Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas 2017

Whoa!  Blogging really got put on (an intentional) hold there.  The holidays brought a nasty cold/cough to our family, and then we spent a week traveling.  So I am just now getting back into a groove.  Sitting down with some to-do lists for the new year.  And falling back into routine just in time to pack up our house and move in a matter of two weeks, eek!  But first... Christmas!

We managed to fit in all of our traditions leading up to Christmas despite me traveling home to see my Grandpa and in between everyone being sick.  It was definitely a different holiday season of sorts, but still a wonderful one.  Having a 5 year old was the absolute best!  Liam was a joy.  His understanding greater, his belief in all the magic still so true.  And his willingness to embrace everything Christmas and help out was just a joy.  And then of course, having a two year brings a different level of belief, magic, & wonder.  And everyone loves a baby at Christmastime.  So really, just fun ages all around for one special Christmas!

Cookies were baked just two days before Christmas (cutting it close, I know!), and it was one of the few times that we have truly felt outnumbered.  We needed way more hands for baby holding, flour control, sprinkle control, frosting control, timer watching, oven mitt wearing, mimosa holding (and drinking).  It kinda felt like a blur of a hot mess, but I still loved it.  I use my grandma's recipe every year, and the delicious taste brings with it all the nostalgia!

On Christmas Eve, we hit the slopes (well just the older boys, but Kane & I watched).  I see this becoming a new tradition of ours.  We barely made it home in time to change for Mass, hoping to get their early to snag a seat.  It felt a bit like a whirlwind day, especially with all of the anticipation & excitement.  The boys were all exhausted, so after carefully selecting cookies for Santa, they went to bed early while Conor & I had our traditional feast of crab legs.  It was nice to slow down, enjoy some time with just us, and then start making Christmas magic.  Everything was wrapped & assembled, and we were far more organized than ever before.  After filling each stocking and laying them on the couch, I looked at them all lined up and thought to myself "surely we can have one more!"  Even after an exhausting couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, when I had been feeling a tad tapped out, the sight of my kids' stockings has me yearning for more.  Reminder to myself for next year:  Christmas is not the time of year to decide on whether or not to have more babies.  You will always want more babies!

Christmas Day was everything I wanted it to be.  Slow.  Intentional.  Full of love, surprises, good food (and drink!).  White.  Relaxing.  Fulfilling.  I am a gift giver at heart, and just love seeing the faces on everyone as they open their gifts.  I loved sharing in their excitement & joy.  Playing all the new things.  Boxes & paper everywhere.  A disaster, but a beautiful one.  And while we definitely miss being around family on such a special holiday, it was nice to be completely free of plans or commitments.  We took our time.  Nibbling homemade cinnamon rolls.  Staying in pajamas (all day!).  Naps late in the afternoon.  Slowly cooking a Christmas ham while all the boys played around our feet.  I could definitely have more of these types of Christmases.  I'm always in awe of the fact that I am now the one that gets to create these holidays for my kids.  I'm the mom!  The organizer!  And I can only imagine that each year will get better.  Sweeter.  And maybe just possibly, get started a tad later in the morning.  7:30 am wasn't bad, but maybe we can shoot for 9am next year!

I hope all of your holidays were all full as ours!
One last time, Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love the sweet picture of all of you in front of the Christmas tree. It sounds like you may be seriously contemplating a forth little one... I guess we'll see how many stockings you hang in years to come. In the meantime, best wishes on your big move in the New Year. You have so much excitement and joy ahead. So glad that your Christmas was magical.

  2. Oh my gosh, yes, I kept thinking to myself over the holidays, one more baby is totally a good idea.
    I'm also IN LOVE with the idea that you and Conor that Christmas Eve time with a special meal for yourselves - and crab legs?! Top notch selection.
    Your Christmas Day sounds like absolute perfection!

  3. oh their pj's are so cute.. sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.


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