Monday, November 6, 2017

Recent Buys

Who has already started their Christmas shopping...?  Me!  Me!  Me!  I like to start a bit early so as to not be stressed, and so I can be more intentional & thoughtful with my gifts.  I snuck away for a little Nordstrom date with just Kane last week, and I could not believe that the mall already has that busy holiday feel.  I will do most of my shopping online, but I do still make a few trips out & about because I love the festive decorations, the bustling people, & the Christmas music filling the air.  I may put together some gift guides, because I personally love them; I'm always looking for new ideas!  Who doesn't love a bit of inspiration?!  The gift I'm most excited about right now is the Wooden Toy Cocoa Set from the new Hearth & Hand line.  I bought one for my boys (which I think will be such a fun item to play with immediately Christmas morning!) as well as one for a couple of my nieces.  And I may get more.  You get a cocoa set!  And you get a cocoa set!  Everyone gets a cocoa set!!!

But before we get to the gift guides, here are a few inexpensive purchases that are currently making my life easier & me happy:

an iPhone charging block that charges in double time

(with two length options... I go short for the car & long for my nightstand)

(because no one likes a chewed on straw, or one that disintegrates in your cocktail)

These would actually all be awesome little stocking stuffers in my opinion!  So tell me, what gift are you most excited about giving this year?


  1. i saw that cocoa set and totally wanted it for myself haha. i have those straws in my amazon cart, don't know what i'm waiting for but every time i see them i'm like yes! i need those in my life.

  2. Love that cocoa set. So cute. I love those straws and should pick some up for stockings. I need to get to shopping as well. Ugh.

  3. Be careful with the stainless Steele straws - my boss' daughter had one go through the roof of her mouth!

  4. Some of these are so good!! I may need to grab a few for stocking stuffers for Seth!

  5. That cocoa set is amazing!! Love these ideas!!

  6. What great ideas! I may just have to buy the charging block for myself... :)


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