Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Year of the Fox (Halloween 2017)

This Halloween sure was a good one!  I loved how the costumes turned out, which had me extra excited for the holiday.  Liam has wanted to be a fox for a couple years now (and Finn's favorite stuffed animal is "Fox Friend"), but I always thought the idea of making a fox costume was so daunting.  So when Hanna Anderson released some ears & a tail this year, I decided to finally give it a go!  The sweatshirt and pants are from Primary, and while they don't match the ears & tail perfectly, it was close enough.  We added a white belly and some cuffs around the sleeves, that's it!  My boys are obsessed with facepaint, so that was a must!  It was my first ever attempt at it, so I wanted to do a trial run.  The planner in me has to!  Plus it provided a fun opportunity to pop over to our nearby farm and snap some photos of the boys.  I was so pleasantly surprised with how the face paint turned out!  And then I was kicking myself for not ordering Kane a matching sleeper that I could have easily added a white belly to.  He had a fox hat, so at least he was on theme a bit...

We save pumpkin carving for Halloween Eve, because I like my pumpkin fresh for the holiday!  Both boys were far less into cleaning out the pumpkin goop than I expected.  Silly boys.  They helped Conor as best they could, while I sorted through the muck for the delicious seeds and got those baking.  It's my favorite Halloween treat!  Liam wanted a spooky face, Finn wanted a silly face, and I carved a candy corn that actually looked like the wi-fi symbol...

Halloween itself started off a bit rough...  First, Liam forgot his backpack, and we didn't realize this until we arrived at school.  It's about a 20 minute drive, so by the time I got back home and then back to school and then back home again, the whole ordeal took 1 hour 20 minutes.  And Kane isn't loving the car these days, so yeah... not fun at all!  And during that long drive, I got some bad news about my Grandpa.  He'll turn 98 in December, and just recently his health has started declining a bit.  He's doing okay now, but that morning things were uncertain.  It's so hard getting news like that, especially when I live so far away and can't go see him or help my mom.

Thankfully the festivities of the day were a nice distraction.  The boys were so excited for trick-or-treating to begin.  Especially Finn who didn't quite understand why we had to wait.  Those afternoon hours were long & painful.  And then he had a meltdown after I did his facepaint.  The tears absolutely ruined it, so I had to start over completely.  And then I made a last minute decision to throw on an orange sweater & facepaint and surprise my boys.  It was so fun to dress up with them!

Dusk on halloween night was gorgeous!  The sunset & weather just screamed Halloween.  It was all so perfect and just quintessential.  We trick-or-treated with our close buddies who dressed as skeletons.  The black & orange costumes of our two families looked so cute together.  The older boys wanted to run from house to house, but we made them patiently wait for the little ones to keep up.  Kane slept through it all; it's crazy to think that next Halloween he too will be running around and trying to keep up with them.  Such a sweet little holiday!  


  1. Those are some pretty cute foxes.. and the face painting looks great.

  2. How amazing! The costumes were just perfect and you look adorable too. I love how you really captured the “feel” of Halloween night too! And I feel ya on the pre-Halloween tantrums ;)

  3. Best trick or treating pictures, ever!! Youre not kidding about that gorgeous light. The fox costumes turned out so good and kudos on the face painting.

  4. The cutest little foxes - LOVE these costumes x

  5. Their costumes are awesome and I love that you joined in. I could sit and look at your photography all day. You take such incredible pictures.

  6. "What does the fox say?" Oh I had to say's one of Lewie's favorite songs. You guys are so ADORABLE. I love the little ears and tails. Plus Kane's hat is so cute. I'm glad you had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with your friends. So fun!

  7. Your costumes were THE best! The face paint - ohmygosh, SO good!! And I love that you got in on the fun too.
    So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Lifting prayers that he's doing well.


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