Monday, March 27, 2017

New Baby Splurges

With this third baby being another boy, there isn't much I really need for him.  This allows me to splurge more on things that I love, buying some more specialty pieces this time around.  I've discovered so many new small shops since my first two boys were born, so making these new baby purchases has been too much fun!  I'm not even half way through this pregnancy, and already I'm loading up on goodies.  Here's what I'm currently loving, buying, lusting over...

Gathre:  Have you heard of this company?!  Because I am newly obsessed!  Thanks to Erin for introducing me.  Erin always knows about the best small shops, and she is the reason for far too much of my shopping!  I'm for sure getting a baby changing mat for my diaper bag, but I'm fairly certain I'm going to need a multi purpose mat too!  The mats are wipeable leather & gorgeous.  Their instagram account will instantly have you pining for one!

Little Unicorn:  I realize this company isn't new to many people, but I have always thought their prints were super girly, so I was never overly interested.  Well I just had it all wrong!  I'm currently obsessed with their prickle pots print!  I want it in everything.  And it was a major inspiration for this baby's nursery theme which is succulents!  Eek, can't wait to share more ideas for that.  I'm also eyeing their outdoor blankets (not that I need one of these and a Gathre mat).  I'm torn between the navy gingham or trying to pull off the midnight poppy with a trio of boys.

WildBird:  You all know we're a no stroller family, and that I'm a huge fan of baby wearing.  I already own far to many wraps, slings, & carriers but that doesn't keep me from wanting to add to that collection.  I do love my Sakura Bloom ring sling, but I want to shop small this time.  WildBird is local to me (or used to be, she moved to California I believe) as are many of these shops I'm sharing today.  The rose gold rings are calling my name.  No idea how I will choose a color....  Right now, I'm kinda loving Dove.

Birdling:  I always treat myself to a new diaper bag with each baby.  I don't like back pack styles (because of baby wearing), so that limits me.  Laura told me about Birdling, and I've already made my purchase.  I initially ordered the Day Tripper but it was waaaay to big!  Take over my body big. No way I can haul that thing, wear a baby, and have two other kids in my control big.  So I exchanged it for a Mini Day Tripper which has yet to arrive, but I think it will be perfect!  I also feel like their prices are an absolute steal!

Candy Kirby Designs:  Again, not exactly a new company but just one that I thought was super girly. But then Erin (again) told me about their knotted gowns!  I don't need a coming home outfit for baby since we will already be at home, but this will be the perfect first outfit & also adorable for newborn photos.  I want one in about 10 different colors, but I'm particularly drawn to cadet blue & marled navy.  

There's a real good chance I'll have discovered many more shops before baby actually arrives.  So expect possibly another small shop list or two to make an appearance!  Any other small shops I need to know about?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

House Guests x 7

Last week we had an absolutely packed house.  My parents as well as my brother Ryan & his family came to Salt Lake City to watch Gonzaga play in the tournament and have a mini vacation.  Seven extra guests meant we had to give up the boys' rooms, so our family of four (pregnant mama included) shared our king bed for five nights.  It was cozy, real cozy.  We have three full bathrooms so it worked out that my brother's family took the top floor to themselves, my family on the main, and my parents in the guest suite in the basement.  Everyone had their own space, which helped things feel not so chaotic.  And the weather helped.  Oh the weather!  70+ degree temps for their whole stay!  We were practically outside nonstop!

Bedtimes were nonexistent.  Finn would stay up as late as he could last, but inevitably would ask to go "night night".  Liam was up with his cousins until at least after 11 pm each night, which has since resulted in lots of sleeping in, yay!  All the kids got along wonderfully, so they played hard and never missed a minute together.  Dinners were cooked long after sunset.  Bottle after bottle of wine was tossed back.  I really wanted to join in on that fun!  And then of course there was Gonzaga!  We have the best neighbors ever, and they graciously watched all 5 kids while the adults went to the game together.  Conor & I rarely have date nights, so this was a treat, plus I got in all that family time too.  At halftime I left my seat to go to the bathroom and find snacks, and I had this immediate thought of "Ugh, all the lines will be soooo long..."  But then, I realized, "I have no kids with me.  No one with zero patience.  I could stand in line by myself and have some quiet time all day long!"  So I thoroughly enjoyed my little outing.  And flash forward to now, with Gonzaga in the Final Four!  It was been quite an exciting tournament and so so big for my hometown of Spokane!

The visit was a wild success, and I so hope that I showed off this city of ours enough to convince them all to come back soon.  I wish we got to see family far more than we do!  As usual, my mom stayed a few extra days by herself, so we could have some special us time.  She always does so much more than ever expected, and the boys simply adore her.  Each morning I send them down to her bed, so that I may sleep a bit longer.  I get long hot showers alone & even nap time when she's visiting.  Is there anything more precious to a pregnant mama than a nap?!

I was unplugged more than usual during their stay.  Not for any particular reason; I was just so enjoying my time with everyone that everything else didn't seem to matter.  I tried to pull out my camera frequently, but somehow still managed to miss getting some cousin shots or my dad in a picture at all!  But again, I was in the moment & the memories are what matter most!  We're planning a visit up to Washington over the 4th of July, which simply cannot come soon enough!  The house is empty now, and I want everyone back!  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

17 Weeks (Bump #3)

So I'm actually 18 weeks tomorrow.  But I have these pictures from 17 weeks exactly, so a post seemed appropriate albeit late.  This pregnancy is flying by because life is just busy right now.  I'm still waiting to hit that sweet spot, but I know those days will come.  So let's play a little catch up on the last week...

Total Weight Gain:  Roughly 6 lbs.  Feeling good about the progress so far.

Morning Sickness?  I thought once my head cold was gone I would be feeling 100%, but that has just not been the case.  I'm doing much better, but still often feel nauseous.  Evenings used to be my toughest time, but now it's right upon waking up.  School day mornings for Liam are rough for me!

Symptoms:  Just feeling this baby in the hips!  I seriously need to bust out my support belt already.  And my poor skin... pregnancy is never kind to it. All sorts of breakouts.  Tell me all your clear skin secrets!

Favorite Maternity Finds:  I love GapFit's maternity line (as well their Pure Body maternity line), and this new cross back long sleeve top is my favorite!  I'm also seriously obsessed with the leggings I'm wearing in these photos.  They are maternity from Stitch Fix and they feel like butter!  I want another pair in a different color.  Seriously cannot get enough.  I've plenty surprised with my maternity Stitch Fix items.  

Food Cravings/Aversions?  This week was all about key lime pie (thanks to my local farm stand) and cotton candy.  And ever since I got my hands on the cotton candy, I have been craving cotton candy grapes!  I believe it's the season for them soon, so I'm checking the grocery store daily!

Name?  Thanks for all the name suggestions!  Many of them had actually been on our list at one point.  We have it narrowed down to one, and while I'm ready to pull the trigger, Conor is holding out.  Middle name still needs lots of work!  I think this is the longest we have ever taken to name one of our babies.

Liam's Thoughts:  We've started watching homebirth videos together, which we both love.  Lots of snuggles and talking about when the baby will come.  Liam has become fascinated with the umbilical cord and really wants to see it.  That's the thought he is currently latched on to.  He also tells me multiple times a day, "Guess who I love the mostest? BABY!!!!"

Finn's Thoughts:  Still wants access to my belly at all times.  Hugs, rubs, & kisses for baby.  He'll watch home birth videos with Liam & I too, which just leave me amazed at his patience and wonder of it all.

My belly is out & adorable, and I love showing it off.  A growing belly just may be one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  One of the neighbor girls comments on how big it is getting each time that I see her.  Warms my little heart!  I'm excited about each week this babe keeps growing and each week we get closer to his arrival!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

Wow, it's been awhile since I've done just a little weekend recap.  Perhaps our weekends haven't been exciting, or more than likely I just haven't felt like sitting down to my computer come evening.  But tonight, I've mustered up some energy.  My head cold finally seems to be letting up, and dare I say my morning sickness is gone!  This weekend was a completely typically March weekend in Utah.  Not quite Spring, yet definitely not winter anymore.  I'm not sure whether we should be using our heat or our air conditioning, and everyone managed a slight sunburn.  We're throwing on tank tops and the next day our ski coats.  The changing of the seasons is crazy here, but with 70+ degree temps for the week long forecast, I think we are rolling into some much warmer days.  Hopefully they stay!

After hosting my book club (everyone should read this, thanks to Erin for the rec) and staying up far too late on Friday night, I really just wanted to sleep the weekend away.  But the gorgeous weather had me begging Conor to make some plans before breakfast had even been served.  Saturday we checked out a new to us hike, super close to our house.  I'm always amazed to hear about more new adventures right at our fingertips.  At times, I feel like we have exhausted all kid friendly hikes near us, so this new trek was a little delight.  We joined our neighbors for the excursion.  It was a simple 2.3 mile loop hike to a beautiful suspension bridge.  Views of the valley were endless and facing west, so I've decided that we just have to come back and do this hike at sunset!  It felt good to have that fresh air and get our bodies moving.  Everyone needs to get in hiking & camping shape stat!  My belly is already way bigger than I imagined, and I am feeling it.  Everything just changes earlier this time.  My hips have been sore lately, so I suppose it's already time I pull out my support belt for long walks, hikes, runs, etc.

Sunday was reserved for sleeping in and resting up for an afternoon of skiing!  No new snow has fallen recently, but the weather was too good to pass up.  Spring skiing is here!  Finn was his happiest & most excited self this trip up.  Apparently he is a fair weather skier, also in it for the snacks & post ski lounging.  Relaxing in that sunshine after 3 runs, I have never wanted a drink more this entire pregnancy.  Is it really even Spring skiing if you don't finish with a beer?!  Liam continues to amaze me; he's now weaving in & out of trees and trying to find little "jumps" (bumps).  It was our best day of skiing as an entire family!  My snow pants still manage to button, however I can't fasten my boots on my own.  It's the little victories.  Hopefully we have one more month of the slopes being open, because I'm not quite ready to retire for the year.

In just a few days my family is coming to visit!!!  Nana & Pops as well as my brother's family (three kids!).  It will be a full house!  They are all staying 'til the following Monday, so it's a mini vacation together.  Gonzaga snagged a number one seed in the NCAA tourney, and they'll be playing their first two rounds in Salt Lake City, so we're all hoping to get tickets to their games.  Surely there will be plenty of food, drinks, & some really loud talkers.  I always manage to lose my voice after a week with my family.  Can't wait!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

15 Weeks (Bump #3)

Firstly, hugs all around for the sweet comments on my last post!  I loved being able to share my honest thoughts from my heart and have them be so well received.  And a big shout out to all my fellow boy mamas!  I love what a little community we are, raising up good men together.  I only received one negative response, and I'll admit, it did crush me.  I do not have thick skin, but I have moved on.  I think she may have missed the memo that, "hey, we're really damn excited about this baby boy!"

So here we are at 15 weeks, and I'm just now getting a bump shot and post together.  I know I won't document this pregnancy as closely as my last two.  But since photography is such an important part of my life now, it will at least be heavily photographed if nothing else.  So here's a little bumpdate on this babe:

Total Weight Gain:  Roughly 4 lbs.  Yes, I keep track.  No, I promise I'm not vain.  I like comparing my pregnancies.  I like seeing when the big growth spurts happen.  Plus, I'm particularly curious to see how my weight goes with this pregnancy not being as active as my previous ones.

Morning Sickness?  It has greatly improved since about 10 weeks, but I'm still not feeling 100%.  I go to bed super early, especially since evenings are always the roughest.  I currently have a horrible head cold, but I'm hoping when it's gone that I will be in that second trimester sweet spot.  My morning sickness with Finn let up around 16 weeks, so I'm hoping for the same again.

Symptoms:  Already having some hip pain which has just shocked me!  But it is my third pregnancy, and I have heard that everything is just more intense and happens sooner the more babies you have.

Still Breastfeeding?  No, Finn weaned early last week.  It went really smoothly for us both!  Still, it's always bittersweet, but I'm happy that my body can focus solely on this new growing baby.  I may blog about it soon, as I like looking back at my journey with Liam and how we ended.

Food Cravings/Aversions?  I still don't have much of an appetite, but it's getting better.  I can always eat fruit, with grapefruit being a current favorite.  Breakfast is always my jam while pregnant, so bring on all the pastries, bacon, & eggs!  No huge aversions, although meat is never a favorite.

Movement:  I started feeling flutters a couple weeks ago!  Each day they seem to get a tad more frequent and surprisingly intense for how early it is.  This baby is constantly moving whenever we peek at him during an ultrasound, so really this is no surprise.

Name?  We have been talking about this lots.  Most likely we will use another Irish name, and keep it short so that it flows well with Liam & Finn.  We're leaning towards one, but aren't quite ready to pull the trigger yet.  Have any favorite Irish boy names?

Liam's Thoughts:  He loves to snuggle my belly and tell me how much he loves the baby.  Every so often he will mention that he wishes it was a sister baby, but that he still loves this new brother.  He's watched some home birth videos with me and is so excited that I will be staying home this time.  He even told us at dinner the other night that he wants to be a midwife when he grows up.  I nearly cried!  So so sweet!

Finn's Thoughts:  He would rub, kiss, or talk to my belly all day long if he could.  He is constantly pulling up my shirt and gets quite frustrated when I wear a dress.  Lots of "hi baby!" out of his mouth!

My bump is already massive; hello, third baby!  And I love it!  Looking forward to family being here next week and getting to share this pregnancy with them all a bit!  

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Brothers Keenan

Over the past two weeks, I've been flooded with thoughts & emotions about a third boy joining our family.  I have realized that it is possible to be disappointed while at the same time ecstatic.  So many conflicting feelings from moment to moment that some days I feel as though I am still just processing.  A thought will randomly cross my mind, something I hadn't considered before, and immediately I am once again an emotional mess.  Positive or negative.  We opted to have genetic testing done at the 10-week mark, specifically becuase we couldn't wait to learn the gender, and asked our midwife to email us the results.  That morning, Conor & I sat on the couch together, snuggled up, and opened it.  It was quiet, just us, and there were a few tears.  We both took in the news togehter and then shared our initial thoughts.  It was certainly a far different moment then we may have hoped for in finding the news of a girl. But we both knew that "we don't get to choose; and that's okay.". Que the emotional rollercoaster...

The first day I really embraced it.  Brothers!!!  What fun this will be.  I love being a boy mom, and I like to believe I'm doing a really good job at it.  The world needs more great men.  And I am confident that I am raising great men.  I think there is going to be something so special about a trio of boys.  I hope they love one another, learn from one another, and grow to have a tight bond forever.  I can already picture them running around together.  The cars & Legos that already cover my floors will only multiply.  The pee around my toilet will increase.  The noise will go up.  The wrestling matches more intense.  The injuries during said wrestling matches worsening.  And I'm ready to embrace it all with open arms.  Three boys!  Still wrapping my head around it, but I'm so looking forward to it.  It will be a whole new element.  Two boys is fun, but three will be so different in all sorts of wonderful ways.  The Brothers Keenan.

I could go on & on about the excitement, but I also want to give some time & space to the grieving process.  Because, yes, yes I do use the word grief.  My heart aches for a girl.  I have an incredibly close relationship with my own mom, and even though there is no guarantee that I would have that with my own daughter, I long for the opportunity to have that myself as I grow older in this journey through parenting.  I do not have sisters, so not having a baby girl of my own is a bit of a blow.  While I do have some amazing sister-in-laws in my life, it's not quite the same as growing up together.  Just as being in a mother-in-law will be very different than being a mother to my own girl.
It's not as though I want this baby to be any different than he is.  I love him already and know that we were meant to have him, to be his parents and love him unconditionally like we do his brothers.  It's more that I'm sad we'll likely never have a girl.  Before finding out the gender we were about 95% sure this would be our last baby.  And I still feel that same way.  I'm ready to move onto that next stage in life.  I don't want to hold out hope or live in this land of "what if?"s.  I'm been stock piling cute baby girl clothes for years now; this month, I'm letting them go.  I'm ready to move on.  But I know that this grieving process will be something that I come to grips with for some years to come.  It will show up when I'm missing out on certain girl/daughter milestones.  And it's not always the big milestones that come to mind.  It's the little things.  The random things that I always pictured would be a part of my future.  I will never coach my daughter's volleyball team.  I won't be brushing her hair nor wiping her tears through her first break up.  I won't be picking out wedding dresses.  I won't be handing down mine.  I won't be her first call when she has questions about becoming a mom.  I won't get to see what our daughter would look like.

But I will be able to teach my boys.  I will be the only female presence in their immediate lives, so I need to be impactful.  They will miss out on the experience of a sister, so I need to be enough.  And I will be enough!  I will hope and trust that they choose strong women as their partners in life, and I too will grow to love them as my own.  I have so much to teach my boys.  I have a really big job, and one I am proud to take on.  Some days I can't imagine life without all boys, other days it feels like there is a big hole in my soul not having that sister-baby.  As time passes and we learn who this baby is, perhaps our family won't feel complete yet.  But we won't know this until this sweet third boy arrives!  I can already feel his little body moving, and it is deepening our connection.  I am anxious to name him and continue growing our bond.

Boys.  The Brothers Keenan.  Yes, we don't get to choose.  But I simply cannot wait!  

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