Saturday, November 18, 2017

House Update

Our house has been going up quickly!  We try to make it up to the house site as least once a week to check on the progress, which just makes me more & more anxious to live up there now!  The boys love seeing all the different construction vehicles at work, and they often bring their own toy versions to drive around.  There are currently tons of homes going in around us, so it's a bustling little area with all the new construction.

Much of the surrounding area has been cleared, but fortunately some scrub oak trees were left right behind our land.  I'm hoping they survive all the phases of construction, because I would love having some already established trees near us.  It may not be the pines of the northwest that I'm used to & love, but they are trees nonetheless!  We've been exploring the area as much as we can when we make our weekly visits.  I also have a friend who already lives up in the neighborhood, so we've been getting together to hike about once a week.  I love checking out all the different trails that will be accessible from my front door.  This may be the year that we finally splurge on snow shoes!  

As the house comes together more, we have been able to see exactly what views we'll have, and goodness it is going to be gorgeous!  We won't have a city view, but we will be looking right at the mountains from the front of our house.  And we're just a short walk away from being able to look over the other side of the mountain at Utah Lake.  It is seriously such a beautiful spot up there!

We had our framing walk through on Friday which I had so been looking forward to!  Unfortunately, the weather was bonkers.  There was a thick layer of fog, making the drive up & down the mountain completely nerve wracking!  I will need to get used to it, but for now it still terrifies me.  There are a couple hair pin curves, so fog & snow will add quite a few minutes to our daily commute.  On top of the fog, it was pouring rain/snow and the wind was whipping through.  Finn was miserably cold while we were meeting with our contractor, so we hardly spent much time doing our walk through.  Hopefully we can get back in on a nicer day here soon.  And we are super lucky that our roof & windows went in literally the day before the first snow up there.  Phew!

We are expecting that we may have a few weather delays over the next two months, but hopefully not many.  As of now, we could be in our new house as early as late January; however, I'm guessing it will more likely not be until mid February.  Since that date is quickly approaching, we decided to put our current home on the market last week.  As of Saturday night (after only 9 days on the market), we have had 17 showings!  Which is great and all, except that is a lot of showings to have to get all three kids out of the house for.  It's stressful having our house "show ready" at all times.  I love that there is a lot of interest in our house, but an offer would be even better!  The timing of it all is super unfortunate, especially considering that our house would have been snatched up in a heartbeat if we listed this past summer.  But right now, with the holidays approaching, hardly anyone is looking for a home.  I'm still hoping for the best though.  Until then... I live in a ridiculously clean house and am dreaming of the day that we get to make that move into the mountains!


  1. Oh wow your new house is going to be amazing.. the views are spectacular.
    Selling your house is never easy.. especially close to winter but I hope you get an offer soon.

  2. Oak trees make the best climbers!! Ill keep my fingers crossed they survive, your boys would have so much fun climbing them. Im amazed at how fast everything is being built! Yay!

  3. I cannot imagine how anxious you must be to live in this gorgeous area!! You just can’t beat a mountain view. I can’t wait to see all of the pictures you capture and memories you will make there!

  4. So exciting!! I pray all will go smoothly.

  5. Oh my goodness how exciting!!!

  6. Eeeeeek!! Laura, this is all so EXCITING! And it's all coming together so quickly!
    I'm so excited for more sneak peeks into your new home!!


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