Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kane: 3 Months Old

Running a week late again!  But it's time to brag on the littlest.  He continues to fill out and resemble Finn more & more.  He has the cheeks to prove it!  He's got these big huge eyes that come from me, yet the color is still undetermined.  I'm going to say blue/gray.  He's ticklish.  He startles easily.  And he is one sensitive guy.  His quivering lip is so so sad.  Still adored by his brothers; and good news... no Finn related injuries this month!

He may just be my worst sleeper, which is quite scary really, because his brothers aren't great.  He does a good 4-5 hour stretch to start the night, but is then up a handful of times by morning.  His happiest place is in my sling.  And it's his preferred place to fall asleep and nap.   Which is awesome with how much we are out & about.  Not so awesome when we're home, and I need to get things done.  But I will never complain about having him snuggled close to me like that.  Where I can kiss him whenever I want to.  This month brought giggles.  Real hard belly laugh giggles.  Conor can get them easier than me.  His sales are slowly coming more freely, but of course never when my camera is out.  He loves being the center of attention & wants eye contact.  

Kane continues to be such a good baby.  Easy to take along wherever we go.  He loves the outdoors and so far doesn't mind the cold.  He's discovered his reflection and loves some solid time in front of the mirror.  While he is grabbing onto things, toys still don't do much for him.  Teething is beginning, so his hands are always in his mouth and the drool is becoming constant.   He's unsure of the bath & the shower, but honestly is rarely in either.  And because of that he always has the sweet smell of milk on him.  I can't get enough.  We're still all obsessed with him!  Cannot wait for another month, especially the holidays, with this sweet boy.  And spoiler alert.... rolling has started just a week past 3 months old.  'Til the next update!


  1. Finn always smells like milk too lol. He loves loves bath time! But yeah...third kid problems.

  2. Ahhh I love when they discover their reflections. He is such a handsome little guy and he fits so well into your trio of handsomeness!

  3. My he is the cutest lil man. Such big eyes.

  4. I can't believe Kane is already three months!
    I'm seeing SO much of Conor and Finn in him, but a sweet combination of Liam, too. He's the perfect mix of all your handsome men!


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