Saturday, November 25, 2017

Small Shops that I Love

I've had some requests to put together a little small shop guide.  This is simply a labor of love, because there are no affiliate links used in this post.  I just truly do enjoy supporting small (and local) businesses when I can.  I find that the easiest way to know about any current sales with small shops is through Instagram.  Probably Facebook too, but I hate Facebook.  So Instagram it is!  I will try to share any sales I'm aware of, but keep in mind that many will be over after Cyber Monday.  And some may only have sales on Cyber Monday.  Also, if shopping small, do it NOW!  Often shipping times can take a bit longer & sometimes production can be an issue too.  Do not wait until the week before Christmas and expect to hit up a small businesses.

For the Mama or Lady in your life:

Dwell & Slumber
I am obsessed with these dresses.  They are perfect for pregnancy & breastfeeding.  And really anybody.  Super flowy and cozy.  They sell out fast, so you really need to be at a computer (or phone) for a restock.  I believe they will be restocking on Cyber Monday, but not sure if they will have a sale or not, since typically they sell out regardless.

Made By Mary 
Lots of beautiful jewelry.  I love their feminine chokers.  But I'm especially eyeing this evergreen necklace right now!  I bought one for my niece, but have it on my own list too!

I love these dresses as well.  While I oogle over everything, I mostly love their line of MOM dresses which are all nursing friendly.  Most have buttons down the front or zippers on the side.  But aside from dresses, I'm currently crushing on this Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Pullover.  Currently, everything is 25% off; not sure how long that will last!

I have two of their letter boards and am obsessed.  I could definitely use a little more creativity when deciding on what they should say though.  Splurge for the wood frames, and I have a thing for the white felt.  Also, stock up on some big letters.  The different sizes make for prettier boards.

I have the baby changing mat as well as the midi size, and love them both!  They wipe clean so easily which is my favorite feature.  I also love how the look & how they aren't as slippery as other outdoor blankets or mats.  The midi size is perfect for me and the two older boys, but a little cramped when Conor is with us.  I like that it's smaller and lighter to carry than the larger size though.  We take our mat everywhere... park, beach, etc.  and even use it inside as well.  They are currently offering 25% off with code NOIR (exclusions apply).

For the kiddos:

Hands down my favorite brand for all the boys, and I secretly swoon over their girl stuff too (especially the dresses & peplums).  I love their shorties, their rompers, their henleys, their night sets... You really can't go wrong.  Currently they have 25% off with code BLACKFRIDAY17

Mercy Threads
The perfect little winter hat for baby!  Kane has two, both in the Wanderer style which is my favorite.  The shop is closing soon so make sure to order by Sunday December 3rd (tomorrow!).  

I'm obsessed with ring slings, and pretty much use them exclusively for the first 6 months.  This brand has so many different colors/prints as well as ring options.  I currently have three that rotate through depending on my outfit and mood.  They are having a cyber monday sale, but I don't believe they have announced what it is yet.  My guess is 20% (or possibly more) off.

Briar Bonnets
I used to think bonnets were a bit girly, but I was silly and so wrong!  I have loved these on Kane.  Since we're currently in Winter, I buy them with the fleece lining added.  And then come spring & summer, I will get a brimmed bonnet for him.  I find that these run very true to size.  Kane has an average sized head, and at 2.5 months old, he still fits his 0-3 month but will be outgrowing it soon.  Use code TISTHESEASON for 20% off all bonnets.

Little Unicorn
I love this company for their bedding & swaddles.  I have nearly everything in the prickle pot print for Kane's nursery.  And then I just had to snag this adorable new holiday print, even though Lord knows I absolutely do not need another swaddle blanket!  They are offering 25% off and free shipping with code BLACKFRIDAY through Monday.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the shops that I love, but it definitely highlights the favorites.  I try to always tag small shops in my instagram posts, so look there as well.  And please share your favorites with me.  I'm currently in the market for some drool bibs & teething toys!

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love supporting small businesses, including family owned restaurants, too. Thank you for sharing this awesome list of shops. I'm looking forward to checking out a few of them myself (like Made by Mary and Little Unicorn). I'm especially impressed by people who sell their own special handmade crafts--they're so talented!

  2. Yes! Love all of this - perfect timing too as I'm drafting a quick little rundown of things I need for the folks on my list!

  3. So many good shops in this list!!
    You introduced us to Childhoods and I cannot thank you enough. Marcus' very favorite sweatshirt is one of theirs!


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