Sunday, November 12, 2017

Kane: 2 Months Old

This post is 2 weeks late, eek!  Which is a big deal when you're trying to document things monthly.  But I really wanted to have Kane's two month stats to include, which is one of my favorite things to look up and compare with each boy.  So now I'm here trying to remember what Kane was like during month 2, since it seems as though he has already changed so much in the last 2 weeks!

Height: 25 inches (92%)
Weight: 14 lb 9 oz (91%)

He continues to be right in the middle of both boys weight wise.  Although as his cheeks fill in more (read: hang off his face), he is starting to resemble Finn far more than Liam.  Perhaps he will end up having Finn's body type after all.  He's starting to sleep for even longer stretches, typically doing a solid 4-6 hour stretch to start off the night.  He's far more restless in the early morning hours, wanting to nurse often.  We're cosleeping, although I'm trying to start in his crib since he's sleeping better.  He startles easily, so I'm trying to give him his own space.  He often throws his arms up and thinks he's falling, which just breaks my heart.  This most often happens during diaper changes and baths.  He can make such a sad face when he is startled, so I believe he may be more of sensitive soul like Liam.

Kane is not an overly smiley baby, but oh goodness it is so sweet to see when he does flash one our way. He continues to be extremely relaxed and go with the flow.  We did have a couple weeks there where he seemed to hate his carseat, but that phase quickly faded.  His happy place is being in my sling!  If he is ever fussy & not wanting to eat, he will immediately calm down once I put him in it.  He sleeps through most of our outings, just snuggled up against me.  Although I definitely feel all 14+ lbs of him when he's out for 2-3 hours.  I may have to switch to a soft structured carrier when I think he will sleep for a long time.  He makes it easy to get out for hikes or any trek through the mountains; he doesn't even seem to mind the cold!

This month has brought on a few incidents from big brother Finn.  Once, Finn tried to pick up Kane while I was using the bathroom and his dropped him (on the carpeted) floor.  Kane cried hard, but was otherwise unharmed.  I've also caught Finn shining a flashlight in Kane's eyes, and once he put a small lego in Kane's mouth.  So all this to say, while Finn loves Kane fiercely, I also have to keep such a close eye on him.  It makes getting household chores done really tough!  But Finn is slowly learning that he needs to be far more gentle, and just make some better choices in general.  Liam continues to be such a help!  He loves his baby brother so so much.  I love seeing these strong bonds develop.  The older boys get so giddy when Kane smiles at them, so I know their love will grow as their interactions increase and get more exciting.  They are already thrilled that he will now hold onto toys and are constantly bringing him things to play with.

Life with three is busy!  Lately I have felt like I am constantly running.  There are no breaks.  The to-do list is never-ending.  Yet life is full of sweetness & love right now.  These are some special days.  Three boys five & under is exhausting, but I know I will miss this.  With the holiday season practically here, I want to attempt to slow down and enjoy this stage of life more than ever.  There is just something extra sentimental about having a baby over the holidays.  So cheers to another month of crazy; another month of loving on our cutie Kane!


  1. Sweet, sweet Kane, you are so cute. I can imagine how much Finn wants Kane to play, and how many times you say 'GENTLE'.

  2. I was thinking just that when I saw that first picture. Kane looks just like Finn.

  3. Brielana and Finn can be soulmates, she was just shining a flashlight in Clark’s eyes today. Kane’s cheeks are the juiciest!

  4. I'm seeing more and more of a resemblance to Finn! And, in the second to last picture he looks SO much like Conor! It's so exciting to see how they change, and almost on a daily basis.
    What a sweet, chill little boy. The days of baby carrying are some of the ones I miss the most!


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