so sweet.  His scent a reminder of how young he still is.  He is one of the many things that I am thankful for!

A wonderful Thanksgiving indeed!
I hope you all enjoyed the same sort of sweet family time that we did!  Cheers!


  1. How wonderful wonderful lovely lovely! Family is the best.

  2. As always, such stunning photos!! How fun to have such a full house, sometimes all that chaos is fun!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Ahhh. Love it. And that photo of you and Kane! Breathtaking.

  5. The perfect holiday!
    Let's talk about that second photo. Liam looks like a teen! Such a dapper little man.
    And you! You are just gorgeous.

  6. What beautiful pictures; I'm impressed that you took Conor's family on a hike! What a special holiday for all of you. Your plate says it so well--"Thankful."


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